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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 49,950

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Great NY Times live analysis on Dr. Hill's laying the boom against Castor/MOOnes!!

Katie RogersWhite House Correspondent
Charlie, she is underscoring the point that Sondland had been ordered to stray away from national security and foreign policy to undertake a political errand. And as Sondland himself testified, it was at the hands of people at the most senior levels of government, right on up to the president.

1:39 PM ET
Nicholas FandosNicholas FandosCongressional Correspondent
This, in a nutshell, is the whole conflict that has been animating these hearings.

Hill is really running over the Republicans now.

1:40 PM ET
Catie EdmondsonCatie EdmondsonReporter
With a few exceptions, the audience here in the hearing room is hanging on to Hillís every word.

1:40 PM ET
Sharon LaFraniereSharon LaFraniereWashington Investigative Reporter
I agree Nick. She is nailing it and she is not letting the Republicans interrupt her.

1:41 PM ET
Nicholas FandosNicholas FandosCongressional Correspondent
Hill is now undercutting another point Republicans have been making. She says Tim Morrison misrepresented concerns he said she had about Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness.

1:43 PM ET
Katie RogersKatie RogersWhite House Correspondent
It should be noted that Hill has talked about her anger and discomfort with Sondland during that time period, but she is not rattled as she is relaying all of this. If Republicans mightíve hoped to weaponize the anger she is talking about, she is not showing it here.

107 Members of Congress call for the immediate firing of Stephen Miller



NEW: 107 Members of Congress call for the immediate firing of White House Senior Adviser to the President Stephen Miller.

OMG! This would make my day if the Dems did this in today's hearing!!



Devin Nunes Billed Taxpayers $63,000 for a Jaunt to Europe Chasing Accused Fraudster Lev Parnas' Disinformation https://www.emptywheel.net/2019/11/21/devin-nunes-bills-taxpayers-63000-for-a-jaunt-to-europe-chasing-lev-parnas-disinformation/

Devin Nunes Billed Taxpayers $63,000 for a Jaunt to Europe Chasing Accused Fraudster Lev Parnas'...
Devin Nunes billed taxpayers $63,000 last year for an all expenses paid trip to consume Lev Parnas' disinformation last year.

HPSCI members can't under rules of comity, call out Nunes for his Lev Parnas tour of Europe, but they could enter the article into the congressional record to tie Parnas' name to Nunes.

Video of tonight's closing from Adam Schiff


Soo...Twitler arrived in Austin with Ivanka and...the WH Doctor???


Nothing to worry about here, eh??

Video of Adam Schiff closing statement - Nov 20


CBS News has an "originalist" now stating dems evidence is not bribery


I would have Schiff's babies if I could! NAILING the closing statement

Rep Maloney!! Boom on Sondland!! Edit. Now with video!

Sondland - I've been very forthright.
Maloney - this is your third time here!!

MALONEY to Sondland: You've been very forthright, this is your 3rd try to do so, sir. Didn't work so well the 1st time, did it? ... Now we're here a 3rd time ... so all due respect, sir, we appreciate your candor, but let's be really clear on what it took to get it out of you.

Video of full exchange


Right wing twitter feeds pushing a fake news site that head of burisma was indicted

And implicating Hunter

Only links Iíve found are twitter feeds and that fake news site (that reported trump had a heart attack over the weekend)

So...be diligent and aware

Edited to add:

Every mention of the head of Burisma being indicted stems from a story that started with Russian state owned media, and picked up by Zero Hedge and Gateway Pundit.

The epitome of fake news. Yet it's suddenly become the go-to talking point for the MAGA cult.
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