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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 49,950

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Blunt message to the cult of maga



Mike Rothschild

For the MAGA cult: you think you're winning. But you're not. The country wanted witnesses. The country wanted him impeached. The country wants him gone. You're never going to be a billionaire. You'll never get the wall. You'll never marry a model. You'll never have a gold toilet.

When the house of cheap shit plaster finally collapses, and it will, the debris won't hit Trump or his cronies. It'll hit his most devoted cultists - blindsided and robbed of the man they built their recent lives around. Trump will be long gone by the time you realize it.

So post your Pepe memes and your Q drops and buy your MAGA swag and tweet that he's the BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!

One day, and maybe very soon, you'll be dining on ashes - alone, robbed of your dignity, and desperate to figure out what happened.

So read this thread and know.

Trump team caught on video writing questions for GOP senators




None. #TraitorGOP

Fuck them all!

Wyndham Destinations pulls Florida voucher donations over anti-gay school policies

Wyndham Destinations pulls Florida voucher donations over anti-gay school policies
The timeshare company joined Wells Fargo and Fifth Third Bank in saying they’ll stop donating to the program after discovering some beneficiaries have anti-LGBTQ policies.
Wyndham Destinations became the third major company in three days to announce it will stop donating millions of dollars to Florida’s private school voucher program after a newspaper investigation found that some of the program's beneficiaries discriminate against LGBTQ students.

Wyndham said that it told the organization last year that it would "halt funding if concerns about the voucher program were not addressed."

"As we have not seen any further action to address our concerns, we are today discontinuing our support and funding for Step Up For Students and hope that the organization will quickly work with the Florida Legislature to immediately end any discriminatory practices existing within the voucher program," the company told NBC News and CNBC on Thursday afternoon.


The Orlando-based hotel company’s announcement comes just two days after a similar announcement by Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bank and one day after an announcement from San Francisco-based Wells Fargo.

Yes! These right-wing sources of grifting have caused enough damage to our schools

Here's a question I haven't heard that is crucial to have answered!

The House managers need to ask what info is Putin holding over the Traitor GOP from the hacked RNC database for them to be loyal only to TraitorTrump and not their oaths to the Constitution

And every House Democrat and every Senate Democrat needs to raise this in campaign ads!

Al Franken with the zinger!


Question for WH counsel: Do you have any evidence that Donald Trump has ever cared about corruption? And by that we mean being AGAINST it? #ImpeachmentTrial

Wow. Great legislation just passed by the House to help consumers!


🚨BILL ALERT🚨: The House just passed my Restoring Unfairly Impaired Credit & Protecting Consumers Act! I sincerely hope my Senate colleagues do the same and grant people access to the economic opportunities they need and deserve to prosper. Here's just some of what it would do:

Portion of US border wall in California falls over in high winds and lands on Mexican side

37mph gusts. That’s not that strong

What geniuses are building this they don’t pay attention to weather forecasts?


(CNN) Newly installed panels from the US border wall fell over in high winds Wednesday, landing on trees on the Mexican side of the border.

The area is part of an ongoing construction project to improve existing sections of the wall.

Agent Carlos Pitones of the Customs and Border Patrol sector in El Centro, California, told CNN that the sections that gave way had recently been set in a new concrete foundation in Calexico, California. The concrete had not yet cured, according to Pitones, and the wall panels were unable to withstand the windy conditions.

The National Weather Service reports that winds in the area gusted as high as 37 miles per hour Wednesday. Video from CNN affiliate KYMA shows the metal panels leaning against trees adjacent to a Mexicali, Mexico, street as the wind whips up dirt from the construction site on the other side of the border.

Dems went there! Asked if we need to Investigate jarvanka

"By the standard the president’s counsel applied to Hunter Biden, should Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump’s conflicts of interests with foreign interests also come under investigation?"

Remember how apeshit #TraitorGOP went at Chinese campaign funds into the DNC?

If memory serves. It was alleged into the dnc?

Wait. So. If Dersh said what Twitler did was ok, then the same logic applies to Biden, right?


Can someone please ask Dersh if he concedes that, under his own theory of executive power, there is no basis to investigate Joe Biden even if all the allegations against him were true. https://twitter.com/asharangappa_/status/1222571231058239488
Asha Rangappa

Replying to @EricColumbus
Also, I have not yet seen any explanation why Biden doesn't have the same Art. II "immunity" from second-guessing foreign policy decisions (given that there is no dispute that he was acting as Obama's agent as VP) that is the grounds, argued by Dersh, for Trump being A-OK??
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