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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 53,230

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Stock-Strangled Banner

"And the mar-kets don't care.
The virus was everywhere.
Workers lost their jobs, as trump played it down."

Dow 28,122.46 621.57 2.26%
S&P 500 3,412.34 80.50 2.42%
Nasdaq 11,154.53 306.83 2.83%
GlobalDow 3,063.00 41.82 1.38%
Gold 1,953.60 10.40 0.54%
Oil 38.12 1.36 3.70%

MeidasTouch ad of trump tape w/Woodward. Admits it's not just older people. admits he played it down

Trump admitted on tape to Bob Woodward that he played down the threat of coronavirus. Share this far and wide. #TrumpKnew

"I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down. Because I don't want to create a panic."

Uhh....panic? It was already spreading to multiple countries who WERE dealing with it properly and NOT ignoring it and they didn't panic!

So...what is Press Sec KayLIEgh McInsane going to lie about in the presser here in a few min?

What is the big news they're distracting us from? The Carroll/DOJ rape case involvement? Fires in the west, more bad Covid news?


Markets ain't too happy today. NASDAQ -8.5% since Thur

Dow 27,662.35 -470.96 -1.67%
S&P 500 3,359.88 -67.08 -1.96%
Nasdaq 11,018.08 -295.06 -2.61%
GlobalDow 3,028.09 -40.04 -1.31%
Gold 1,927.40 -6.90 -0.36%
Oil 36.29 -3.48 -8.75%

"The Wreck of the Trump Boat Parade" (apologies to Gordon Lightfoot)


Originally found here:


Cohen's book. Get the feeling it's going to be greatly lacking in real substance

All of these “tell all” books focus on the gossip that merely confirm things about trump that previous books confirmed: he’s an a**hole, a racist, greedy, uncaring, etc

We know all that. Known for years. Woodward, Wolff, Mary Trump, Bolton and now Cohen seem to be focusing on personality traits we already know

Cohen should be in the know re: serious topics such as trump’s financial crimes:

Campaign finance violations
Falsifying tax/bank records
Money laundering

THAT’S what we all need to be hearing about

"A rainstorm the likes of which has rarely been seen" - Paris - Nov 10, 2018


From about the 1:04 mark

He excuses why he didn’t go to Belleau Woods cemetery due to an apparently massive rainstorm



Wow! Full unrolled Fox News thread confirming trump hates vets

Two former sr Trump admin officials confirm [email protected] reporting that President Trump disparaged veterans and did not want to drive to honor American war dead at Aisne-Marne Cemetery outside Paris.

According to one former senior Trump administration official: "When the President spoke about the Vietnam War, he said, 'It was a stupid war. Anyone who went was a sucker'."

This former official heard the President say about American veterans: "What's in it for them? They don't make any money." Source: "It was a character flaw of the President. He could not understand why someone would die for their country, not worth it."
I read the source a few quotes from The Atlantic article. This former Trump admin official said, "The President would say things like that. He doesn't know why people join the military. He would muse, 'Why do they do it'?"

Re: trip to mark 100th anniversary of WW I
Source: "The President was not in a good mood. Macron had said something that made him mad about American reliability and the need perhaps for a European army. He questioned why he had to go to two cemeteries. 'Why do I have to do two'?"

President Trump's staff explained he could cancel (his visit to the cemetery), but he was warned, 'They (the press) are going to kill you for this'." The President was mad as a hornet when they did.

When asked IF the President could have driven to the Aisne-Marne Cemetery, this former official said confidently:

"The President drives a lot. The other world leaders drove to the cemeteries. He just didn't want to go."
Regarding Trump's July 4th military parade, during a planning session at the White House after seeing the Bastille Day parade in 2017, the President said regarding the inclusion of "wounded guys" "that's not a good look" "Americans don't like that," source confirms.

Regarding McCain, "The President just hated John McCain. He always asked, 'Why do you see him as a hero?" Two sources confirmed the President did not want flags lowered but others in the White House ordered them at half mast. There was a stand off and then the President relented.


So, trump is a patriot...

So, trump is a patriot.

He’s called veterans who lost their lives in WWI, Vietnam and others “losers” and “suckers” (confirmed by the AP and now even Fox News). His own lawyer for years recently testified that trump lied about his bone spurs to avoid the draft

But he’s a patriot and supports the military

He’s denigrated Gold Star families and Purple Heart recipients

But trump is a patriot

He shafted the National Guard recently, cutting their deployment short by ONE day to avoid extra benefits for them

But trump is a patriot

He has avoided Dover, where dead soldiers are returned to the US

But trump is a patriot

So, trump is a christian...

So, trump is a christian

But he’s pretty much never been seen in a church. Can’t name one bible verse. Needed to use a force of federalized police to tear gas crowds and to clear Episcopal priests from THEIR OWN church in order to have a photo op holding a bible for 8 seconds

But trump is a christian

He’s exemplified greed to the core, for decades. He’s beyond prideful in his malignant narcissism. His lust for women that WEREN’T his wife is long-standing and well-known

But trump is a christian

He’s forced two year-olds, separated by a draconian policy from their asylum-seeking parents, to represent themselves IN COURT (a 2 year-old, not understanding English much less law, to represent itself)

But trump is a christian

He’s on video from prior to his presidential run that he’s pro-choice. As pro-choice as it gets. He changes his tune at Bannon’s request to fool evangelical idiots (and it worked) to state he’s pro-life but encourages his followers to engage in violence (he’s done so multiple times)

But trump is a christian
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