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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 53,081

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Once hailed 'America's richest man,' he's now raising cash by selling his jet, 257-foot yacht, art..

Once hailed as ‘America’s richest man,’ he’s now raising cash by selling his jet, 257-foot yacht and loads of art
‘I realized that for far too long, I have been holding onto too many things that I don’t use or even want. I concluded that it’s time for me to clean house, simplify and give others the chance to enjoy some of the beautiful things that I’ve acquired just as I have for decades.’

“Often when people say this sort of thing, it’s masking something else. In Ronald’s case, it’s true,” Graydon Carter, the former editor of Vanity Fair who’s know Perelman for three decades, told Bloomberg. “He has learned to love and appreciate the bourgeois comforts of family and home.”


But Richard Hack, the author behind a 1996 biography of Perelman, isn’t buying it.

“If you want a simpler life, you go buy a farm in Oklahoma, not sell a painting out of your townhouse in Manhattan,” he told Bloomberg. “If he’s selling his art, it’s because he needs cash.”

Where's my violin?

So, the White House has gas-powered TVs??

"We actually used petroleum ... we don't like to have lots of open gaps, when the wind is not blowing" -- Trump on the energy sources he uses to watch television at the White House

And he calls melanoma “darling”? Riiiiight

F*CK YOU, Susan Sarandon. (eom)

Elections have consequences right??

Biden gets elected, cut the SCOTUS to 7, drop the last two added. Wait 6 months, bump it back to 9 and confirm two new judges!

That essentially flips Gorsuch and Kavanaugh

Donation Check In! Let's get this to thousands! :)

I gave!

$25 to Jaime Harrison!

Ayup. #TrumpKnew. He lied to reporter who "broke" news of Justice Ginsburg's death

Oh look. The fake reality tv star cum President was LYING to the reporter as he headed to his plane, claiming the reporter telling him was the first he’d heard of Justice Ginsburg’s passing.

He’s a pathological liar. Always has been. Always will be. It’s always been only about him. He’s a maggot. He’s a parasite. And he’s a traitor to America and the Constitution. And to lie about something like this? So petty. So uncaring. So FAKE.

How ANYONE can vote for this vile pos is beyond me


“While Trump gave the impression this reaction—immediate praise for RBG—was his 1st one, some of his closest aides, including Hope Hicks, Dan Scavino and John McEntee, had a brief opportunity to talk to him privately between when he left the stage and when he spoke to press pool.”


trump DID win an award!!

An “Ig Noble” Award!


US President Donald Trump, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro won the "Medical Education Award," along with a handful of other world leaders, for using the pandemic to teach the world that "politicians can have a more immediate effect on life and death than scientists and doctors can" -- a not-so-subtle dig at those politicians' handling of the coronavirus crisis.

The halls of democracy are echoing the cries of despair


DeSantis' appointee to Florida Supreme Court belongs to Christian group using law to 'spread Gospel'

DeSantis’ appointee to Florida Supreme Court belongs to Christian group using law to ‘spread the Gospel’
Jamie R. Grosshans, the last-minute choice of Gov. Ron DeSantis to the Florida Supreme Court, is an anti-abortion defender who has been active in a number of Christian legal groups, including a powerful national organization whose mission is to “spread the Gospel by transforming the legal system.”

Grosshans, from the Orlando suburb of Winter Garden, was named Florida’s seventh justice Monday, filling the vacancy created last year when President Trump named two of DeSantis' previous appointees, Barbara Lagoa and Robert Luck, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.


Both times Grosshans applied to the state’s high court, she left out some details on her application: specifically her membership in the Alliance Defending Freedom, her work as a Blackstone Fellow, a prestigious but secretive national award that trains rising star lawyers in the conservative teachings of the Alliance Defending Freedom, and her 2011 work with Orlando attorney John Stemberger to prevent a young woman from having an abortion.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is a national organization that, according to its website “exists to keep the doors open for the Gospel by advocating for religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, freedom of speech, and marriage and family.”

In 2011, she worked for Operation Outcry in Orlando, Florida "in helping a 16-year-old girl whose parents were trying to force her into having an abortion."[4]

Grosshans is a member of the Christian Legal Society and a Blackstone Fellow of the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

trump is DANGEROUSLY pushing misinfo about 100 million doses of a Covid vaccine within 6 weeks

is spreading false and dangerous information. NO vaccine in the US has passed Phase 3 trials. To have 100 million doses ready in the next 6 weeks is beyond irresponsible and dangerous!


This is maddening to see a sitting US president so scared and so threatened that he is pushing incredibly dangerous misinformation and propaganda to help ensure more support in the upcoming election!
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