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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 53,046

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A crucial ocean circulation is showing signs of instability. Its shutdown would have serious impacts

Source: CNN

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) -- which the Gulf Stream is a major part of -- helps maintain the energy balance in the Atlantic Ocean. It is often described as a "conveyor belt" that takes warm surface water from the tropics and distributes it to the north Atlantic. The colder, saltier water then sinks and flows south.

A study, published Thursday in Nature and Climate Change, warned of "an almost complete loss of stability of the AMOC over the course of the last century. Researchers say it could be close to a collapse from a strong circulation to a weak circulation, though the threshold for such a collapse is still uncertain.


Boers added that he himself was surprised by his findings that the AMOC had been destabilized and was "moving toward its critical threshold, at which it could abruptly collapse."

A collapse of the circulation would mean significant cooling in Europe, Beors said, "but maybe more concerning is the effect of an AMOC collapse on the tropical monsoon systems of South America, Western Africa, and India; especially in Western Africa, an AMOC collapse could lead to permanent drought conditions."

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/06/world/climate-gulf-stream-collapse-warning-study-intl/index.html

Roll the tape, Johnny. How it started....How it's going!

How it's going:

‘COVID is real and it is very dangerous.’ Lawmaker details 8-month battle with virus, urges vaccinations
“For 55 days, I was in an intensive care unit on a ventilator. Although ventilators save lives, the sobering reality is that the overwhelming majority of intubated Covid-19 patients do not survive,” Byrd said.

He described his bout with the virus by saying, “everything that can go wrong with Covid did,” adding that he continued to get sicker and sicker – eventually needing a liver transplant.

“Just when it seemed like I was improving, suddenly I wasn’t. My liver began to fail. I developed jaundice and was later diagnosed with Covid Cholangiopathy. I was told I would need a liver transplant or else I would die. Again, my family prepared for the worst,” he wrote.

Byrd says he received a new liver on June 12, and says, while he still has a long way to go, he’s getting stronger every day.


BUT WAIT! Here's how it started!

Last June, Byrd joined many of the House GOP caucus in approving a resolution that declared the news media “sensationalized the reporting on COVID-19 in the service of political agendas.”

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