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Roland99's Journal
Roland99's Journal
November 13, 2020

trump/GOP lose in MI. 1-14 overall!!

BREAKING: Michigan Judge REJECTS Republican lawsuit to prevent certification of Wayne County election results.

Court rules:"Plaintiffs interpretation of events is incorrect and not credible."

Trump and his allies are now 1-14 in court.
November 13, 2020

Hallmark channel Christmas movies. Why are they all set in a snow-covered town?

Why is *every* Hallmark Christmas movie set in a snow-covered town?

Where is

A Cactus Christmas
Yuletide in Yuma
Holiday in Hollywood
A Naples Nativity

November 13, 2020

Trump emerges from election gloom to hold rare work meeting

President Donald Trump, who has largely vanished from public view since his election defeat, was to emerge Friday for a White House meeting on the Covid-19 vaccine drive.

For 10 days the Republican has been consumed by his pursuit of a conspiracy theory that Democrat Joe Biden won through massive ballot rigging.

Despite his own intelligence officials' declaration Thursday that the November 3 election was "the most secure in American history," Trump and his right-wing media allies show no sign of giving up their crusade.


Friday's midday (1700 GMT) work session was marked as an "update" on Operation Warp Speed, the government partnership with pharmaceutical companies to create and distribute a vaccine.

November 13, 2020

Whatever happened to that Russian Covid vaccine???

Russia’s claim of a successful COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t pass the ‘smell test,’ critics say

Another day, another promising COVID-19 vaccine? A Russian institute announced today its vaccine candidate has had remarkable success in an efficacy trial, just 2 days after the widely celebrated news from Pfizer and BioNTech that their vaccine had greater than 90% efficacy. The Russian report, however, is being met with raised eyebrows—and some outright guffaws.

In a press release, the Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow said an interim analysis of a large-scale trial underway in Russia had found 92% efficacy for its “Sputnik V” vaccine. The release quoted the Russian minister of health saying the results demonstrate that Sputnik V “is an efficient solution to stop the spread of coronavirus infection.” Yet it also noted the review covered just 20 total COVID-19 cases in the vaccinated and placebo groups—far too few for the claim be convincing, experts inside and outside of Russia say.

In contrast, they note, Pfizer and BioNTech analyzed 94 cases to make their efficacy claim, and other vaccinemakers plan to wait for at least 50 or more COVID-19 cases to accumulate in a trial to assess a candidate’s worth. “It’s very difficult to explain [the Gamaleya] announcement,” says Svetlana Zavidova, a Moscow-based lawyer who heads Russia’s Association of Clinical Trials Organizations and closely follows COVID-19 vaccine R&D in the country. “I’m afraid they looked at the results of Pfizer and added 2%.”

The claims don’t pass “the smell test,” adds Wayne Koff, who heads the nonprofit Human Vaccines Project, which is attempting to improve the design of future vaccines. (The Gamaleya media contact on the press release did not reply to Science’s request for an interview.)

FWIW, Russia's new cases and new reports of deaths are both at record highs and still rising

November 13, 2020

its awake and tweeting

retweeting breitbart about Alito's federalist society speech and also another tweet claiming election fraud

I'm sure that last one will be flagged again by Twitter

trump now has more flags than the UN!

November 12, 2020

Trump campaign attorney says that their theory of the case isn't fraud: "This is not a fraud case."

Trump campaign attorney says that their theory of the case isn't fraud: "This is not a fraud case."

"It is not a stealing the election case."

He says he's alleging flaws in the system.

Judge Kiley presses the Trump campaign:

Their solicitation of witnesses produced sworn affidavits that his own investigation determined were "clearly false," "spam as you put it."

The ones they could not prove were false, they submitted to the court.

Trump camp: "Correct."

Adam Klasfeld

Judge Kiley: "This is concerning."

"How is that a reliable process of gathering evidence?"

Adam Klasfeld

Kory Langhofer

That's the name of the Trump campaign attorney insisting that those form-produced sworn affidavits are somehow reliable even though a subset of them were false.

Because the form had a CAPTCHA.

Their evidence is information submitted from an online form!!!!

This is beyond a farce at this point. Judges need to start initiating sanctions, fines and disbarring these lawyers
November 12, 2020

OH Gov DeWine says "President-elect Biden" this morning


Hopefully more and more start saying it and then that keeps pressure on the PA State Legislature (and others) to stop being seditious pricks
November 12, 2020

PA morning update - Biden lead still increasing. Up over 53k!

Biden: 3,385,459
trump: 3,332,215
Other: 86,409

New Biden: 4,286
New trump: 2,489
New Other: 1,203

% New Biden: 53.72%
% New trump: 31.20%
% New Other: 15.08%

Diff: 53,244
Remaining (Est): 23,884

My estimate for final vote difference is about 65k lead for Biden which will be *just* shy of a full 1pt lead

November 12, 2020

AZ morning update from overnight - Come on. Call this, everyone! AP/Fox will end up being right!

Biden: 1,663,447
trump: 1,651,812
Other: 51,608

New Biden: 5,826
New trump: 7,019
New Other: 298

% New Biden: 44.33%
% New trump: 53.40%
% New Other: 02.27%

Diff: 11,635
Remaining (Est): 22,456

Trend: trump is averaging 55.0%. he needs 76.3% of remaining!

trump has been underperforming in the last several batches

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