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Roland99's Journal
Roland99's Journal
November 19, 2020

BREAKING!! 1-32! GA Emergency Motion to stop certification DENIED!! (Judge was appointed by trump!)

DECISION: Federal judge DENIES L Lin Wood's motion for a temporary restraining order to invalidate the results of the Georgia election.

This is the third legal defeat today for plaintiffs challenging the integrity of the election.

Judge Grimberg, in Atlanta, bases his decision largely on the question of standing.


Grimberg calls their standing theory "creative."
Adam Klasfeld

He adds that he finds it significant that Trump didn't join the lawsuit, in terms of standing.

It's "abundantly clear" the plaintiff lacks the right to sue, he adds.
November 19, 2020

NEW - CNN reporting that trump has admitted, privately, that he lost

admitted in private that he lost—CNN


November 19, 2020

trump/GOP just lost their *30th* case! Case in Arizona to expand audit was DISMISSED

BREAKING: Arizona court DISMISSES lawsuit filed by the Arizona Republican Party seeking to expand the state’s election audit.

Trump and his allies are now 1-30 in post-election litigation.


November 19, 2020

MI - livestream of state legislature hearing

LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — Three Michigan county clerks testified before state House and Senate members Thursday as part of a joint Oversight Committee’s investigation into the presidential election.

A livestream of the hearing before the Republican-led Legislature is available on the state’s website.

The advisory for the hearing cited “numerous news reports of election irregularities across Michigan” that it says have “have raised questions about the functionality and transparency of our state’s election process.”

“The House and Senate panels will hear presentations from county clerk officials to evaluate the state’s election process, deliver answers to concerned residents and glean best practices for the future,” the advisory continues.



Michigan statehouse hearing with county clerks:

Dem Rep. Darrin Camilleri: "Who received the most votes for President in your county?

Rep Sen. Ed McBroom: "That's really irrelevant..."

Dem Rep. Darrin Camilleri: "Are you too afraid to admit that Joe Biden won the election?"
November 19, 2020

Fake candidate in FL Senate race in Miami has retained legal counsel as investigation underway

No-party candidate in Florida Senate race hires lawyer, says he doesn’t live in district

A no-party candidate who ran in a Miami Senate race has retained legal counsel as state prosecutors investigate his candidacy.

Alex Rodriguez received more than 6,300 votes in the race for Senate District 37 and likely cost incumbent Democrat José Javier Rodríguez, who shared the same surname, his seat. Republican Ileana Garcia won the race by 34 votes after a manual recount. More than 215,000 votes were cast in the election.

Alexis Pedro Rodriguez, whose name on the ballot appeared as Alex Rodriguez, confirmed to a Miami Herald reporter at his Boca Raton home Wednesday that he lived in Palm Beach County and wanted to run for state Senate in Miami because as a Miami native, “it’s always something I wanted to do.”

According to election documents obtained by the Miami Herald, Rodriguez was registered to vote in Palm Beach County for the 2020 election.

November 19, 2020

There's only been ONE republican to win Popular Vote for President in an election in 21st century



There's only been ONE republican candidate to win the Popular Vote for President in an election in the entire 21st century

And not even in the last 2 elections of the previous century

(And, yes, I'm aware that technically 2000 is in the 20th century but the title still holds )
November 19, 2020

Perfect summation of ALL trump/GOP lawsuits. For the non-lawyers


Non-lawyer followers: this litigation (in all the states) is truly blowing my mind. It's as if you're playing chess and your opponent lets off a whoopie cushion, throws a Zebra Cake on the board, and then runs off without pants and says they won. I don't know what else to say.
November 19, 2020

Guess who contacted the two GOP Wayne County members right before they said they want to rescind???

This is shocking: Trump apparently "reached out" to the two Republican Wayne County Commissioners. The next day, they signed an affidavit saying they want to rescind their votes to certify the results.

Channeling @BrendanNyhan, what you say if you saw this in another country.

"I am Jack's complete lack of surprise"


Guess who's in legal trouble over a 501(c)4??

Wayne County Ethics Board says pro-Trump election official Monica Palmer could face “jail time”
Now we may be getting some of that answer. It turns out one of the rogue officials in question, Monica Palmer, just happened to have an ethics hearing scheduled for this morning. The ethics board ended up announcing that there is a “formal complaint against her for violating campaign finance laws with her 501c4” and that it “could result in jail time.”
November 19, 2020

WaPo - Rudy Giuliani is a mess


In court, Giuliani alleged “widespread nationwide voter fraud of which this is a part.” And then he admitted, that, well, there wasn’t fraud in the legal sense, just in the hysterical, made-up Trumpian sense. Throughout the afternoon, Giuliani misspoke, calling Joe Biden “Bush.” He was denigrated by defense counsel. He expressed dismay that Republican counties didn’t let voters fix mail-in ballots but turned his legal wrath on Democratic counties that did.

Giuliani did not sound like an attorney delivering a logical, if biased, argument. He was a pitchman trying to make his case with intonations full of incredulity and outrage. The hearing was not as animated as it could have been because while there was audio from the courtroom, there was no video.

In the flesh, Giuliani has always been a man of dramatic gestures and expressions. Whether on television or, more recently, at Four Seasons Total Landscaping complaining about bad ballots, his eyes widen and narrow to punctuate a sentence. He wears a Yankees World Series ring even though he did not earn it. The diamonds sparkle next to a pinkie ring. A pinkie ring. The mere fact of it is an abomination. Whether accusing voters of bad behavior or arguing that networks don’t call elections, “courts do,” his lips peel back in a toothy sneer.

No, Giuliani was never America’s mayor — a fact that if recognized makes it much easier to contend with the ease with which he has become one of Trump’s boys.

really sad to see someone self-destruct like this and keep going at it.

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