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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 01:03 PM
Number of posts: 52,406

Journal Archives

Video of Adam Schiff closing statement - Nov 20


CBS News has an "originalist" now stating dems evidence is not bribery


I would have Schiff's babies if I could! NAILING the closing statement

Rep Maloney!! Boom on Sondland!! Edit. Now with video!

Sondland - I've been very forthright.
Maloney - this is your third time here!!

MALONEY to Sondland: You've been very forthright, this is your 3rd try to do so, sir. Didn't work so well the 1st time, did it? ... Now we're here a 3rd time ... so all due respect, sir, we appreciate your candor, but let's be really clear on what it took to get it out of you.

Video of full exchange


Right wing twitter feeds pushing a fake news site that head of burisma was indicted

And implicating Hunter

Only links I’ve found are twitter feeds and that fake news site (that reported trump had a heart attack over the weekend)

So...be diligent and aware

Edited to add:

Every mention of the head of Burisma being indicted stems from a story that started with Russian state owned media, and picked up by Zero Hedge and Gateway Pundit.

The epitome of fake news. Yet it's suddenly become the go-to talking point for the MAGA cult.

CBS News TV reporting WH and Pompeo will not release docs requested by Sondland

And that Pompeo will not recuse himself

More obstruction of justice charges

Found the bus being used to run over all these criminals Sondland is tossing under it....


Both parties are the same? Oh really? Hmmmmm

Voting Records of the Parties

Wish I could paste the chart but it’s not an image

Trust me. A link worth clicking!

Look at them hang their heads in shame as Adam Schiff levels the closing arg boom


They know they’re defending the indefensible

They’ve all sold their souls. Every. Single. One.

And the rest of his statement


Unsung hero in all of these public hearings: Dan Goldman

He’s solid, steadfast, credible, strong, great interrogator

Castor, otoh, is often condescending, dismissive, annoyed.
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