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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 01:03 PM
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Yet Another Investment Firm Profiteering Off Of Inmates


Anand Giridharadas

Today I'd like to share a story of a business that gives back.

(But keep reading, just in case.)

Full thread (minus images):

Today I'd like to share a story of a business that gives back.

(But keep reading, just in case.)

American Securities is an investment fund that manages a great deal of money.

And it believes in giving back. I mean, wow. Just look at this list of nonprofits it supports.

Giving Back | American Securities
We believe in long-term strategic partnership, built on trust and driven by core values.

And this is inspiring, because so many companies don't have this spirit.

They take and take, and profit from pain.

For example, this company in the news, GTL, which charges prison inmates $3 an hour to read books that are free and in the public domain.

West Virginia Inmates Will Be Charged by the Minute to Read E-Books on Tablets
Inmates at several West Virginia prisons are getting free electronic tablets to read books, send emails, and communicate with their
I wonder who is behind this company, GTL?

Maybe we can get a generous company like American Securities to teach them how to be kinder.

Oh, gosh.

American Securities owns GTL.

Oh, gosh.

So here's how it works, then. GTL profiteers from mass incarceration, making money selling inmates the chance to read works that are free and belong to the public.

Then American Securities reaps returns from investments like these, and donates a fraction to all these nonprofits.
Now, we have a recourse in politics.

And Senator @CoryBooker has bravely stepped up and called out GTL’s abusive profiteering.

mentions But if you want to know what a rigged system looks like up close, consider that American Securities, the owner of the company @CoryBooker has criticized, is a Booker donor.

American Securities LLC: Summary
Find the companies and other organizations seeking to influence U.S. politics and policy via campaign donations and lobbying spending, and see which members of Congress hold stock in those companies.

O M G. I have to rave about a fave

Lamar Jackson is insane!

He was so dynamic at UofL. Playing in the shadow of Bridgewater’s Heisman.

He’s tearing up the NFL. Already beat Brady (ah ha ha ha) and ripping up the Rams tonight.

DOJ will appeal McGahn ruling and seek a stay in the meantime


Two words: Merrick Garland

Oh how things would be different now if it weren’t for #MoscowMitch

It’s like....they knew

Wow. Public hearings are over for Impeachment. Findings to be released after Thanksgiving


NPR Politics

JUST IN: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said in a letter to lawmakers that his committee has completed public hearings and plans to release its report on the impeachment inquiry after Thanksgiving.

Ah HA! Navy SEAL Gallagher's lawyer works for trump org. There's the connection

Lawyer for Navy SEAL accused of war crimes also works for Trump Organization


Trump Organization lawyer Marc Mukasey started working on the case in recent months, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, a former business partner of Trump ally and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, also is helping with Gallagher's case. Kerik, who once served three years in federal prison for charges including tax fraud and lying to officials, was nominated as homeland security secretary by President George W. Bush but withdrew from consideration due to potential tax violations.

He has regularly appeared on Fox News as a surrogate for the President.

Lead defense attorney Tim Parlatore confirmed Wednesday that Mukasey, who is also involved in legal efforts to block House lawmakers from accessing President Donald Trump's financial records, is "one of the attorneys on Chief Gallagher's team."

“That’s it! That’s the connection!”

Breaking - trump ordered Esper for Navy SEAL to keep trident pin

Breaking: Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirms to reporters that President Trump ordered him to allow Eddie Gallagher to keep his Trident pin


A ruthless Mexican drug lord's empire is devastating families with its grip on small-town USA

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal

A nine-month Courier Journal investigation reveals how CJNG's reach has spread across the U.S. in the past five years, overwhelming cities and small towns with massive amounts of drugs.

The investigation documented CJNG operations in at least 35 states and Puerto Rico, a sticky web that has snared struggling business owners, thousands of drug users and Mexican immigrants terrified to challenge cartel orders.

It also identified at least two dozen "cells," which the DEA defines as places where cartel members set up shop to do business and live in the communities.


Courier Journal reporters pieced together CJNG’s network, from the suburbs of Seattle, the beaches of Mississippi and South Carolina, California’s coastline, the mountains of Virginia, small farming towns in Iowa and Nebraska, and across the Bluegrass State, including in Louisville, Lexington and Paducah.

Read more: https://amp.courier-journal.com/amp/4181733002

Even a worker at Derby winning Calumet Farm

When The Nightinghoul Sings...


T’was the week before Thanksgiving and all thru the West Wing-not a creature was stirring - they were all afraid Giuliani would sing.

Oh my. Trump: "in the good ol' days" (must-see video)


{of White Supremacy}

What a powerful video. Really puts the historical context of his speech and actions into perspective
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