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Roland99's Journal
Roland99's Journal
January 15, 2020

AG BARR going to even more extremes to protect Twitler! Can't investigate campaign members

· 9m
Replying to @emptywheel
Gonna interrupt here and note that Billy Barr announced you can't investigate members of a political campaign today without his say-so. I wonder whether he's going to apply it retroactively...

Barr and Wray agree: Investigations into presidential campaigns must be approved
January 15, 2020

How long before Twitler makes some other military distraction?

In light of his having Giuliani and his thugs stalking and apparently planning a hit on a US Ambassador

January 10, 2020

MacDill Air Force Base in Florida is locked down after reports of an active shooter on the base.

Local news in Orlando reporting. No details yet


A Florida political candidate tweeted about the incident early Friday morning, stating that the lockdown was due to an active shooter, although that part is not confirmed.


January 10, 2020

How the trumps brought death and destruction to Coney Island



The Trumps once forced 900 mostly Black families living in Coney Island out of their homes — here's how the family used taxpayer money to decimate a New York neighborhood

Racism and greed affected nearly 1,000 families and killed some of them and the trumps didn’t care. 😡

And the destruction of Steeplechase Park. Ugh.
January 5, 2020

Here is what is about to happen (the coming RW propaganda push)


Mikel Jollett
For those of you who didn’t live through the invasion of Iraq, here is what is about to happen:

1. There will be a MASSIVE propaganda push (by Republicans) to frame this act of war as a moral necessity and to act like anyone who opposes it is working for “the enemy.”

Full thread:
For those of you who didn’t live through the invasion of Iraq, here is what is about to happen:

1. There will be a MASSIVE propaganda push (by Republicans) to frame this act of war as a moral necessity and to act like anyone who opposes it is working for “the enemy.”

2. The propaganda push will include enormous appeals to American militarism disguised as patriotism: flag pins, flyovers, reverent cries to “support the troops,” as if the greatest support you can offer the troops isn’t to keep them from dying for no good reason.

3. Over time, this vague appeal to patriotism and militarism will start to have a specific aim, an invasion, bombings, the takeover of oil fields, the support of proxy wars. These aims will magically align with the financial interests of multi-national corporations.

4. The people in harm's way -- innocent civilians in Iran, mostly -- will be framed and/or dehumanized as "the enemy." This will include everything from racial slurs to endless talking points about their "blood thirst" their "hatred of freedom and Americans." It's utter bullshit.

5. When the bombs start to drop, all of the reporting will be about the small number of US troop casualties.

For example, most Americans know roughly 4,000 US troops died in Iraq.

What most Americans don't know is over 200,000 Iraqi CIVILIANS were killed.

6. This horror too, this murder of children, of families, the bombing of weddings & birthdays, this destruction of entire regions, will be swept up under the guise of American militarism (disguised as patriotism), of "supporting our troops," who are "fighting for our freedom."

7. In the end, and there will be an end -- this isn't the beginning of World War III, this is asymmetrical slaughter -- the vast number of dead will be people who don't even know why the war was waged, they will be mostly young, innocent and brown-skinned. That is the ugly truth.

8. And even the US troops -- most of whom signed up out of a genuine desire to protect their country -- they will be abandoned too as the people who waged the war, who made such big promises of "support for the troops" will CUT veterans medical care, forget the dead and move on.

9. And the only people who will have benefitted will be those massive multi-national corporations -- oil and weapons manufacturers mostly -- who rushed in to profit off the death of all those innocent brown-skinned children lying in the rubble.

10. A couple more things:

The media (especially cable news) LOVES a war. They love the spectacle, the drama. It means big profits. It means eyeballs on screens. It makes stars of their anchors.

They will ask the wrong questions, they will follow militaristic talking points.

11. Cable news will try to EMPOWER the warmongers, by accepting rumors of impending harm to Americans as real news, by making stars of the "brutal enemies" handed to them by the Republican propaganda machine. You can practically see them salivate over the possibility for profit.

12. What will get lost in all this bickering and drama and tragedy and spectacle is the fact that all of this was AVOIDABLE.

That Trump inherited a reigned-in Iran, that he set in motion an escalation to war because he thought it would benefit HIM.
January 5, 2020

The view from Russia...


Julia Davis
The view from Russia:

“Geopolitically, the US is weakening before our very eyes... Americans are steadily losing political positions in the Middle East. Russia, Turkey and Iran are stepping on their heels."
January 4, 2020

Orwell: The war is not meant to be won...

It is meant to be continuous

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