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Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
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"they have some kind of personality disorder..."

I told a friend exactly this decades ago.

Bottom line: they have mental issues.
As with psychopathy, they have a huge empathy deficit. Some innate (brain malfunction), some culturally induced.

This is a COVER-UP.

Now they're hinting at incidental info collected on Amer citizen cannot be applied when lacking a FISA Court order.


Perfect. 😁

I grew up on a farm where my parents had our pet calves slaughtered when they reached a certain age. It killed my soul as a young child. When I reproached my mother, she gave me the old "that's what God put them here for" shit.

I'm an old atheist now.

My apologies.

I know you were only trying to help him.

However, you know that developing such a Zen attitude takes tools, time, and psychic energy to achieve and maintain. We are not taught or given these tools but must seek them.

We cannot tell others that they should blah blah, whatever. They need deep insights in order to do so. So, in the meantime we should not make anyone feel guilty** about whatever avenues they can find to maintain their sanity.

**Yes, yes, damn it, I know we cannot make anyone feel anything. They subconsciously do that to themselves. However, until folks can learn the necessary tools, we need to get off that preachy high-horse.

Right now, my tool is just a tiny nip of a tequila sunrise.

Yes, we are by nature tribal.

In the long perspective, we are but seconds out of our caves.

It's a wonder that many have overcome that in any great number.


Dang. I can sympathize with both of your predictaments.

I'm very sorry for your diagnosis and shortened time.

I've a friend living in FL, a long distance from me, who has a fabulous old vinyl collection. A few years ago she said she is going to tash all of them because of lack of storage space. I was appalled - no, horrified. She spent 10mins just naming most all of her old great top 40 hits I love. She told me mailing them to me would cost too much, so I told her I'd pay the ~$100 in shipping cost. She dropped the subject but because of your post, I'll ask her about them again.

You know, folks just don't seem to value things as they used to. Just like the friend I mention above. They "move on" so very quickly. I'm a very nostalgic person, sometimes unfortunately so.

My hubby tries to "comfort" me by the fact that none of us will be living in less than 100 yrs, So I need to stop valuing THINGS so much. The planet will mostly be dead in a 100 yrs. Over the last couple of years I cried for months trying to reconcile myself to this fact. Because I have a child, it is deeply, deeply disturbing and sad to me, even more so than even my own mortality. (I'm an atheist, not believing in an afterlife.)

Because of my age, I'm adjusting and trying to refine my process of "letting go" - of things and my life.

Sorry I cannot offer any better advice except to say that IF you put a BIG price on your collection, would the buyer not value it? Get to know that person, the buyer, and share your concerns and your love of these records.

Good luck!

Anyone watching Genius, the Nat Geo series?

On the life of Einstein?

I have such sympathy for Mileva Maric´, his first wife. She was brilliant but got little to no credit.

Here's an excellent and insightful interview with the beautiful Samantha Colley, the actress playing her:

Mileva's mother-in-law, Einstein's mother, brutally enforced the cruelest misogyny of that era while Einstein passively stood back and took advantage. No wonder she divorced him.

It's an excellent series, so watch if you can. Nat Geo plays reruns throughout the week.

I have to block such people out of my world.

My patience ran out years ago in respect to many things but reich-wingers are at the top of the list.

Even included my brother. They do not realize what's at stake and don't want to hear anyone try to explain. I think it's a frontal cortex problem.

Exactly! My hubs has voted Democratic all his life...

But he refuses to register as a Dem or even verbally identify as a Dem. I proudly do.

We both supported Bernie in the primary but voted for Hillary. Neither of us would EVER vote for the party of the devil.

"It's the mission that matters, not party."

What kind of deity would create viruses that...

kill innocent babies & children?

Their perspective is so one-dimensional, myopic, naive, childish, ignorant, romanticized hogwash, etc.

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