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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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We think so, if...

There were a call for action, he'd do it. Seriously.

He's 3 doors down, an ex-cop, and keeps a black American flag hanging at his driveway.* He also has very high-wattage security lights around his house at night.

Just a few nights ago my husband said a huge flash went off when he was walking our dog passed this guy's house. He's making random photos of innocent folks just passing on the street. The neighborhood knows we're Democratic, btw.

A great deal of our neighborhood are ex-military but he's the only one we fear might actually take action against us minority Dems if the call were made.

Hubby feels the need to purchase a shotgun & ammo.

* The article mentions such flags:
"It didn’t take long to find hundreds of videos where these Trumpers and so-called patriots were hanging black American flags."

Saw this article

And forgot to post it, so thank you!!

Why do folks ignore this MOST important info??

Is it religion? "God will take care of us" & the old "how did WE cause it?" to quote my late rethugian mother.

They may claim they're just too busy to read the info but that excuse is just hog feces!

Why do people JUST NOT CARE?? Global warming is going to end us all!

Thank you, kind friend, for posting this!

I'm sickened & furious!!

Dolphins' brains are so advanced & complicated that neuroscientists came to the conclusion that they should be classified as an advanced species not too long ago.

Folks, google: "Proof That Dolphins Have Human-Like Intelligence and Their Own ‘Language.' "

This was based on research done by scientists at Emory University, where MRI scanners mapped the brains of dolphins.


If anyone else would like to join me in reaching out to the Faroe Islands gov't to voice strong condemnation of this massacre,
the gov email given is: [email protected]

Bárður á Steig Nielsen is the Prime Minister. He should stop this!

I just sent the Sea Shepherd a sizable donation! Wish I could send & do more. I'm practically..
. 😭

Great video!!

Had left this page pulled up on my browser for awhile & finally got around to watching it.

Thanks for posting this, U.J. Hope you also posted it in other forums; it's sooo helpful for us folks stuck in "a rut."

NYT update for Blount Co...

Sept. 15, 2021
Cases have increased recently and are extremely high. The numbers of hospitalized Covid patients and deaths in the Blount County area have also risen. The test positivity rate in Blount County is very high, suggesting that cases are being significantly undercounted.

Because of high spread, the C.D.C. recommends that even vaccinated people wear masks here.


Stay safe!

I ck'd & you're right!!

Just WOW!!

I thought my very religious, RW mother was an anomaly. She was rarely sympathetic to women on any issue.


Totally preventable. GD rethugians, I HATE them!!

Oh, they may be your family - like my brother - or your friends, but they, in their willful, Fux-bot ignorance, are indirectly responsible for killing people!!*

*And if you've not tried to explain this to them, well....
I've tried with my brother but he's not reachable. We don't talk now.

How did I know without opening the thread. 😉

We have this in common, Jilly.

You only have to go 20miles north, northeast or northwest of Knoxville to reach the 18th century.
- quoting my hubby.

Interesting facts about the place:
Han Solo lands his Millennium Falcon there ever so often.
Translation: Harrison Ford lands his jet there - his in-laws live in Morristown. The airport he lands at was managed by the late Evelyn Johnson who had the record of the most number of flying hours of any female in the world. I had the pleasure of briefly knowing her decades ago.


Actually, they all should be boycotted and bankrupted. Fossil fuels & fossil fuel companies are evil.

I'll praise the day when electric cars become really affordable and charging stations are everywhere.

Here's a big problem...

In contrasting Kentucky's racial composition to Georgia's...

According to most recent ACS, the racial composition of KY was:
86.95% White
10.32% Black/African American and other

According to 2019 US Census, GA's population was:
57.8% White + Hispanic White
39% African American and other

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