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Gender: Female
Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 19,711

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HolyCrap!! Fuckerberg should be charged with aiding.

Can Aiding be considered a crime without abetting?

I mean providing a platform to publish a 133-page manifesto with bomb-making strategies spelled out and circulating on Facebook should be illegal. No?

Someone trying to run you off the road is very scary!

Happened to me twice. Thankfully, I'm a good but fearless driver who had better vehicles and was able to out run them both times, hitting speeds of 100+. My family always said I should've been a racecar driver.
Hubby asks me to drive most of the time because he hates driving.

And yes indeed, "Conservatives are gullible." Gullible, ignorant, and naive as hell.

Exactly, Mike.

I just posted above before reading your post. Thanks for enlightening folks here.

I had an intense case of CFS in the '70s that kept cycling, as I call it. Low grade fevers, horrible night sweats, extreme fatigue. My symptoms increased after my son was born in 1987, so I went to see Dr. Paul Cheney, an expert in the field. He told me to stop nursing as it was adding too much stress to my already beleaguered body. But I couldn't due to the fact I was simply too weak to get up & fix my son enough bottles. I could, however, lie in bed and nurse and so, I did.

Dr. Cheney was one of the physicians at Incline Village, Nevada who treated a number of patients who shared symptoms following a serious outbreak of flu in the '70s.

These patients all suffered from an infection similar to a herpes-type virus that produces mononucleosis.

What set the Incline Village patients apart from others, however, was the fact that they did not appear to get better after they recovered from the initial infection. In fact, they continued to have bone-weary fatigue, sleep disturbances, mood swings, lymphadenopathy, and intolerance to exercise. This series of symptoms was not characteristic of normal recovery from flu. As a consequence, Dr. Cheney coined the term “chronic fatigue syndrome” to describe this condition. An ensuing report described similarities between this condition and myalgia encephalitis, or ME, as it was called in England.*
Research ensued, along with heightened interest that was further fueled by a number of veterans returning from the Gulf War Campaign with a similar constellation of fatigue, and CFS- and FM-related symptoms called “Desert Storm Syndrome.”
CFS symptoms can fluctuate, vary in intensity and appear either suddenly or gradually. Many patients complain of “brain fog.” This is described as slow thinking, difficulty focusing, and forgetfulness."

* When living in England, I was grateful for number of people who knew what
myalgia encephalitis was and sympathize with me. One lady offered to do my grocery shopping!

If anyone ever again wants to tell me, as my stepfather did yrs ago, that this illness is just psychosomatic, I will bite them.

I truly hope post-CoVid patients do not have to go through years of symptoms as I have. There seems to be no cure for a messed up immune system.

Totally agree. Thanks.

He has little concept of how truly hated he really is - his narcissistic ego doesn't allow him to acknowledge the full reality of this situation. Difficult to imagine but true.
(My own mother was quite a bit like that.)
So, I'm afraid the OP has it wrong.

Rep. Gallego:"Do you intend to obey illegal orders from the President?"

To the Chair of the Joint Chiefs:



"If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." - LBJ

It's the psychological essence of RW rednecks all over the country and tRump has been using this to his advantage from the beginnings of his reign of terror.

Bama Refugee said it best above:
"You can’t fix stupid. And if you can’t fix that, you can’t fix America."


Their actions are not helping ensure justice.

Where are Black Americans to take their righteous anger? I don't know but I fear what some are doing will hurt their cause.

Would MLK approve?
How can anyone be more angry than when those four black schoolgirls were killed in that Birmingham church bombing? Or when nine African Americans were killed during a Bible study in Charleston?

This latest murder protest probably encompasses many issues including closings//joblessness due to CoVids, not only the murder of George Floyd. Kids out of school, young people out of colleges. The country is frustrated. But some of this is just recklessness imho. Provocateurs & the mob mindset are making the situation very dangerous & we know who will be BLAMED.

Atlanta mayor to vandalizing protesters: 'This is not a protest ... this is chaos'

We're certainly not getting help from Republicans or the crooked man-baby.

And they're not listening to Killer Mike: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100213505970

Times likes these I wish I weren't an atheist.

Ken Burns is another great filmmaker who packs in facts

...in an emotionally riveting way. His Civil War Series was it masterpiece. My good friend in NYC did the sound editing for that series.

You're right, "Grant was one who saved the country only to have the racists rise in the south."
And too many are still at it. 😠 But not all of us are like that, t.g.


"He was brought into an Istanbul rescue home."

That explains this poor baby plight and horrible mistreatment a bit. Dogs in middle-eastern cultures are looked upon as dirty, unworthy, something to be scorned, according to my old Turkish friend, Hakki. 😡

Remember the trained U.S. military dogs sent to Iran, Jordan, Egypt who were mistreated and starved to death?



And I tell them...

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