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Horrible -
* Fewer women's rights,
* (Less spending on) education
* Fewer environmental restrictions

"Good people"?? You're kidding.

Greenland ice sheet in biggest melt in recorded history.

Greenland ice sheet is in the middle of its biggest melt season in recorded history. ...This week alone, Greenland will lose about 50 billion tons of ice, enough for a permanent rise in global sea levels by about 0.1mm.
According to IPCC estimates, that’s roughly the level of melt a typical summer will have in 2050 under the worst-case warming scenario if we don’t take meaningful action to address climate change. Under that same scenario, this week’s brutal, deadly heat wave would be normal weather in the 2070s.

...Altogether, the Greenland ice sheet contains enough ice to raise global sea levels by about 24 feet.


Andrew Yang urges Americans to move to higher ground because response to climate change is ‘too late’


So is my hard left (guaranteed income) son.

He is thinking ideologically not strategically. Wingers are pushing her simply as a strategic disruptor. Big difference.

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