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Are We Heading Toward Extinction?

What we here already know is finally being said outside of scientific journals.

Are We Heading Toward Extinction?
The Earth's species — plants, animals and humans, alike — are facing imminent demise. How we got here, and how to cope.

By Catherine Ingram
07/20/2019 05:45 AM ET

The following has been excerpted from the long-form essay Facing Extinction.

For much of my life, I thought our species would soon go extinct. I assumed we might last another hundred years if we were lucky. Now I suspect we are facing extinction in the near future. Can I speculate as to exactly when that might happen? Of course not. My sense of this is based only on probability. It might be similar to hearing about a diagnosis of late-stage pancreatic cancer. Is it definite that the person is going to die soon? No, not definite. Is it highly probable? Yes, one would be wise to face the likelihood and put one’s affairs in order.

For decades, I had sensed that things were dramatically worsening, the rate of destruction increasing. As a journalist from 1982 to 1994, I specialized in social and environmental issues. I had written about global warming, the phrase we used in those days, numerous times in the 1980s, but because it seemed a far-off threat, we could intellectually discuss it without fear of it affecting our own lives in terribly significant ways. As time marched on, I began to awaken to how fast the climate was changing and how negative its impacts. It became a strange relief to read and listen to the truth of the situation from people who were studying the hard data as it affirmed my instincts and threw a light on what had been shadowy forebodings, dancing like ghosts in my awareness. It is an ongoing study that has taken me through a powerful internal process — emotional and cathartic — one that I felt might be helpful to share with those who have woken to this dark knowledge or are in the process of waking to it, just as I, over time, found comfort in the reflections of the small yet increasing number of comrades with whom I share this journey.

Because the subject is so tragic and because it can scare or anger people, this is not an essay I ever wanted to write; it is one I would have wanted to read along the way. But the words on these pages are meant only for those who are ready for them. I offer no hope or solutions for our continuation, only companionship and empathy to you, the reader, who either knows or suspects that there is no hope or solutions to be found. What we now need to find is courage. What we now need to embrace is love.

Much more...

Good point!! It's GOTV in those states.

We need to beat the drums on Health Care Issues. The thugs cannot touch the Dems' programs.

Crazy idea: large numbers of Puerto Ricans should move to the Swing States so that they could vote. That'd do it. Democratic businesses should sponsor them coming.

Re: Mueller, my hubs thinks it's a mistake to count on Mueller too, mostly because he believes that Mueller will go back to his equivocation, with his thinking that speaking the blunt truth will be "taking sides."

You're in Greenville, NC. From TN here.

My home state has gone to hell. There's now 0 chance that anyone like Al Gore could be elected in the state.

Heartbroken here too.

Anyone in this thread criticizing her have any better

Ideas about our #1 objective: Beating Mitch McConnell?

Dang folks, stop the circular firing squads. These purity tests are killing us!

More complicated than that.

Most southern wingers never owned slaves but adopted the bigotry just the same.

It seems to be a cultural phenomena of misplaced anger. They feel inferior, are angry but cannot blame themselves or their families so they must have a target.

If all people of color were to disappear, these people would just choose another group to hate. They live to hate; it's their life-force.

Sociopathic individuals like tRump, Faux associates and Limpballs amplify and profit from this sickness.

On edit: New Raw Story article: "Trump and the GOP stand for ‘blaming others if you’re not happy where you are’: Democratic congressman" – Raw Story


"Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley respond to President Trump's racist tweets"

In case you missed their news conference, please watch these articulate, thoughtful women:


With racial shit like this, my home state will remain 2nd rate. SHAME!!

On edit: there's nothing in the law that requires him to sign it. Nothing!! Governors have veto power! That governor is a racist chickenshit.

Recently brought up GW with a neighbor

Who replied, "Well, there are some things we can control and some things we can't."

Translation: It's in gawd's hands! I think a lot of people feel that way because of their religious upbringing. "Give me that old time religion." It's God's will or God will save us - "I have no responsibility for this."

As my mother used to say, "How did we cause it?"

So sweet! 💕 Did you know that...

The dugong is the only strictly herbivorous marine mammal, the closest surviving relative of the manatees, and...
"Hyraxes, elephants and dugongs evolved from a single common ancestor."

No wonder they are so sweet, they're related to elephants! 😊

(Here i go again, throwing in that "evilution" stuff.)

Aww! We "really shouldn't eat octopus."

Do you care about animals? Then you really shouldn’t eat octopus"
They may be delicious and sure, there are lots of them, but next time you’re chomping down on your barbecued octopus, just remember they were the first intelligent beings on Earth and have more genes than you do.
Go ahead, order the calamari. I’ll sit back and scowl silently, and think about Ozymandias.

Here's my favorite octopus story - he's brilliant:

Otto the octopus wrecks havoc

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