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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
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You are far more optimistic than I am.

"no one will be able to or want to excuse him."
I fear you're wrong. I know his heinous base and how they think. Please read this poor woman's entry (she is on the mark in her psychoanalysis of them):

🚨🚨 Living with a supremacist...where Trumpism ends

It's chilling.

Cohen: "...children should never be used as bargaining chips."

Michael Cohen in his resignation letter as Deputy Finance Chair at RNC.

"This important role requires the full time attention and dedication of each member. Given the ongoing Mueller and SDNY investigations, that simply is impossible for me to do, he wrote.


This is his signal to TRump: game on. It is his middle-finger divorce decree to 45.

Just found that NewJeffCT already posted some news on this:

But it doesn't happen to us as much as to them.

I've called my brother out on his RW propaganda lies - told him to never send me anything unless his googles the facts or at least runs it thru Snopes.com first. He stopped sending his crap.

(I don't have any Republican friends - came to verbal blows with them all years ago.)

Here's who I think TRump's base is, spot on:

Who is Donald Trump's base? Why is he popular? Why are people voting for him? Why do people like and support him?

I'm the same person everywhere I go..

Everywhere I post. Even on fb I've always been a proud liberal and have no repub friends and very, very few religious friends. (Atheist here.) I'm simply not tolerant, so I fail at one aspect of liberalism.

Don't beat yourself up. In my book ya did the right thing.

I had to stop posting on FB years ago because I had to censor myself. Had to stop myself from attacking a wonderful guy, former DUer. I'd rather he just think I'm a minor shit for ignoring him or know I can be a major shit by attacking him.

Anyway, you live over Chilhowee Mountain and west of where I'll be moving to in Blount Co. (Walland). We live in a gloriously scenic county, don't we! Nature rocks!


🙏 Petitions to add your voice

Here are a few petitions where you can add your voice:





Rethugian voters are cultists, totally incapable

Of any objectivity,

or empathy.

100% responsible.

Help stop this: do not buy PALM OIL

Or products made with it.



We can have compassion for BOTH (walk and chew gum at the same time). Folks, do not attack because I do not think anyone is saying they are equivalent.

I don't understand why the inhumane treatment of immigrant children is not more of a priority in the media.

HHS is responsible for these actions and for the care these children receive.
HHS now has a budget of $1.1 TRILLION. It's the largest domestic agency in the government. It's now headed by Alex Azar, former top executive of Eli Lilly - yep big pharma.

Did you know there were more than 67,000 unaccompanied minors crossing the US southern border in 2016.

WHAT SHOULD we do with more than 67,000 unaccompanied CHILDREN?
Seriously. HHS hasn't been giving them proper care. Some have been trafficked!!

This is in addition to the babies and kids pulled from their mothers and fathers.

My only grip with him

Was his criticism vegetarians, like Woody Harrelson whom his dissed badly - I saw that episode. Oh, and he took on British chefs...I've eaten some of the best meals of my life at "high tables" in Cambridge. Otherwise, I loved Bourdain. I loved him for embracing foreign cultures and food and not being one of those Ugly Americans.

When suicide happens, it's inevitable that people will be guessing and wanting to know WHY. With the years of smoking and drinking, my first guess was that he had a diagnosis of cancer. But I also know he's had emotional problems, like dealing with a heroin addiction many years ago. We may never know his motivation for ending his life. It makes me sad. The world has lost a good guy.

"passivity of Republican leaders."

Mostly comes down to their insane base. Corker and Flake are leaving; that's their power.

I've seen it quoted that we have the government we deserve. May the heavens help us.

I hate every single Rethugian voter.

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