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Gender: Female
Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 19,957

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Billionaire, my ass. nt

And THIS: remember Charlottesville riots?

Gov. Northam and the mayor ordered the damn statue(s) down. Then these wackos from all over the country, not Virginia, came in and mayhem and murder resulted.

How quickly folks forget.

Been sending my 31yo son climate warming info

For a over decade now as a hint. He's gotten it and is totally convinced that having children now is tantamount to murder/sentencing them to horrible suffering and death.

The info has been out there a long time. We as a species are coming to the end of our own rope. Our own self-made destruction.

It is a nightmare and all the prayers and denial will not save us.

Not happily and not just us.

I think most species will be wiped out, never to return.

May take 500K yrs for the planet to become green with vegetation again.

Look at "our" voting record

And the fact that you don't see pickups everywhere with racist symbols in New England, on the west coast, etc. So, generalizations can be made. I don't take offense about it because I hate these yahoo racists as much as anyone here.

Of course there are pockets of very liberal, intelligent people in the South. And we southern libs tend to be even more fervent politically than the rest of the country. There are many of us here on DU since we require such havens because of our closeted status here in R-land.

Yes, I also don't like people assuming that we're a homogeneous, inbred, ignorant racist block. But I think most DUers know we're not. Besides, I also trash southern racists all the time myself.

(And, btw, this closeted atheist hates those 60' crosses stuck on hills everywhere too.)

- an E. Tennessean born Virginian coming back home to our beloved Smokey Mtns.

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