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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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Hubby* just said our Dem party must grow more vaginas - more Katie Porters, more Kamala Harrises, more Amy Klobuchars, more Rebekah Jones, more Justice Ginsburgs, etc.

We cannot be afraid to do the right thing. Our country is already divided & we must stop trying to accommodate these criminals.

* So proud of him.

Maggie's Song

Chris Stapleton Maggie's Song

When I thought I couldn't cry any more, I just came across this sweet song!

We've learned just last night that our baby, our dear 5yr old yellow Lab, only has a few months left to live. An internist/critical care vet diagnosed her with a serious right ventricle valve problem.

She's such a sensitive & tremendously sweet girl who'll run to my side if I sigh or clear my throat a certain way - she'll know that something might be wrong. Now I must keep from sobbing so as not to stress her when she comes home. She's in the hospital for a few days.

"Run Maggie run..."

Our precious Missy is gone. She was the BEST BABY & we wouldn't have traded the world for these past 5 yrs with her. She put that moon up there for us!

Folks, dogs are Love & if ppl have souls, so do they!

My thanks & appreciation for all your sentiments and posts.

30 yrs of 'against measurement'

Thirty years of ‘against measurement’ – Physics World

Despite its many successes, physicists are still struggling to nail down a coherent interpretation of quantum mechanics, as it best represents “reality”. Jim Baggott explores the arguments first put forth by John Bell three decades ago, and looks at theoretical and experimental evidence accumulated since

“Surely, after 62 years, we should have an exact formulation of some serious part of quantum mechanics?” wrote the eminent Northern Irish physicist John Bell in the opening salvo of his Physics World article, “Against ‘measurement’ ”. Published in August 1990 just two months before his untimely death at the age of 62, Bell’s article outlined his concerns. As he further explained, “By ‘exact’ I do not of course mean ‘exactly true’. I mean only that the theory should be fully formulated in mathematical terms, with nothing left to the discretion of the theoretical physicist…until workable approximations are needed in applications.”

Although Bell spent the majority of his career as a theoretical particle physicist and worked on accelerator design at the CERN lab in Geneva, today he is best known for his contributions to deep, foundational questions that probe the meaning of quantum mechanics. Nearly a century after it was first formulated, there is still no consensus among physicists on how the theory should be interpreted. “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics,” Richard Feynman famously declared – a rather extraordinary admission for a foundational theory that underpins much of our understanding of modern physics.


What if there's just a missing key?

Warning: This may be difficult to watch...

It was difficult for me.

What do these evangelicals preachers get from tRump? Payola under the table?

"The Evangelical Election Meltdown"

X-posted in Religion & Atheist forums.

How long can you watch this insanity?
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