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Romney on special needs education

Completely idiotic. There will be no place for them to go.

Why is Romney being allowed to run the debate?

What bullshit.

My Uncle

This isn't him, but it could have been. It looks a bit like him.

He landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day, was shot several times. He had 25 operations, some to save his life. They passed last rites over him twice. He survived with a wooden leg and "tattoos" from bullet holes and surgeries, something I understand all too well. Returning from the war he ran a small retail business, raised a good family and retired. At the end he was on Social Security and the Veterans Benefits. He died a few years ago.

At the end, he was a member of the 47%.

Fuck you, Mitt Romney. Fuck you.

Gallup Daily Tracking: President Obama 49 Romney 44

Romney was up by 1 before the RNC and DNC.


Gallup tracking poll: Obama up 49-45

Two days ago it was 47-46 Obama.

Two weeks ago it was 47-46 Romney.


It's wealthy white power night in Tampa

The 1967 Pleasantville Prom Queen is on the Float. And the Fat Man ain't even joined the band yet.

Quad City Times (IA) - Dear Gov. Romney: Answer these questions

Dear Gov. Romney: Answer these questions

By Bill Davison, Eldridge

Why not release your tax returns like the 12 years your father did? Do you really have 23 offshore bank accounts?

How have your IRA accounts accumulated an estimated $21-100 million value?

. . .

Why did Newt describe Bain as “A bunch of rich people figuring out clever legal ways to loot a company”?

Is tax avoidance as American as apple pie?

Should all Americans aspire to park their fortunes in foreign tax havens?

. . .


Bloomberg News: Republican Platform Won’t Protect Mortgage Tax Deduction

Source: Bloomberg News/Business Week

Republican platform drafters refused to put their party on record for preserving the mortgage- interest deduction, giving Mitt Romney more flexibility to promote his plan to lower tax rates paid by corporations and the wealthiest Americans without increasing the federal debt.

The platform panel, meeting in Tampa, Florida, in advance of the Aug. 27 Republican National Convention, defeated a proposed mortgage deduction amendment by a show of hands as it moved toward today’s scheduled completion of the draft statement of positions the party will offer voters in the November election.

The document, which was also amended to include a call for Federal Reserve audits, will be submitted next week for approval by the full convention.

The mortgage interest vote was a shift in Republican policy from four years ago, when the party platform said that “because affordable housing is in the national interest, any simplified tax system should continue to encourage homeownership, recognizing the tremendous social value that the home mortgage interest deduction has had for decades.”

Read more: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-08-20/republican-platform-won-t-protect-mortgage-tax-deduction

That's a tax increase on every middle class homeowner with a mortgage, so Mitt can lower his taxes.

Utah Policy.com: Is Mitt Romney Hiding Something About His Tithing?

Is Mitt Romney Hiding Something About His Tithing?
by Bob Bernick 08/20/2012

I must confess I’m a bit perplexed by GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s continued refusal to release more of his personal income tax returns.

Just about every leading Republican is telling Romney to do so.

. . .

Here’s my guess (and I stress it is only a guess).

Romney doesn’t want to release his taxes not because he hasn’t paid “at least” 13 percent over the last 10 years; it’s because he hasn’t paid “at least” 10 percent in tithing to his church – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

. . .

Who cares about tax returns?

But those returns contain something, apparently, that Mitt Romney doesn’t want to explain or talk about.

And we may never know exactly what that is.


Bill Kristol: Mitt Romney's Low Tax Rate Is 'Kinda Weird'

Source: Huffington Post

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said Monday that he thinks Mitt Romney should pay a higher tax rate, calling the rate he pays on his investments "weird."

"I personally -- if I were designing the tax code -- would have a tax code in which Mitt Romney paid more than 13 percent, given what I know about the kind of investments he made money from," Kristol said Monday on C-Span.

The prominent conservative commentator added that he thought there would be no "economic detriment" to Romney if he paid more.

"I think it just seems kinda weird that he pays a lower rate than an awful lot of middle-class people," Kristol said.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/20/bill-kristol-mitt-romney-tax-rate_n_1810512.html

Broken clock . . .

It's weird like everything else about Romney.
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