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Proof positive that Romney is . . . the Manchurian Candidate!

Boston Globe: Food and farm economic plan shows progress in Vt.


SPRINGFIELD, Vt. (AP) — More than a year and half after Vermont launched a plan to boost the state’s food and farm economy, organizers are celebrating its progress.

The achievements include a mobile farmers’ market that reaches low-income housing sites in northern Vermont and an increase in the number of colleges offering local foods in their dining halls.

‘‘Local food is exploding in this state, and it’s because of consumer demand and consumer interest. It’s also really being led by entrepreneurs who see an opportunity and are finding new ways of accessing markets,’’ said Ellen Kehler, executive director of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, which developed the Farm to Plate report released in January 2011.

More than 180 food system leaders from around Vermont met in Fairlee for a two-day conference Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss progress since a Farm to Plate network of organizations and working groups was formed a year ago.

It’s estimated that Vermonters consume about 5 percent local food on average. The group’s goal is to boost that to 10 percent by 2021.

"In foreign policy facts matter!"

I love it.

Mother of Former Seal asks Romney to Stop

Source: Journal Sentinel

SIDNEY, Ohio (AP) The mother of a former Navy SEAL killed in Libya has called on Mitt Romney to stop talking about her son during his political campaign.

A spokesman for the Republican presidential candidate says Romney will respect her wishes.

. . . .

On Wednesday, Doherty's mother, Barbara Doherty, told Boston television station WHDH that she wanted Romney to stop citing her son.

"I don't trust Romney. He shouldn't make my son's death part of his political agenda. It's wrong to use these brave young men, who wanted freedom for all, to degrade Obama," Barbara Doherty said.

Read more: http://www.jsonline.com/news/usandworld/national/mother-of-former-seal-asks-romney-to-stopb579d7d4bf174a7d968c3d599334a07f-173615361.html?ipad=y

Turkey-Syria tensions sky high

Source: The Daily Star

DAMASCUS/ANKARA: Turkey intercepted Wednesday a Syrian passenger plane suspected of transporting banned cargo from Moscow to Damascus as the U.S. announced it had military planners in Jordan to prepare for any chemical weapons threat.

Meanwhile, on the ground in Syria, the regime rejected a call by the United Nations for a unilateral cease-fire Wednesday as rebels confronted columns of tanks and troops sent to retake a strategic town on the road to main battleground city Aleppo.

In Aleppo, rebels launched an attack on army positions in the northern metropolis’s landmark Umayyad Mosque in the heart of the Old City, adding to the urgency for the army to restore its supply lines.

. . . .

While the United States has not intervened militarily in Syria, President Barack Obama has warned Assad that any attempt to deploy or use chemical or biological weapons would cross a “red line” that could provoke U.S. action.

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2012/Oct-11/190952-turkey-syria-tensions-sky-high.ashx#ixzz28x39hMjP
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2012/Oct-11/190952-turkey-syria-tensions-sky-high.ashx#axzz28x16Yuyn

California gasoline prices set to plunge as spike ends

Source: Reuters

By Braden Reddall and Erwin Seba
SAN FRANCISCO/HOUSTON | Mon Oct 8, 2012 8:49pm EDT

(Reuters) - The unprecedented price spike that added more than 50 cents a gallon to California pump prices last week ended as quickly as it began, market analysts said, and consumers should see prices fall dramatically in the coming week.

Political outrage, however, was still heating up as Senator Barbara Boxer joined calls for a federal investigation into possible market manipulation.

Prices started pulling back slightly on Monday afternoon, according to online filling station tracker Gas Buddy, after the American Automobile Association website reported they had hit a record of $4.668 per gallon on Monday morning.

California Governor Jerry Brown's decision on Sunday to allow an immediate switch to "winter-blend" fuel was a big factor in driving wholesale prices down by 60 cents a gallon on Monday, market participants said.

"Retail prices will come down as hard as they went up," said David Hackett, president of Stillwater Associates, an energy consultancy in Irvine, California. "It went up 56 cents in a week, it will come down that fast."

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/09/us-california-gasoline-price-idUSBRE8970SS20121009

U.S., Israel considering joint 'surgical strike' on Iran's nuclear facilities

Source: Haaretz

U.S., Israel considering joint 'surgical strike' on Iran's nuclear facilities

Former Clinton administration official David Rothkopf writes in Foreign Policy that attack, which he says could not be carried out by Israel alone, would only take a few hours and neutralize Republican criticism.

The United States and Israel are considering the possibility of a joint "surgical strike" against Iran's nuclear facilities, according to a Foreign Policy report by David Rothkopf published Monday.

While Israel and the U.S. still don’t entirely agree on the "red line" which would trigger a military response, the report said that the Israelis are now suggesting a more limited attack than was previously debated.

Rothkopf, a former Clinton administration official and international relations expert, quoted a source said to be close to the discussions, which claimed that a small-scale attack is currently viewed as the most likely military option. Such strike, the source said, is likely to only take a few hours and would be conducted by air, using bombers and supported by drones.

In order to send the Iranian nuclear program back many years, such an attack could be carried out in a joint U.S.-Israeli operation, or by the U.S. alone. The report claims Israel would not be able to carry out this kind of attack on its own.

Read more: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/u-s-israel-considering-joint-surgical-strike-on-iran-s-nuclear-facilities-1.468855

Gallup tracking - President 49 RMoney 46


Can we trust a habitual liar to be President?

It's one thing to shade facts your way. It is entirely different to say the exact opposite of what you previously said on several occasions without acknowledging that you changed your mind. That is the definition of a habitual liar.

If elected, who will ever believe anything Romney says?

Post Debate Plan

Romney sucks on substance, lies like a rug, snake oil salesman
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