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Member since: Sat Sep 4, 2004, 10:01 PM
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Freepers have a post: "Twelve Ways to Go Galt Without Quitting Your Job"


It's basically how to "isolate" yourself from the economy through tax avoidance, buying and selling second hand goods, making gifts, buying guns and chainsaws and attending that really fun church social.

I would post the link but I just washed my hands.

A little shout out to the Unions

I love union ground games in elections and this one was awesome. They knew what was at stake. We faced the possibility of a Billionaire/Tea Party wrecking crew and that nightmare has passed for the time being.

Take a bow, brothers, sisters, comrades and friends, for a job well done.

A little shout out to Occupy

For all its faults, Occupy helped to change the narrative, put the focus on the growing inequality in the US and showed that the voice of the people was much more than Faux/Tea Party chatter. For example, the 47% video is less compelling if it is not set against the backdrop they helped to create.

FLA - O by 20,000 with about 86% in



Florida: O up by 6400 with about 80% in nt

CBS Brian Pelley says Ohio leaning Obama

Florida Watch has RMoney by just over 1,000 votes and it looks like about 75% in.

Why bother calling the Campaign's final pitches "closing arguments?"

I mean, there really is no argument, is there? Uh, no.

335 Electoral Votes. Coffee is served.

Fresh supply of gasoline must have arrived in Brooklyn last night

Long lines in Flatbush for gas. There are about 100 people on line with gas cans on Lefferts Avenue. Hundreds of cars on line at gas stations. About a dozen cops and no incidents yet. It looks like 1973.

Few buses to take people anywhere and the trains are still shut down. Caribbean "dollar vans" are the way to go right now.

Step off and resign, Bloomberg. We want Cuomo and Obama. They actually work in a crisis. Go eat some caviar with your rich friends.
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