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Whiteness is a scourge on humanity. Voting for Obama that one time is not a get out of being a racist card

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Field guide to defending Hillary Clinton against every fake scandal

The hard part in getting through to those who are convinced that the lies about Hillary Clinton are facts, is that they have a boatload of phony “facts” and right-wing web sites to draw from, but their main source of information is Fox News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and/or their duped listeners. When you go into detailed evidence against their claims, the response is longer than they’re willing to read or hear. So, its either a shorter version which may not get the point across, or the long version which won’t be read. My recommendation is to answer one attack at a time in as much detail as you can to prove your case. These are short paragraphs along with a few links for support. Speak softly and don’t yell at them for being duped. Your goal should be to disarm them and get them to hear you, which can’t be done if they raise their shield.

Whitewater was the beginning of the Hillary Clinton witch hunt. Hardly anybody understands Whitewater. The claims of honesty and trustworthiness began here. The Clintons lost their investment in the Whitewater Development Company. Their business partner, Jim and Susan McDougal, had a separate investment in another company which also failed. The McDougals retained the law firm that Hillary worked for, Rose Law Firm to handle their legal dealings. The claim is that the McDougals hired Clinton to offset the Clintons’ losses on Whitewater, which they considered to be a conflict of interest. Ken Starr, the pioneer of the Hillary witch hunts hurled accusation after accusation at the Clintons over this. After wasting 8 years and millions of taxpayer dollars and several independent investigations, a final report was issued in 2000 that stated that there was no evidence that the Clintons had engaged in any criminal wrongdoing. It was BS from the start, but dishonest Republicans keep the story alive today.

Wal-Mart: In 1986, Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart was under pressure, from his wife and his shareholders, to appoint a woman to his Board of Directors. Based in Arkansas, they hired Hillary Clinton, then 40 year old Hillary Clinton. According to fellow board members and company executives, Hillary used her position to champion more women in management and a comprehensive environmental program. Being the least experienced in business at the time, her voice was silenced on Wal Marts anti-unionism stance, and minimum wage was not considered a huge national crisis at the time. Her years on the Wal-Mart board, from 1986 to 1992, gave her an unusual tutorial in the ways of American business a credential that could serve as an antidote to Republican efforts to portray her as an enemy of free markets and an advocate for big government. To say that Hillary doesn’t understand business is dead wrong. While she had huge success in creating management opportunities for women at Wal Mart, the main attack line is that she “supported low wages”, which is not at all true. Looking at her track record in the Senate and as Secretary of State, she has always pushed for equal pay, and is fighting hard for a 40% increase in minimum wage, and for all improvements to middle class life in America.


Their having an 'oh shit there's no indictment fairy' sad.

Except for the hard core CTers--now its impeachment instead of indictment for some if them. The strange thing to me is the passionate belief that the email thing is a real issue.

Groundbreaking study exhumes untold Nazi brutalization of women’s bodies

A long article, horrific with detail. We dare not ever forget, dismiss or belittle this period in history. It's always close.

Dr. Beverley Chalmers’ latest book is not the kind people want to read. Yet, it’s one they should.

Titled, “Birth, Sex and Abuse: Women’s Voices Under Nazi Rule,” it is filled from cover to cover with horrifying accounts of countless Jewish and non-Jewish women being raped and brutalized, experimented upon, forced into prostitution or compelled to undergo sterilization or abortion against their will. Some German women successfully gave birth and had their babies taken away for adoption. Jewish women had theirs ripped away and murdered in front of them.

These actions were all part of the Nazi agenda to create a master race, but until Chalmers set about writing this book, no single work had thoroughly examined and comprehensively consolidated evidence of this aspect of the Holocaust.

More than a decade of non-stop and singularly focused research on the subject took an emotional toll on Chalmers, a 65-year-old expert on pregnancy and birth in difficult social, political, economic and religious settings. She had previously published on women giving birth under Apartheid in South Africa and having babies in the former Soviet Union under Communism. Others of her books reported on women with prior experience of female genital mutilation giving birth in Canada, and on women giving birth in highly medicalized settings.

“It was emotionally draining. My children suggested I write about something happier, but I kept going because these stories needed to be told. These women’s experiences needed to be brought to light and honored,” the author told The Times of Israel in an interview from her home in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


From Facebook (Yes, we fight back)

Here's a few of her accomplishments: There are many, many people who seem to think Hillary Clinton hasn’t accomplished anything. Apparently, being a First Lady, a Senator, as well as Secretary of State doesn’t count as accomplishments to her critics. But here is a very simple summary that encompasses Hillary Clinton and what she has accomplished throughout her life — Courtesy of a friend:

“First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College. Distinguished graduate of Yale Law School. Former Director of the Arkansas Legal Aid Clinic. Former civil litigation attorney. Former Law Professor at the University of Arkansas School of Law. Former First Lady of Arkansas. Former First Lady of the United States, and the first FLOTUS in US History to hold a postgraduate degree. First ex-FLOTUS in US History to be elected to the United States Senate. Elected by the… State of New York to serve two terms in the United States Senate. Former US Secretary of State. GRAMMY Award Winner. Author. Self proclaimed Pantsuit Aficionado. Married to a man named Bill, who plays the saxophone.”

You don’t have to like Hillary Clinton or her ideas. I get it. She’s a Democrat, a progressive (in most eyes), and conservatives don’t like that. However, you cannot say she does not have any accomplishments. Here are just a few:

Even though her major initiative, the Clinton healthcare plan, failed (due to Republican obstruction), you cannot deny that it laid ground for what we have today, the Affordable Healthcare Act, something Clinton supports and would continue.
She played a leading role in the development of State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides the much-needed state support for children whose parents cannot afford nor provide them with adequate healthcare coverage.
She was also instrumental in the creation of the Adoption and Safe Families Act and the Foster Care Independence Act.
Successfully fought to increase research funding for prostate cancer and asthma at the National Institute of Health (NIH).
She spearheaded investigations into mental illness plaguing veterans of the Gulf War; we now have a term for it – Gulf War Syndrome.
At the Department of Justice, she helped create the office on Violence Against Women.
She was instrumental in securing over $21 billion in funding for the World Trade Center redevelopment.
Took a leading role in the investigation of health consequences of first responders and drafted the first bill to compensate and offer the health services our first responders deserve (Clinton’s successor in the Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand, passed the bill).
Was instrumental in working out a bi-partisan compromise to address civil liberty abuses for the renewal of the U.S. Patriot Act.
Proposed a revival of the New Deal-era Home Owners’ Loan Corporation to help homeowners refinance their mortgages in the wake of the 2008 financial disaster.
Was a major proponent of sensible diplomacy which brought about a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, and brokered human rights with Burma.
Oversaw free trade agreements with our allies such as Panama, Colombia, and South Korea.
Was the most traveled Secretary of State to date.
The Clinton Foundation, founded by her and her husband, has improved the living conditions for nearly 400 million people in over 180 countries through its Initiative program.
These are not all of her accomplishments. Her activism on behalf of women a children across the world is renowned. Her activism for raising the minimum wage and combating climate change is stellar. You do not have to support what she does or stands for. But do not say she doesn’t have any accomplishments. The conservatives who say this are the ones who are pushing for Ted Cruz – who brought on a $24 billion shut down. That, to them, is an accomplishment?

Yes, Hillary Clinton has accomplishments. You don’t have to like them, but they do, in fact, exist.

Beyoncé’s Lemonade, the Future of Music, and the Gendered Use of the Word ‘Genius’

I, like much of the country, watched #Lemonade this weekend. Beyoncé’s visual album is some next-level “take your pain and turn it into art” shit. I love how deep she goes, not only into her own pain, but how it connects to previous generations of women in her family, and to the pain of all Southern black women. It’s amazing. A thought occurred to me as I watched it that had more to do with the wider music industry, and the way in which women are received and talked about in it.

After the deaths of David Bowie and Prince, many have questioned whether there is anyone out there who would be their like again. Now, of course, each of these musicians was unique, and made indelible contributions to music, changing the face of it forever. But the word GENIUS is thrown about, and we act as though “music is dead.”

I think of women like Madonna, and I wonder how she’ll be hailed when she inevitably passes away. She’s arguably had as huge and as lasting an impact on music as either Bowie or Prince, and yet I wonder if they’ll be throwing the word GENIUS around. They’ll chalk her impact up to “good marketing,” or say she was a “savvy businesswoman” the way they do with all women who manage to succeed, never attributing it to anything like talent. Or, as if the only talent women are allowed to have is self-promotion (when we’re not criticizing them for seeking attention).

When Prince or Bowie played with gender or were sexually charged, they were pioneers. They were challenging. Prince could be a “Sexy MF,” while Madonna was expected to constantly apologize for being sexual. Now that she’s older, she doesn’t have to apologize, but she is expected to cover up and stop it already. I wonder if Madonna will be talked about the same way as Prince, or as Michael Jackson was. Will things like her artistic vision, her songwriting, her producing, her creativity, how she inspired and continues to inspire — will any of that matter?


Planned Parenthood employee opens a can of whoopass on conservative troll — and it’s awesome

Saw this and thought it worth sharing, since PP took so much crap for endorsing Hillary.
An employee of Planned Parenthood in Portland, Oregon smacked down a critic of the organization on his Tumblr account with a righteous rant about what his employer actually does when it comes to teens who need help navigating young adulthood and sex.

Damien — who describes himself as a “opinionated, big brother, mentor” — wrote on his Tumblr page recently about providing advice to a teen whose single mom brought him in.
When a commenter linked to the post and wrote, “It is the parents’ duty to have ‘the talk’ with their kids, not a government funded organization that murders babies,” — Damien slapped him back.

“First of all f*cktruck: I am not a government employee. My wages are not paid by the government,” He replied. “Second: zero babies have ever been murdered in a planned parenthood. I didn’t say a god damn word about abortion but you had to get your f*cking tighty whiteys in a bunch because an organization that you know nothing about is doing good things for millions of people and you hate it. Shut your face up about shit you don’t understand you f*cking dump truck.”

Robert Reich tells Bernie Sanders fans to tone down the negativity toward Hillary Clinton

Robert Reich has been one of the more prominent supporters of the Bernie Sanders campaign, even though he was the Secretary of Labor for the President Bill Clinton administration. Reich has bent over backward to endorse the economic plans of Sanders, even as those with access to a calculator have wondered where he was getting his numbers from. However, now that Sanders has lost New York badly and has basically no chance of being the democratic nominee, Robert Reich is telling his fellow Bernie fans to tone down the negativity toward presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Reading through many of your comments about today’s New York primary, I want to urge that Bernie supporters tone down negative characterizations of Hillary,” Robert Reich posted to Facebook late last night, then going on to urge “Hillary supporters do the same with regard to Bernie.” Seemingly hedging his bets now that he knows Clinton will be the nominee, and realizing the party will need to be brought together under her, Reich went on to explain: “I know both candidates personally. Both are thoughtful and dedicated people who care deeply about this nation. Either of them would be a thousand times better president than any of the Republican candidates.”

Howeve, Reich did go on to cover all his bases this morning with a followup post in which he blamed the media for not paying more attention to the influence of superdelegates. As a renowned economist, it seems odd that he’s ignoring the basic math which says Hillary Clinton is winning the nomination in a blowout by hundreds of delegates and millions of votes, even without the superdelegates. But his call for party unity last night seemed a clear signal that he now realizes he’s going to have to help pivot his fellow Bernie fans toward Hillary before much longer.


New York douses the Bern

Sanders’s call for a political revolution to create jobs, make the economy work for everyone not just the one percent and end the corrupting influence of money on politics should have found fertile ground in New York State. The thousands who rallied with the Vermont Senator in Washington Square Park, Prospect Park and Hunter’s Point South Park seemed to be evidence that “the Bern” was spreading in Hillary’s home state.

And then folks voted.

According to the exit polls, Sanders won 67 percent of voters age 18 to 29. Clinton won all the others. Sanders eked out a 51 percent to 49 percent win over Clinton for the white vote. But Clinton won 75 percent of the African American vote and 63 percent of the Hispanic vote. 79 percent of Black woman supported Clinton. With the exception of the 50-50 split with Sanders of voters who have attended “some college,” Clinton won all education brackets. Those with a high school diploma or less (70 percent), a college degree (53 percent) and postgraduate degrees (56 percent) all went for Clinton.

Now for the unexpected part: Clinton evenly split the votes of those identifying as “liberal.” I thought for sure beforehand that result would have been more lopsided in favor of Sanders. Despite Sanders’s economic message geared toward the 99 percent, Clinton won all income groups. Her highest support (59 percent) was among those voters earning less than $30,000. Although Sanders did win 57 percent of the vote from those who said “income inequality” was the “most important issue”, Clinton won 59 percent of the vote of those who said the economy and jobs were their “most important issue.”

Sanders and his campaign have repeatedly argued he has the best chance to beat Trump in November, yet 65 percent of exit poll respondents said they believe Clinton has the “better chance to defeat Trump”. He spent the last days before the vote raising questions about her qualifications and trustworthiness, yet 60 percent answered “yes” when asked, “Is Hillary Clinton honest and trustworthy?”

In short, Tuesday’s primary results definitively show that New York wasn’t feelin’ the Bern.


Rangel: Sanders 'can't get it done'

New York Rep. Charles Rangel (D) acknowledged Monday that while he agrees with Bernie Sanders on some issues, he doesn't think the Independent Vermont senator would be an effective president.

"You bet your life ... except he can't get it done," the Democratic heavyweight, a supporter of Hillary Clinton, said during an interview on CNN's "New Day," mentioning a focus on big banks and immigration reform.

"With all due respect to Bernie Sanders, nobody can think — of all of the years he's been in the House and Senate — what he's ever done ... legislatively," Rangel said.

Rangel, who introduced Clinton at a campaign event Sunday in his home state of New York, also weighed in on video of Sanders supporters throwing a thousand $1 bills at Clinton's motorcade over the weekend as she arrived at actor George Clooney's house in Los Angeles for a high-dollar fundraising event.

"Isn't that stupid?" Rangel asked. "I think it's stupid. I think that they have money to throw away, literally, and that it's not changing anything."

Rangel then suggested that Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, "collect that money" to support efforts to elect Democrats.

"Maybe if he tried to get some Democrats — instead of socialist Democrats — elected, maybe it would help him and the country and the Democratic Party," Rangel said.

"If he thinks that he is going to become president, he ought to have more than one person in the Senate endorsing him," Rangel added.


Sanders supporter Dr. Paul Song resigns from Courage Campaign after ‘corporate whore’ comment

“Medicare-for-all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate Democratic whores who are beholden to big pharma and the private insurance industry instead of us,” he said at the rally on April 14.

After facing a backlash, Song insisted he wasn’t referring to Sanders’ Democratic rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“I want to apologize to Secretary Clinton for my insensitive use of the word ‘whores’ and to adamantly profess that this was never intended nor directed at her, as some have incorrectly interpreted,” Song wrote.

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