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The Republican Party has always use sexual language when discussing passing legislation.

I tried researching for these exact quotes but having a hard time locating them. But I DO REMEMBER!!!

These are the 2 that come to mind.

I believe it was back in the 80's when the repuglicons would use this quote to intimidate the democrats to vote for their legislation.

"The Democrats are soft on drugs/crimes, but we will be hard on drugs/crime."

1990-2000s it switched to ramming down our throats time

"The Democrats are trying to ram this down our throats!"

If anyone can think of any more than these please contribute if you'd like!!!


The America people should DECIDE, right Mitch.

Let's wait since this is SO close to the elections.

Let the America People DECIDE, Mitch.

Ted Cruz logo looks like a tiki torch 🔥

(to me)

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