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It's hard to keep up with all the investigations...


Originally published on Feb. 28, 2021; updated on Jan. 4, 2022.

On both the criminal and civil litigation fronts, former President Donald Trump faces a bevy of lawsuits and investigations, with more cases likely to follow. Some are civil suits stemming from his pre-presidential business dealings. Others are defamation claims from women he allegedly assaulted. More still are criminal probes and civil actions that scrutinize his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. The Chart below tracks all these cases. It will be continually updated as major legal developments occur.

These cases bear on two pressing questions. First, will Trump maintain his long streak of eluding legal liability in the face of so many lawsuits? Second, if Trump is held to account for illegal conduct, what impact will such a development have on his—and his family’s—political and business fortunes?

Criminal charges—one would think—would be among the most damaging outcomes. After all, a criminal prosecution of a former president would be a singular event in American history. No former president has ever been indicted, much less convicted. Trump lost any immunity from indictment that he may have possessed as president the moment he left office on Jan. 20. To be sure, most of the criminal probes detailed below are in their infancy, so the odds of an actual conviction at this time remain improbable. Even so, the mere stigma of criminal charges against the former president could reshape the American political landscape and the historical understanding of Trump’s behavior.

The civil cases could certainly do their fair share of damage as well, directly or indirectly. If Trump falters in one of his business-related suits, his companies may be subject to massive penalties, or worse. Even apart from such sanctions, his empire is reportedly struggling under looming debt obligations and reduced revenues, a slump which could worsen if his reputation continues to deteriorate.

This list summarizes 21 legal actions...more at link.

The state breaks infection records for the third week in a row as hospitalizations and deaths mount.

Florida reported 430,297 new coronavirus cases over the seven-day period from Jan. 7-13, an average of about 61,471 infections per day. That’s over 2 percent of Florida’s total population infected in the past week.

It’s the third week in a row the state has shattered previous infection records. The seven-day average of omicron variant infections is more than double the 25,000 daily average the delta wave hit this past summer. Florida’s first omicron case was detected on Dec. 6, when daily cases were less than 2,000 infections per day on average.

HOSPITALIZATIONS: Florida had 11,160 confirmed COVID-19 patients in hospitals as of Friday, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. That’s up over 30 percent from the week before.


Florida won't enforce federal health care worker vaccine mandate


TALLAHASSEE — The Supreme Court has ruled. The Biden administration’s vaccine mandate on health care workers will go into effect.

Except Florida won’t do its part to enforce it.

The rule requires employees at federally regulated health care facilities like hospitals and long-term care facilities to be vaccinated. It conflicts with a state law passed in November that limited employers’ ability to mandate vaccines.

If health care companies decide not to abide by the Biden administration’s requirement that 100 percent of workers be vaccinated or qualify for an approved exemption, they risk losing Medicare or Medicaid funding. Both federal programs are major funding sources for health care providers.

More at the link...

Bottom line: DeSatan is crazy.

Early reports say Florida Republican shot and killed during road rage incident

I saw this first on FB, and I have heard no more. Shootout near the Florida capital a few days ago.


John Kuczwanski, the 53-year-old Legislative Affairs Director for the State Board of Administration, died on Jan. 6, 2022 after a road rage shooting incident. The other person involved in the incident was taken into custody but subsequently released.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation told Florida Politics that the shooting incident began as an auto accident caused by Kuczwanski that escalated into a road rage shooting between Kuczwanski and another man. Just north of Tallahassee, Kuczwanski’s black BMW reportedly drifted out of its lane and into a white Prius. Both cars then pulled into the parking lot of a Circle K. It is here where events became deadly.

Anonymous sources tell Florida Politics that the driver of the Prius got out of his car and “confronted Kuczwanski about hitting him,” and then returned to his car to wait for law enforcement’s arrival (ostensibly to file a report for insurance purposes). At this point Kuczwanski reportedly rammed his BMW into the Prius’ driver-side door and “began pushing the car sideways in the parking lot.” At this point sources told Florida Politics that Kuczwanski shot a gun at the Prius, at which time the Prius driver, also a gun owner, pulled out a gun and shot Kuczwanski through the windshield. The Prius driver slipped out of the passenger side door and hid, not knowing whether or not Kuczwanski was going to continue shooting.

Rant Paul is at it again...

....Covid response hearing on MSNBC.

He's the most obnoxious person on earth today.

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