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Member since: Tue Aug 17, 2004, 06:11 AM
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Rebekah Jones named Forbes Technology Person of The Year


Forbes has named former Department of Health data specialist Rebekah Jones its Technology Person of the Year.

Jones rose to national prominence in May when the Department of Health fired her for what Gov. Ron DeSantisĎ administration called insubordination. However, Jones contends department officials asked her to manipulate data to make it appear as if the state was ready to begin reopening. She claims she was fired for refusing the request.

She again captured the nationís attention earlier this month when Department of Law Enforcement officers searched her home and seized her hardware after connecting her address to a security breech at DOH. Jones denies involvement in the hack and has sued the DeSantis administration, arguing the search was ordered as a punishment.

ďRegardless, she is the latest technologist who stepped up to fill the vacuum left by governments during COVID-19,Ē wrote Forbes deputy technology editor Helen A.S. Popkin.

A good summary of Rebekah's story and harassment by DeSatan....

Gator roundup: Here are the biggest Florida alligator videos of 2020


ORLANDO, Fla. - We can all pretty much agree it has been one wild year. The pandemic has forced many people to stay at home, surfing the web much more than usual.

Well, Florida alligators havenít been worrying about social distancing and have been out and about, making for some shocking internet footage.

There's a cat in my Christmas tree!!


Watch the video...hilarious!

Will the trumpster be homeless?? Where do you think he will end up?

...the Mar A Largo crowd don't want him back!
...he'll be thrown out of government housing!
...the Russians will foreclose on the t-tower (not to mention skipping jail in NY)!
...Epstein's island is off limits now!
...Canada has closed their border!
...He's too fat to climb that wall to Mexico!
...He pissed off the Queen and Merkel!

Where will he go? Saudi Arabia? Brazil? Kansas?

My guess is that he'll just live in an abandoned airplane in the boneyard in Arizona.

Post your prediction of where the orange idiot will reside by the end of 2021!

More on DeSatan...An inadvertent glimpse of what Gov. DeSantis is really like when a secret tape is


An inadvertent glimpse of what Gov. DeSantis is really like when a secret tape is running

But last week he inadvertently gave us a glimpse of what heís really like.

His views were secretly shared with the leaders of the stateís business community at a closed-door Orlando gathering staged by Associated Industries of Florida. Someone in attendance taped his remarks and Politico reporter Gary Fineout has enlightened us with the contents of the tape.

Unfortunately the governor of Florida says he is supporting a fight to overturn legitimate election returns in a number of states that helped defeat Trump.

DeSantis urged Trump to keep fighting despite the fact that judges in state after state have rejected multiple lawsuits filed by Trumpís clownish legal team. Theyíve forced recount after recount in several states, only to prolong the drama and add to President-elect Joe Bidenís vote totals.

Read the whole article...by Lucy Morgan:

Pulitzer Prize-winner Lucy Morgan was chief of the St. Petersburg (Tampa Bay) Times capital bureau in Tallahassee for 20 years, retiring in 2006 and serving as senior correspondent until 2013. She was inducted into the Florida Womenís Hall of Fame and the Florida Newspaper Hall of Fame. The Florida Senate named its press gallery after Morgan, in honor of her two decades covering the Legislature.

Sun Sentinel Investigation: Gov. Ron DeSantis 'Ordered Public Health Officials Not To Discuss The ..

.. COVID-19 Virus With The Publicí


MIAMI (CBSMiami) Ė In the midst of this pandemic, a SunSentinel investigation found that Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration had been misleading the public about the crisis from the beginning.

According to thousands of pages of documents and over 50 interviews conducted by the SunSentinel, the governor and his team have done it through misinformation and spin as well as by muzzling local health officials across the state.

Q: Did your investigation actually reveal misinformation that was put up by the governorís office? Because itís one thing to focus on the positive. Itís another thing to deliberately mislead people. Did you find that?

A: Yes, indeed, yeah. This is one of the more difficult things to talk about. So we found that the governor spokesperson on his personal Twitter account, at least 16 separate times, discussed mask wearing in a way that experts consider to be misinformative. In keeping with the DeSantis administrationís greater position on masks, which is that you know where Iím if you want, the spokesperson would go ahead and say, Fred Piccolo, Jr., you know, thereís no need for a math mask mandate, they donít work. Thatís not factually accurate. They are shown to work. And in several instances, he actually compared COVID-19 to the flu, and said that the flu was equally deadly. Thatís not accurate, either. And so this is a public official, and, you know, the governorís number one spokesperson, and so we felt the need to fact check that misinformation coming out.

Exit Polls Versus Reported Vote Counts: 2020


According to the exit polls conducted by Edison Research, Biden easily won the presidency. As in past elections, the pattern of overwhelming discrepancies between the exit poll results and the unverified computer vote counts, always favoring the more politically conservative candidate, continues in this election. Incorporating the exit poll results in the New York Times interactive Electoral College map, Biden wins the presidency with a count of 328 electoral votes versus 210 for Trump.

Exit polls were conducted in 24 states. In 22 states the discrepancies between the exit polls and the vote count favored Trump. As the table below shows, in 12 of these states the discrepancies favoring Trump exceed the margin of error of the stateís exit poll.

As in the 2016 Democratic Party primaries and general election (and prior elections), the overwhelming discrepancies in the 2020 Democratic Party primaries and general election, always favoring the more politically conservative candidate, are a near statistical impossibility. The source of the problem is systemic. Either the exit polls and the pre-election polls have been improperly conducted or the vote counts are corrupt.

The exit polls conducted by Edison in this coronavirus pandemic year used the same methodology as in previous years. In 2016 absentee and early voting represented about 40% of the votes, this year it will exceed 60%. Early voters were submitted the exit poll questionnaire at their voting locations same as on election day. Telephone interviews were conducted of absentee voters as in previous years. See CNN article.


Interesting table of results at the end of the article.

16 Trump Officials Violated the Law...


During the month of October, at least 16 Trump administration officials have violated the Hatch Act a total of more than 60 times, in an unprecedented and escalating assault on the rule of law and the democratic process.

President Trump has allowed ó and encouraged ó senior officials to use their government roles to take actions benefiting his re-election effort, in its final weeks and days as Americans are casting their ballots. Beyond the 16 administration officials we identified who have committed clear violations of the Hatch Act, the White House appears to have also deployed cabinet members to swing states to tout Trump policies on the taxpayer dime, and pressured leaders of the State Department, FBI and DOJ to take actions against his political adversaries purely for his partisan benefit.


this is quite a list from CREW

Sheriff's office investigates report of possible voter intimidation at St. Pete voting location

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. ó The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is investigating a report of possible voter intimidation at a downtown St. Pete voting location, the Pinellas Supervisor of Elections said.

According to the Pinellas SOE Julie Marcus, two people suspected of voter intimidation were at the downtown St. Pete early voting location at 501 First Ave N.

According to Marcus, the pair told a responding law enforcement officer that they worked for a private security company. She says at least one of the two were armed.

The pair set up a tent and claimed they worked for the Trump campaign, Marcus said.



I already voted, but this is the beginning of the war for the next two weeks.....

I just made another donation to Biden/Harris - and she is Awesome!!

Pence looks and sounds like a liar.

I love the way Kamala looks at him like he is a guilty puppy!

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