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I didn't see this anywhere else...the COVFEFE Act!


COVFEFE Act would make social media a presidential record

Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) introduced legislation Monday to classify presidential social media posts — including President Trump's much-discussed tweets — as presidential records.

The Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement (COVFEFE) Act, which has the same acronym as an infamous Trump Twitter typo last month, would amend the Presidential Records Act to include "social media."

Presidential records must be preserved, according to the Presidential Records Act, which would make it potentially illegal for the president to delete tweets.

Is there any more one can say....Florida....


Here's Video of Some Lunatic Towing a Flaming Boat on a Miami-Dade Highway

To live in Miami is to constantly feel as if you're trapped in an abandoned David Lynch film. Seminude men with face tattoos rollerblade through traffic in broad daylight, dilapidated buildings could be infested with anything from peacocks to bears to trained circus seals, and flaming boats just sometimes drive down the highway and everyone acts like things are cool.

Earlier this week, an anonymous Imgur user posted a GIF of a navy-blue pickup truck towing a boat on a random highway while the boat spit gigantic flames behind him. A Redditor who goes by iBleedOrange then spotted the clip on the website and posted it to Reddit's r/WTF forum, where the clip then blew up, no pun intended.

Offensive signs cause stir in St. Petersburg's Old Northeast neighborhood

ST. PETERSBURG — Behind the fuchsia flowers and the bubbling fountain, the signs broadcast their messages in black capitals: No fags. No Jews. No infidels. No retards. The last sign, an allusion to President Donald Trump's campaign slogan, bore only the words "… Great again!"

On Saturday evening, the signs appeared in front of 303 27th Ave. N. Neighbors bristled in response. They posted frantically on the neighborhood forum, trying to figure out how to get the signs taken down. Cars doubled back past the house as people stopped to gawk and snap photos. By Sunday evening, the signs were gone, but for the neighborhood, the damage had been done.

City code allows "free speech signs" on private property and the city cannot differentiate based on content. City officials declined to comment on whether the signs violated any standards for hate speech.


More on Orlando shooter..


According to Sheriff Jerry Demings, police responded to a “workplace violence” incident involving Neumann at Fiamma in 2014. Demings said Neumann “allegedly battered another employee,” but no charges were filed. Demings said the 45-year-old gunman has a “minor” criminal history, including charges like possession of marijuana, driving under the influence and misdemeanor battery. Online records show he has been arrested several times in multiple Florida counties since 1995.

He was charged with fleeing from a law enforcement (causing a high speed chase), willfully fleeing or eluding a law enforcement officer on August 21, 1995, by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. He was also charged in that incident with running a stop sign, driving without a seatbelt and driving with a suspended license. He pleaded guilty to all of those charges and was sentenced to probation. In 2000, he was charged with violating his probation and sentenced to nine days in jail.

In December 1999, Neumann was arrested by the Altamonte Springs Police Department in Seminole County and charged with theft, felony driving with a suspended license, giving a false name and driving without insurance or a registration. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail.
Neumann was charged with felony possession of stolen property in March 2003 by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, along with felony possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was again charged with habitual driving with a stolen license and received a total of 378 days in jail for that incident.

His last arrest came in December 2009, when he was charged with possession of not more than 20 grams of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and leaving the scene of a crash involving damage to property by the Altamonte Springs Police Department. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail in February 2010.


People Control, Not Gun Control

This is my generic response to gun threads where people are shot and killed by the dumb or criminal possession of guns. For the record, I grew up in the South and on military bases. I was taught about firearms as a child, and I grew up hunting, was a member of the NRA, and I still own guns. In the 70’s, I dropped out of the NRA because they become more radical and less interested in safety and training. Some personal experiences where people I know were involved in shootings caused me to realize that anyone could obtain and posses a gun no matter how illogical it was for them to have a gun. Also, easy access to more powerful guns, guns in the hands of children, and guns that weren’t secured are out of control in our society. As such, here’s what I now think ought to be the requirements to possess a gun. I’m not debating the legal language, I just think it’s the reasonable way to stop the shootings. Notice, none of this restricts the type of guns sold. This is aimed at the people who shoot others, because it’s clear that they should never have had a gun.

1.) Anyone in possession of a gun (whether they own it or not) should have a regularly renewed license. If you want to call it a permit, certificate, or something else that's fine.
2.) To get a license, you should have a background check, and be examined by a professional for emotional and mental stability appropriate for gun possession. It might be appropriate to require that examination to be accompanied by references from family, friends, employers, etc. This check is not to subject you to a mental health diagnosis, just check on your superficial and apparent gun-worthyness.
3.) To get the license, you should be required to take a safety course and pass a test appropriate to the type of gun you want to use.
4.) To get a license, you should be over 21. Under 21, you could only use a gun under direct supervision of a licensed person and after obtaining a learner’s license. Your license might be restricted if you have children or criminals or other unsafe people living in your home. (If you want to argue 18 or 25 or some other age, fine. 21 makes sense to me.)
5.) If you possess a gun, you would have to carry a liability insurance policy specifically for gun ownership - and likely you would have to provide proof of appropriate storage, security, and whatever statistical reasons that emerge that would drive the costs and ability to get insurance.
6.) You could not purchase a gun or ammunition without a license, and purchases would have a waiting period.
7.) If you possess a gun without a license, you go to jail, the gun is impounded, and a judge will have to let you go (just like a DUI).
8.) No one should carry an unsecured gun (except in a locked case, unloaded) when outside of home. Guns should be secure when transporting to a shooting event without demonstrating a special need. Their license should indicate training and special carry circumstances beyond recreational shooting (security guard, etc.). If you are carrying your gun while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you lose your gun and license.
9.) If you buy, sell, give away, or inherit a gun, your license information should be recorded.
10.) If you accidentally discharge your gun, commit a crime, get referred by a mental health professional, are served a restraining order, etc., you should lose your license and guns until reinstated by a serious relicensing process.

Most of you know that a license is no big deal. Besides a driver’s license you need a license to fish, operate a boat, or many other activities. I realize these differ by state, but that is not a reason to let anyone without a bit of sense pack a semiautomatic weapon in public, on the roads, and in schools. I think we need to make it much harder for some people to have guns.

Someone in Tampa Bay just passed me...named their boat Covfefe

How a 'shadow' universe of charities joined with political warriors to fuel Trump's rise


Long before Trump promised to build a wall, ban Muslims and abandon the Paris climate accord, Horowitz used his tax-exempt group to rail against illegal immigrants, the spread of Islam and global warming. Center officials described Hillary Clinton as evil, President Barack Obama as a secret communist and the Democratic Party as a front for enemies of the United States.

The Freedom Center has declared itself a "School for Political Warfare," and it is part of a loose nationwide network of like-minded charities linked together by ideology, personalities, conservative funders and websites, including the for-profit Breitbart News.

Horowitz's story shows how charities have become essential to modern political campaigns, amid lax enforcement of the federal limits on their involvement in politics, while taking advantage of millions of dollars in what amount to taxpayer subsidies.

A long article, but interesting...
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