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Member since: Tue Aug 17, 2004, 06:11 AM
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1 in 4 Florida adults aren't registered to vote, according to nonpartisan group


TALLAHASSEE ó Nearly 5 million people in Florida who are eligible to vote aren't registered, according to a nationwide nonpartisan group that helps improve the accuracy of state voter rolls.

Another preventable shooting (8 people in Mississippi)


Godbolt is no stranger to the law.

According to Fox News, he has a previous criminal history, including armed robbery and aggravated assault, simple assault, and disorderly conduct/breach of peace.

In the armed robbery case, he was accused of striking a man with a pistol and stealing cash and jewelry, Fox reported.

People Control, Not Gun Control

This is my generic response to gun threads where people are shot and killed by the dumb or criminal possession of guns. For the record, I grew up in the South and on military bases. I was taught about firearms as a child, and I grew up hunting, was a member of the NRA, and I still own guns. In the 70ís, I dropped out of the NRA because they become more radical and less interested in safety and training. Some personal experiences where people I know were involved in shootings caused me to realize that anyone could obtain and posses a gun no matter how illogical it was for them to have a gun. Also, easy access to more powerful guns, guns in the hands of children, and guns that werenít secured are out of control in our society. As such, hereís what I now think ought to be the requirements to possess a gun. Iím not debating the legal language, I just think itís the reasonable way to stop the shootings. Notice, none of this restricts the type of guns sold. This is aimed at the people who shoot others, because itís clear that they should never have had a gun.

1.) Anyone in possession of a gun (whether they own it or not) should have a regularly renewed license. If you want to call it a permit, certificate, or something else that's fine.
2.) To get a license, you should have a background check, and be examined by a professional for emotional and mental stability appropriate for gun possession. It might be appropriate to require that examination to be accompanied by references from family, friends, employers, etc. This check is not to subject you to a mental health diagnosis, just check on your superficial and apparent gun-worthyness.
3.) To get the license, you should be required to take a safety course and pass a test appropriate to the type of gun you want to use.
4.) To get a license, you should be over 21. Under 21, you could only use a gun under direct supervision of a licensed person and after obtaining a learnerís license. Your license might be restricted if you have children or criminals or other unsafe people living in your home. (If you want to argue 18 or 25 or some other age, fine. 21 makes sense to me.)
5.) If you possess a gun, you would have to carry a liability insurance policy specifically for gun ownership - and likely you would have to provide proof of appropriate storage, security, and whatever statistical reasons that emerge that would drive the costs and ability to get insurance.
6.) You could not purchase a gun or ammunition without a license, and purchases would have a waiting period.
7.) If you possess a gun without a license, you go to jail, the gun is impounded, and a judge will have to let you go (just like a DUI).
8.) No one should carry an unsecured gun (except in a locked case, unloaded) when outside of home. Guns should be secure when transporting to a shooting event without demonstrating a special need. Their license should indicate training and special carry circumstances beyond recreational shooting (security guard, etc.). If you are carrying your gun while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you lose your gun and license.
9.) If you buy, sell, give away, or inherit a gun, your license information should be recorded.
10.) If you accidentally discharge your gun, commit a crime, get referred by a mental health professional, are served a restraining order, etc., you should lose your license and guns until reinstated by a serious relicensing process.

Most of you know that a license is no big deal. Besides a driverís license you need a license to fish, operate a boat, or many other activities. I realize these differ by state, but that is not a reason to let anyone without a bit of sense pack a semiautomatic weapon in public, on the roads, and in schools. I think we need to make it much harder for some people to have guns.

Really...only in Florida...and I live here! Oh well, here goes! Adult topic (it's FLORIDA!)

Man hopes showing his penis to jury will save him from a murder conviction

Richard Patterson is on trial for murder. As part of his defense, the Margate man wants to show the jury his penis.
Prosecutors reportedly donít object, but did say if Patterson is going to show the jury his penis, it should be erect.

The medical examinerís autopsy report stated the 60-year-old Marquinez didnít die from a preexisting condition, her internal organs were in fine shape and her body suffered no trauma. That would be in line with death by asphyxiation. Both the prosecution and defense agree.

Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/news/local/crime/article151213647.html#storylink=cpy

Maxime Waters is tearing it up on Morning Joke!

She lays it out: collusion, impeachment, and all roads lead to Trump.

Notice how very quiet the others in government are right now...

No Trey Gowdy hearings or threats of hearings...
No Paul Ryan on the steps of some building with a crowd behind him...
No McTurtle giving a speech...
Not even McCain making a statement...

In fact, we're not even hearing from the Democrats...

Congress out of session is no excuse. I'll bet there are a bunch of phone calls and texts behind the scenes over Trump - indictment, impeachment, or investigation?? Who is going down? Will Sally Yates or Comey come with the "truth"? Will the leaks grow louder and the FBI raids continue? How many GOPers are also in bed with the Ruskies? Everyone is planning their strategy for whenever the *&(^ hits the fan.

The only question is how long the charade continues - but 2017 will be historic.

How long will Trump last? A month? A year? I think a lot of people know that Trump's days are over. The forecast is rain, and the only thing we don't know is the exact time it starts, but the clouds are on the radar and the rain is coming.

Trump plagiarized from Legally Blonde?


Putting this in the Lounge, but only in Florida...guy wearing a law firm t-shirt!!


Fran Haasch Law Firm...

TAMPA, Fla. - A Florida man is in custody after a heated tirade was caught on camera after an apparent case of road rage in Tampa.

Florida Highway Patrol said the incident happened on Friday at 11:44 a.m. on the Interstate 4 entrance ramp from 21st Street in Tampa.

OMG...Carter Page is acting stupid on MSNBC again...

...one of the most unbelievable people ever interviewed.

Sarah Sanders on Morning Joke...what a dumb bunny...didn't she anticipate obvious ?s; clearly not

Personally, I thought Comey should have been fired by Obama - he's a glorified Archie Bunker who manipulated the election and let the Russians get away with a crime spree. Now that the Russian involvement is becoming more than obvious, Trump is having a panic attack - and putting Stupid Sarah on TV can't fix it.

On Morning Joke one of the commentators just said he "feels sorry for people like Sarah trying to explain the actions of Trump".

That said, Sarah Sanders talks like a junior high debate club contestant. Minimal logic, a couple shallow talking points, no real understanding of the issues, and a lost puppy.

Kellyanne is out, Spicer is getting a daily toasting from the entire press corps, and now they've fired half of Fox. The big question is how long it will take before some of the GOP starts throwing Trump and company under the bus. Likely a year from now, Sarah will be a one show footnote.

Lindsey Grahm is supposed to be on, which is why I even turned it on today.

Sally Yates for President....

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