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Member since: Fri Aug 13, 2004, 03:12 PM
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If anyone's wondering why I haven't been here much lately, it's because I feel no one is learning anything from 2016. Neoliberalism is a thing and it doesn't win elections in the 21st Century. People want a candidate that's going to take strong, non-waffling stands on human rights the rest of the world enjoys. Enough living in the goddamned Reagan 1980s. Enough taking solar panels off the roof. Enough introducing more rightwingedness into American economics. Enough medical bankruptcies. Enough governing by mythology. Enough science denial. Enough of spitting on women, children, veterans and the LGBTQI community. Enough kicking the can. ENOUGH. America needs to move past it's "everything has to be about making a buck" bullshit. I'd prefer a candidate not born during the FDR/Truman administrations. No offense, but you had your time . . . and you got us Trump. Plus, I can't take another one of these still-Capitalist Boomer codgers yap on about "bootstraps" when college now costs a mortgage, necessity costs have been outpacing wage growth for 20 years and automation promises to kill more jobs than it creates. I don't want to hear what is or isn't "politically achievable". Kick-the-Can economics was never asked "How is it going to be paid for?". Tax Cuts for the rich were never given a spending limit. Folly wars were never asked "Why is this necessary?". Corporate Pork by the billions was and is always approved. America's safety net needs to be greatly expanded and retirement age needs to be drastically lowered. This country throws out far too many people that still have a decade or two of prime contribution left. If life doesn't get fairer for you or I pretty goddamned quickly, we aren't going to have much of one.

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Today marks an unwanted anniversary:

50 YEARS since any of Cleveland's three sports teams won a championship.

That's 150 combined seasons with BUPKIS to show for it.

No three-sport city has that long of a drought (San Diego doesn't count since they were only a three-sport city from 1978 to 1984).

Only three teams have even reached the Championship match in their sport (1995 and 1997 Indians, 2007 Cavs) and have either bombed spectacularly or snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in all of them.

And Crunch fans, NO one gave a shit then or now, sorry.

Everything You Thought You Knew About Personal Finance Is Dead WrongóHere's the Truth:


LP:Media figures like Suze Orman, David Bach and David Ramsey tell us, "Follow my advice and everything will be OK." Why is this promise a lie?

HO: All of these people are in the business of selling simplistic solutions to complex problems. Should we live below our means? Of course. Is it always possible to do so? No. Itís not easy to live within your means if your means are a $300-a-week unemployment check. As if that were not enough, some of the advice they are purveying is flat-out wrong. Our financial woes are not the result of spending our funds on lattes and other small luxuries, like David Bach says. You canít choose not to participate in a recession, despite what Dave Ramsey thinks. Personal finance canít do it all for us.

LP:You write about the financial literacy movement, which, on first glance, looks like a helpful educational crusade. How has it conspired to make us poorer? What does it mean that big banks like Capital One promote it?

HO: Financial literacy classes sure sound good. But students who take the classes donít seem to retain much of the knowledge. And, when you think about it for a moment, that makes sense. The idea that taking a class on how finance works at the age of 17 can save someone from a predatory 100-page small-print mortgage when they are 40 is just preposterous. Donít believe me? Tell me how the French and Indian War contributed to the American Revolution. See what I mean? I swear that was taught in your high school history class.

Tim Loehmann seemed to already have his gun unholstered and ready to fire coming out of the vehicle.

Who are all of these people Tamir is aiming at? 1 passerby, he just mostly ignored, as he did the 911 caller in the gazebo, and he eventually left. In fact, there doesn't seem to be a deluge of people even at this park.

Also, why would you pull what seems to be 2-3 feet away from a suspected dangerous threat? Do I have to be a cop to know that's just a blatantly stupid idea and in no way part of proper tactics in dealing/negotiating with a supposedly armed suspect?

Are the yee-haw racist cousinhumpers online still going to tell me that Tim Loehmann told him "Hands on your head!!" THREE TIMES?? It proves that people only see what they want to see, as the elapsed time (giving the cops the benefit of the doubt) on the screen clock from the time they appear on the screen to the time they shot him in the chest was 3 seconds and some change. That means that they only had two seconds to reel off three (according to the report) "HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!" commands. NOT HAPPENING.

The kid looks like he's just confused as to what to do, which would likely happen if cops stormed up on you yelling random things and you're in your own little world, as a 12 year old likely would be.

Why are they just standing over him doing nothing?

This was a fucking drive-up 2A Death Sentence by a severely incompetent and untrained LEO.

AW, the Cwevewand Powice got their widdle feewings hurted!



This week, it was Cleveland wide receiver Andrew Hawkins, who wore a T-shirt reading "Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford III" during pregame warmups and introductions:

Tamir Rice, age 12, died last month after Cleveland police shot him while he was waving a pellet gun. John Crawford III was shot in an Ohio Wal-Mart earlier this year while holding an air rifle. Both cases have drawn scrutiny because of the uncertain and questionable reasons behind the shootings.

The message didn't go over so well with the Cleveland police department. "It's pretty pathetic when athletes think they know the law," said Cleveland police union head Jeff Follmer, per a local Cleveland journalist. "They should stick to what they know best on the field. The Cleveland police protect and serve the Browns stadium, and the Browns organization owes us an apology."

If the Browns follow the same path as other teams whose players have taken public stands on social issues, there will be no apology.

Rrrrrrrrigghht, because opening fire and performing drive-bys on men and children with pellet guns completely follows the letter of the law . . . which, in both cases, the LEOs will get off scot-free.

Hey, as soon as you fellers admit that "Open Carry" is only for white folks, you might get a "sorry". But until then .. . .

My friend just lost her job as an Analytical Chemist.

I mean, it makes sense when you think about it.

I'm guessing "Analytical Chemist" must be along the lines of "assembly line worker" or some run-of-the-mill redundant career choice like that, as throwaway and replaceable as "applications programmer", "mechanical engineer", "physicist", "financial analyst" or some other burger-flipper-level job.

After all, it was folly to think that 8 years of college would yield a long-term career path . . . . "Chemist" . . . pffffffft! What a poor choice. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, you know? Come on, why didn't she pick "Hedge Fund Manager", or "CEO" or start her own business??

It's more than feasible that, at age 48 and with no income stream coming in and bills that are due now, that she could . . . retrain, head back to college and pick a smarter career path . . . work really, really, really harder and she just might GET that awesome new job. Millions of workers in the '60s - '90s did it, why is she such a special snowflake? And if a reduction in force so that major shareholders can purchase that third mansion should happen again, then retrain again. And again! You should never stop learning or trying to find that cheese in the maze, even if someone continually moves it. NO EXCUSES!!

If you don't have the prognostication skills of a career counselor to tell what the hot occupations are going to be 5-10 years down the road (planned obsolescence, economy or plain bad luck be damned), then you, my friend, are missing out and need to get some. This great meritocracy of ours doesn't guarantee equal results, equal fairness or equal pay . . . only equal opportunity that you can either get on board with or starve to death under a bridge. YOUR CHOICE!!

as if it needs to be said.
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