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Member since: Fri Aug 13, 2004, 03:12 PM
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If anyone's wondering why I haven't been here much lately, it's because I feel no one is learning anything from 2016. Neoliberalism is a thing and it doesn't win elections in the 21st Century. People want a candidate that's going to take strong, non-waffling stands on human rights the rest of the world enjoys. Enough living in the goddamned Reagan 1980s. Enough taking solar panels off the roof. Enough introducing more rightwingedness into American economics. Enough medical bankruptcies. Enough governing by mythology. Enough science denial. Enough of spitting on women, children, veterans and the LGBTQI community. Enough kicking the can. ENOUGH. America needs to move past it's "everything has to be about making a buck" bullshit. I'd prefer a candidate not born during the FDR/Truman administrations. No offense, but you had your time . . . and you got us Trump. Plus, I can't take another one of these still-Capitalist Boomer codgers yap on about "bootstraps" when college now costs a mortgage, necessity costs have been outpacing wage growth for 20 years and automation promises to kill more jobs than it creates. I don't want to hear what is or isn't "politically achievable". Kick-the-Can economics was never asked "How is it going to be paid for?". Tax Cuts for the rich were never given a spending limit. Folly wars were never asked "Why is this necessary?". Corporate Pork by the billions was and is always approved. America's safety net needs to be greatly expanded and retirement age needs to be drastically lowered. This country throws out far too many people that still have a decade or two of prime contribution left. If life doesn't get fairer for you or I pretty goddamned quickly, we aren't going to have much of one.

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This Modern World: Generic Cartoon, To Be Reused Over and Over Again, Unfortunately.



So, CNBC. You know, the "MISSION CRITICAL FISCAL CLIFF" Channel. What's the End Game?

Is this station, with all of it's Republican anchors and Republican guests paying disgusting hourly fealty to Wall Street and Trickle Down, seriously trying to imply that keeping the Bewsh Tax Cuts permanent and starving/squeezing/screwing/austeritizing the middle/working/poor Boomers, Busters, X-ers and Millennials is the most feasible solution in this over-contrived budget "crisis"??

All in the name of not harming their precious, hard working, benevolent and "better" wealthy? All in the name of not harming Beeg Beezness? All in the name of not harming their national treasure war machine?

We're 16 trillion in debt. This was in large part caused by the Borrow-and-Waste disaster of the Bewsh Administration. Those tax cuts are costing us billions each year. They're not even doing what they're hypothetically (or mythically, if you ask me and anyone else with a brain stem) supposed to be doing: providing incentive for the "Job Curators" to pull some hiring out of their asses. How much is our bloated war machine costing us? How much are these occupations of choice costing us? How much is corporate pork/welfare costing us? How much is ChinaMart costing us??

What did they think . . . that you'd never raise taxes ever again, no matter what? No matter that corporations and businesses aren't hiring like they used to, no matter that wages have been stagnant in real dollars for 33 years, no matter that we have a serious revenue problem?? What if we had a war? What if we had a national emergency? What if we had another financial crash like 2008?? How would we pay for it?? How would we build? How do you run America with no additional business and no revenue??

What's CNBC's End Game to this ginned-up "crisis"? "Euro-style austerity for thee, Sultan-quality mansions and caviar for ME"?? Who is buying it? Chances are, if you're hosting or guesting on CNBC, you're part of the top 3% of earners in America and you're a dyed-in-the-wool Republican. Are these the people YOU'RE going to be listening to when you want to know what YOUR best interests are?

Do we just sit and take this childish, Grover Norquist crybaby nonsense?? Are WE the ones that are expected to pick up the bill; a margin call, if you will, for this real-life game of "Kick the Can"??

Do me a favor.

Get a Lego set of a building, try to construct it starting from the top without support or holding any of the bricks and see how far you go.



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