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Member since: Fri Aug 13, 2004, 03:12 PM
Number of posts: 23,664

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The Good News: Thomas Frank is being interviewed on TV.

The Bad News: It's on CNBC, where he's being grilled by six Republican serial interrupters.


Carl Icahn likens American workers to a fictional character on a 70s sitcom.

Icahn: I don't know why any worker wouldn't vote for Trump.

The activist investor said he could not understand why "the Archie Bunkers of the world" wouldn't support Trump, because "they know they're getting screwed." Archie Bunker was a fictional bigoted working class character in the 1970s sitcom "All in the Family." Icahn, who has supported Trump's presidential bid, said he did not have any bad intent by likening Trump supporters to the character. Trump has drawn the ire of many, but emboldened others, with statements about immigrants, Muslims and women throughout the election.

"Archie Bunker is a middle class guy, somewhat educated even, that doesn't know where his next check is coming to send his son or daughter to school, doesn't know if he's going to keep his job. ... Why the hell should he vote for a system that is not giving him a good paying job?" Icahn said.

Does he not get that "Archie Bunker" was an intended SATIRE of the "Silent Majority"?

And this, you ancient and deluded tax-fattened soomka, is why your generation will never realize what America's "divided" problem is REALLY about: Profit vs Humanity.

But hey, don't listen to me. Continue to bathe in your tax-free billions as you lose the next eight Presidential elections .. ... .

Oh look, Gary Johnson's on CNBC. That's simply fitting, i'nt it?

The man who wants to give the wealthy an essentially tax-free life on our backs provides the break for their non-stop "Breaking News Trump took a shit today" coverage.

Too bad the "smarter alternative to the two parties" commits the same Cardinal Sin of Politics Jeb Bewsh did, which dictates:

Never, ever, ever, ever . . . ever EVER ever tell seniors you're going to reduce or take away their benefits.

Someday, Millennial Republicans on Dope, you'll understand how this works . . .

Supremely Off-the-Charts Batshit Letters to the Plain Dealer Dept: History Will Be Revised!

Where in the hell are these people hatched from?

The usual wingnut batshit boogeymen and tropes: Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis is mentioned, "community organizer from Chicago", etc, etc. Apparently he should have been impeached because he should have been impeached or something . . . and the racism, yeah, that's his fault and not white people's, because reasons. And the word "progressive" is mentioned, as if Teaman (fitting name) knows what that means . . .

Barack Hussein Obama was our first black president, will he be our last? No! But we must elect a unifier, not a divider. A commander-in-chief to protect us, name our enemies and kill them. Obama, a former community organizer from Chicago, preached the philosophies of Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis, communist ideologue, to the folks in the neighborhood.

His legacy is in shambles. Honest analysis by historians will not be kind to this presidency. Barack has been a dramatic failure. His domestic and world leadership have been pathetic. Many of his progressive initiatives were rejected by the congressional Republicans. Result: a divided government.

Under his direction, our country has never been more divided. His domestic policies have driven racial hatred to new heights. He divided Americans on color, religion, immigration, healthcare, regulations, unemployment, business-economy, military, and Islamic terrorism.

Obama was elected twice. During his tenure, he should have been impeached for incompetence and lacking fitness for the responsibilities of president of the United States. The Obama administration is ending. But the disasters he created will plague us for years to come. Many have put America at risk today!

History will define President Barack Obama as the most ineffective president in our nation's history. Our allies no longer trust us, they laugh, taunt, and now they are beginning to kill us on American soil.

Ronald H. Teaman,

Broadview Heights

What really cocks my neck muscles is when white men and women (well, let's face it, mostly MEN) say "our country has never been more divided." When I see or hear that, all I'm hearing or reading there is "Wasn't it great when teh blaaaaaaaax and teh libs and teh mexicuns and teh feminazis and teh geighs and whoever the hell else all had to shut the goddamned hell up and let me say what I wanted and let me be just as big of an asshole as I CHOSE to be? 'Hey PUSSY!!' . . . you know, when did THAT become something to whine about??"

Voting Libertarian? I Hope You or Your Kids Never Get Sick.

Take a close look at just how reprehensible a free market health care plan is, from a doctor herself . . .

"Well, Obamacare isn’t that great, is it?” he countered not answering how he would pay for a heart vale replacement.

At this point I pulled both boys back into the office and explained that their care combined was well over one million dollars in the NICU. Since then heart surgeries, intensive care units stays, and home oxygen. If this were a Libertarian health care system no insurance would have covered them. They’d have crafted a way to get out of it, by preexisting conditions or caps on costs per condition. I’m a doctor and I couldn’t have afforded the care they needed to survive. In countries without regulated health insurance parents have to pay in advance or their children don’t even get admitted to the intensive care unit at birth. Even if I’d sold my house when they were born and had a robust health savings account I’d have been bankrupt by the time they were five or six weeks old.

His answer, “Maybe we shouldn’t be saving those kids.” He looked embarrassed that he’d said it.
Posted by HughBeaumont | Thu Aug 4, 2016, 12:22 PM (8 replies)

Congratulations, Republicans. You Nominated White Supremacist Derek Vinyard.


Those who needed to learn something from this movie didn't. Instead, they watched the "border jumper" speech, went "GODDAMNED RIGHT", grew up and became Trump's voting base.

Seriously. This speech, which was supposed to be an insight into how a jaundiced mind believes, got mainstreamed and cleaned up . . . and now it's part of a political platform. In 2016.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the comments.

Things I Learned on FB Yesterday:

Police are infallible. NO NO NO. DON'T argue!

There is no such thing as a bad cop, only bad people that make them do bad things. By "bad people", that usually means "black people".

"YOU'RE the ones making it about race."

"There are 3 sides to every story."

"Snopes is not a credible source."

There's apparently no such thing as racial profiling due to the fact that if a "white guy fits a description of a criminal suspect, how is that any different?"

When the (insert marginalized/oppressed community) says "please stop killing us", it's amazing how many people start off by saying "BUT . . . "

"First of all, I'm in no way justifying (insert victim's name here)'s death . . . " is the new "I'm not a racist, but . . . "

How low should the Average American Income be?

With this board's apparent and sudden accepting of fiscal conservativism and Classical Liberalism, the meme of the month is that we're not really the progressives we say we are unless we embrace job offshoring; unless we accept that automation is going to gobble up jobs and leave millions with no means of earning money. We should accept the coming worthlessness of our degrees; we're nothing but a dime-a-dozen in the world's eyes. We're "not needed" to be part of a consumer economy (search me how one makes THAT leap, but . . . OK . . . ). We'll, plain and simple, no matter what degree of education we have and no matter how much money it takes to go to college, have to "work even HARDER" and for less money if you want to be a true team player.

Face Facts, Kids. Average is Over.

And in getting on board with bringing our standards DOWN (rather than, perish the thought, bring THEIR standards to ours . . . but then our wealthy couldn't buy that 13th home and why do you hate Uncle Sam), American workers should embrace pay cuts, because if there's ONE thing that's going to help Capitalism achieve the purity we're shooting for, it's to take money AWAY from folks who have to spend every last dime of it!

If we're going to have a worldwide Capitalist orgy, Americans are going to have to bite some bitter pills and have to accept being POORER . . . having our wages and salaries CUT. Because you all can afford to have salary cuts, right? COME on, you so-called progressives!! SACRIFICE your salaries for the greater good, or you're just like Donald Trump!!

(Never mind that's a bunch of neolib horseshit, as this country's wages haven't experienced a significant overall inflation-adjusted rise since 1979 and there's not much evidence that offshoring jobs to Asia has indeed led to higher paying positions in America, a canard that the Greg Mankiws, Marc Andreessens and Steve Forbes of the world like to toss around.)

Sooooooooooooo, how low should the Average American Income go? I know I asked this before and got an answer in the form of a question.

Name that bottom right now.

$18,000/year? ASTOUNDING.

Where would you live? How would you educate yourself? How would you drive yourself around? How would you pay bills? What if you had kids? How would they eat? Would they dumpster dive or steal from orchards?

Hey, let's go even lower, since apparently, America's homeless are the world's Larry Ellisons . . .

How about $5000 a year per family?

What bridge would they be living under? That sure wouldn't afford them anything but a used van to camp in. Would their breakfasts be insects or varieties of mosses or dandelions?

How low should we go? What would satisfy the board's pure Capitalism cheerleaders?


I still can't process it. The parade's going to be biblical!!!

George Voinovich, former Cleveland mayor, Ohio governor and U.S. senator, dies

Source: Cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio - George Voinovich, an earnest-looking Collinwood boy who grew up to be an Ohio legislator, Cleveland mayor, Ohio governor, U.S. senator and one of the most popular Buckeye State politicians of his generation, died early Sunday.

He was 79.

His son, George, said his father died peacefully in his sleep.


"I think he'll always be remembered for his compassionate leadership, his bipartisan approach and his ongoing stubborn commitment to fiscal responsibility," Curt Steiner, who was among Voinovich's top political advisers, said Sunday. "He lived in a fiscally responsible manner and he led in a fiscally responsible manner. I can't think of anybody who can match the record."

Voinovich, a lawyer and one-time assistant state attorney general who spent more than four decades in politics, was credited with restoring financial health to Cleveland after the city went into default under his mayoral predecessor. A plainspoken man with a disarming grin and support from the city's business establishment, he helped ignite the downtown building boom of the 1980s that would give Cleveland the moniker "Comeback City."

Read more: http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2016/06/george_voinovich.html#incart_2box

Good things for the city, bad that he was a Bewsh rubberstamp as a Senator.
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