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Member since: Fri Aug 13, 2004, 03:12 PM
Number of posts: 23,770

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What cures the economic ills of "Flyover Country"/Middle/Rural America?

Pundits America-wide saw this election as a message that working/rural America has it perpetually awful in life and put their seemingly only chance at opportunity in an "outsider CEO" to be their savior (I'll wait for you to be finished doubled over laughing, but that's one of the narratives being tossed about). The idea was that Trump "had the stronger economic message".

. . . . . . I just read that as he straight up bullshitted his way to the voter's hearts in this area. Giving companies free money in the form of corporate tax cuts will inspire them to lay workers off by the metric ton.

He was never going to "bring jobs back". No one's going to bring jobs back. Corporate greed is a Pandora's box that ain't closing.

Search me how your precious Capitalism survives with no GMI, a chopped social safety net, the entrance fee to higher education being that of a mortgage and too few jobs for the millions of people that need them, but I'm sure the CEO Cabinet will figure it out

You don't really want to ask the people that live in these areas to "move"; that requires money and a job waiting for you, one that isn't always a guaranteed permanent. I'm just not understanding what these people are expecting to happen. I don't see how WE solve this. I don't really have any answers on how they're supposed to be gainfully employed.

The vague buzzwords thrown around by corporate America when asked what America's solution is to ward off an almost-certain bleak economic future . . . "innovation", "education", "information", "New Industries", "high tech businesses" . . . . would those, er, "solutions" ever happen in North Dakota? Iowa? Kansas? Ohio's counties that Hillary didn't win (all but seven)? Rural Pennsylvania?

The thing is, can permanently un/under-employed people "SUPERSIZE THEIR SKILL SET HAW HAW HAW" when they have no income to contribute for training? How does capitalism continue when you have millions of people who y'all won't hire and won't give them a substantial social safety net to even survive? This is expecting an individual solution to a structural problem.

I have YET, YET to hear a coherent and planned answer from a conservative as to how these problems get solved.

Murica, 2016:

Worker/Consumer: "My wage hasn't increased in inflation adjusted dollars since Disco was popular and I have bills."
Worker/Consumer: "Sorry."
CEOs: "You're ungrateful and complain too much. I'm laying you off and automating your job!"
Worker/Consumer: "This isn't fair! We should elect a billionaire who understands our needs!"
U.S. Teabagger Gubmint: "Thanks. We're cutting your social security, destroying the social safety net and lowering taxes on the rich!"
Worker/Consumer: "What the hell?"
U.S. Teabagger Gubmint: "You fucked up. You TRUSTED us! Remember that movie?"
Worker/Consumer: "We need a universal basic income!"
U.S. Teabagger Gubmint: "SOSHULISM? HA HA HA HA HA! Move to Switzerland, Commie!"
Worker/Consumer: "GODDAMN IT! The obvious solution to all this is . . . . to vote for MORE Republicans; they'll screw things up so badly a Progressive Revolution will HAVE to happen!"
1984: Nope.
The Handmaid's Tale: Nope.
V for Vendetta: Nope.
It Can't Happen Here: Nope.
Worker/Consumer: "What am I supposed to do?"
Me: "Maybe wake up and see that there's no value in demonizing people or humanity? Stop making bad voting choices?"
Worker/Consumer: "Now you're just talking crazy, hippie!"
CEOs (to automation): "BUY MUH STUFF?"


My grandfather survived Pearl Harbor. He fought fascists in the European Theater.

12 years after his death, America goes and elects one.

His service was one of honor and defense . . . . and we rewarded that by ultimately kowtowing to TrumPence and all the corporate jackals that promise to "Great" America out of existence via automation, offshore outsourcing and shredding our already inadequate social safety net.

I apologize, grandpa, for this nation ultimately disgracing all you fought for . . . the idea of a really great America that was supposed to be the beacon of Freedom. Now, we remain nothing more than a broken and bitter populace that's likely never going to see that "idea" come to it's fruition.

Hope you're proud of yourself, Dumberica. Aren't you glad 100% Pure Capitalism won out in the end?
Posted by HughBeaumont | Wed Dec 7, 2016, 09:06 AM (7 replies)

How does Kurt Eichenwald, in the same article . . .

. . . get to say:

The laughably unqualified Jill Stein of the Green Party


I have no problem with anyone who voted for Trump, because they wanted a Trump presidency.

Now, don't get me wrong. Jill Stein WAS laughably unqualified.

But saying that while implying that there was nothing wrong with voting for Trump kind of renders your own argument laughable.

Anyone . . . and I MEAN ANYONE . . . who thinks "President Donald Trump" is a great idea is a selfish know-nothing dumbass who needs to get smarter quickly. STRAIGHT up. That includes my relatives and yours.

Donald Trump is the most unqualified presidential candidate in modern American history and he's proving such an assertion daily. Instead of studying up on a job he knows nothing about, he's getting into Twitter wars, planning "Victory Tours" and appointing a lop-sided extremist cabinet loaded with billionaires, climate change deniers, cash-and-carry larcenists, human-rights deniers and Islamophobes.

You don't get to yip about Jill Stein while crediting people who think there's nothing wrong with racism, sexism, homophobia and/or horrible economics with making a sound choice. HORSESHIT.

Why are Republicans portrayed as strong generals/leadership types?

How strong can a person be when they . . .

* worship authoritarians
* trust corporations
* identify with oppressors rather than the oppressed
* think it’s a basic human need to be led
* refute science and history to believe stories
* bully people who won’t fight back and conduct "wars" on concepts and rhetoric
* push toxic narratives and call it “news”
* blame an imagined "powerful left" calling them names for their horrible voting choice
* continually and unknowingly employ the abuser's mentality (you MADE me do _____!!)
* are jealous of, mad at and lay blame at the feet of the "have nots"
* think life is one big competition that can be won by violence
* live their life as a bitter, paranoid coward who thinks everyone and everything is out to get them

Nowadays, we call that . . . "Presidential".

Hey, Mr. (cringe) President-Elect . . . .

. . . . don't you have a JOB to study for?

Dude, I seriously doubt your exemplary CEOing is going to apply here. That mindset's for idiots and your voters. But I repeat myself.

You got homework to do. Get off Twitter before you embarrass this country even more than your Prefrontal Cortex-void voters already have.

From the people who were screwed by the Republicans the most to the politicians that screwed them -

You just got to wonder WHY.

Posted by HughBeaumont | Tue Nov 1, 2016, 09:06 AM (0 replies)

Trump Voter Math:

So Andrew Puzder, guest on CNBC (natch) just said the dumbest goddamned thing ever . . .

The Restauranteur and heavily Republican donor just said on CNBC, when pressed about how you separate Donald Trump's economic platform from his rather predatory views on women . . .

and I'm paraphrasing . . .

"I look at two candidates who aren't perfect. I view one of them as a corrupt, power-hungry Richard Nixon type candidate and one who is an enterprising, economically sound Bill Clinton/John Kennedy type candidate. Between those two, I'm going to pick the Clinton/Kennedy type."

You Read That Right. He actually just likened Donald GropenFingerer to Clinton and Kennedy.

Oh, What The Fuck. #liberalmediamyASS

Heard at Work while Stumpf was getting grilled: "It's like a daily lynch mob on banks anymore."

Yeah . . . an exec at my work said this.

Well . . . yeah . . . executive guy . . . . the minor inconvenience of having to testify in front of a dog-and-pony-sho . . . er . . . Congressional Committee is kind of what happens when you commit fraud, destroy public trust in financial institutions, fire thousands of low-paid workers for doing what you told them to do and all you get is "away with it".

All Republican Trump Supporter Stumpf gets is a relative slap on the wrist, as does his company.

Oh, and the low paid associates remain fired. Not ONE executive gets touched. NOT ONE EXECUTIVE EVER PAYS ANY KIND OF PRICE EVER.

"lynch mob on banks" . . .
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