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Member since: Fri Aug 13, 2004, 03:12 PM
Number of posts: 23,521

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So Andrew Puzder, guest on CNBC (natch) just said the dumbest goddamned thing ever . . .

The Restauranteur and heavily Republican donor just said on CNBC, when pressed about how you separate Donald Trump's economic platform from his rather predatory views on women . . .

and I'm paraphrasing . . .

"I look at two candidates who aren't perfect. I view one of them as a corrupt, power-hungry Richard Nixon type candidate and one who is an enterprising, economically sound Bill Clinton/John Kennedy type candidate. Between those two, I'm going to pick the Clinton/Kennedy type."

You Read That Right. He actually just likened Donald GropenFingerer to Clinton and Kennedy.

Oh, What The Fuck. #liberalmediamyASS

Heard at Work while Stumpf was getting grilled: "It's like a daily lynch mob on banks anymore."

Yeah . . . an exec at my work said this.

Well . . . yeah . . . executive guy . . . . the minor inconvenience of having to testify in front of a dog-and-pony-sho . . . er . . . Congressional Committee is kind of what happens when you commit fraud, destroy public trust in financial institutions, fire thousands of low-paid workers for doing what you told them to do and all you get is "away with it".

All Republican Trump Supporter Stumpf gets is a relative slap on the wrist, as does his company.

Oh, and the low paid associates remain fired. Not ONE executive gets touched. NOT ONE EXECUTIVE EVER PAYS ANY KIND OF PRICE EVER.

"lynch mob on banks" . . .

"Stand for our National Anthem . . . OR ELSE"??

I wasn't aware that freedom, human rights, protest, gender or terms of equivalence contained "solely what conservative white people dictate them to be under threat of assault" in their respective definitions.

Dying for your country is considered heroic. Dying for merely existing, being inconvenient or sullying progress is something the victims "all just need to get the hell OVER".

Tomi Lahren: Lesbian soccer pro should be grateful America doesn’t throw gay people off buildings.

NOT the Onion Dept:

Rapinoe, in case you haven’t been following, decided to kneel during the national anthem this week in solidarity with Kaepernick, while also saying that “we need to have a more thoughtful, two-sided conversation about racial issues in this country.”

This really set off Lahren, who posted a video fuming about how ungrateful Rapinoe is to live in a country where gay people aren’t torn apart by angry mobs.

“You look at that flag and you hear that anthem, and it disgusts you, huh? Because the United States of America doesn’t respect your liberties as a gay person?” she asked rhetorically. “Hey Megan, do you know what they do to women and gay people in many countries around the world? They stone them and throw them off buildings!”

Yes, that’s right: Taking a stand against police brutality in the United States is an ungrateful act because the cops could be throwing you off buildings instead.

"It's either 'put up with our hatred' or 'get thrown off a building'".
Posted by HughBeaumont | Fri Sep 9, 2016, 08:50 AM (6 replies)

Wonder what this world would be like . . . .

. . . . if America's white men put as much energy in promoting human rights, seeking justice for battered women and abused children, making sure everyone gets health care, ending unequal pay in the workplace, protesting economic inequality and working towards a greater good for all as they do in their desire to beat the living shit out of anyone who doesn't stand for a song?
Posted by HughBeaumont | Wed Sep 7, 2016, 01:40 PM (2 replies)

Where does this groundswell of LiBroTarianism come from?

Back in the 1990s when I went to college, we used to make fun of the Laissez-Fail bros. You know, naturally, because most of us saw our fathers getting laid off, their jobs shipped to union-busting right-to-work or cheaper overseas climes . . . and our generation come out to the Bush I job market, which had a dearth of even mediocre-paying positions to establish an economic start.

In turn, we SAW, WITH OUR OWN EYES and all across our respective regions, the rotted result of "Reaganomics" and the brick-wall stall it put on the middle/working/poor's lives, and their children's. Yet, there these bros still were, even during Clinton, yapping that Laissez-Fail either didn't go far enough or wasn't given long enough of a chance to work. And then we had to suffer through eight years of Reagan on Steroids, which inevitably led to TWO recessions, the second of which turned out to be America's worst financial catastrophe in 75 years. It was, DURRRRRRRRRRR, caused by Conservanomics and the faith-based hilarity of giving wealthy people even MORE money and expecting them to not fist you in return.

They were all about books like "The Federal Mafia" by tax protester Irwin Schiff (and, subsequently, made a cult figure out of his fucknut moron son). Their Bible was anything written by Ayn Rand. Their "Ulysses" was anything by Robert Heinlen. Milton Friedman and Penn Jillette became sex symbols.

So in 2016, a repackaged Laissez-Failure named Gary Johnson comes along and promises to abolish the IRS and institute a consumption tax, which the LiBroTarians of course are lapping up like Lik-M-Aid laced with coke. Oh, and he plans on torching the social safety net to a blackened crisp, including Medicare. "Why vote the Left Nut and The Right Nut, When You Can have The Whole Johnson, Hur Hur Hur!!??" Yeah, why have two testicles when the Johnson can shaft you where it hurts?

. . . . . my mother taught us that helping others is not only it's own reward, but makes a better future. When, exactly, did that get tossed out the window in favor of "Fuck You, Pay Me"?? Is it just a case of not being raised right? No one's born a sociopathic selfish cock. Somewhere along the way, they had to learn it. It's kind of a bizarre notion . . . "learning" a political and economic philosophy that's racked with fallacy and contradiction.

Why, after years and years and years of visually evident failure do we still believe being selfish and the notion of a benevolent upper class is going to work? When is America going to finally wake the hell up and realize that not everything nailed down has to be about making a buck?

The Good News: Thomas Frank is being interviewed on TV.

The Bad News: It's on CNBC, where he's being grilled by six Republican serial interrupters.


Carl Icahn likens American workers to a fictional character on a 70s sitcom.

Icahn: I don't know why any worker wouldn't vote for Trump.

The activist investor said he could not understand why "the Archie Bunkers of the world" wouldn't support Trump, because "they know they're getting screwed." Archie Bunker was a fictional bigoted working class character in the 1970s sitcom "All in the Family." Icahn, who has supported Trump's presidential bid, said he did not have any bad intent by likening Trump supporters to the character. Trump has drawn the ire of many, but emboldened others, with statements about immigrants, Muslims and women throughout the election.

"Archie Bunker is a middle class guy, somewhat educated even, that doesn't know where his next check is coming to send his son or daughter to school, doesn't know if he's going to keep his job. ... Why the hell should he vote for a system that is not giving him a good paying job?" Icahn said.

Does he not get that "Archie Bunker" was an intended SATIRE of the "Silent Majority"?

And this, you ancient and deluded tax-fattened soomka, is why your generation will never realize what America's "divided" problem is REALLY about: Profit vs Humanity.

But hey, don't listen to me. Continue to bathe in your tax-free billions as you lose the next eight Presidential elections .. ... .

Oh look, Gary Johnson's on CNBC. That's simply fitting, i'nt it?

The man who wants to give the wealthy an essentially tax-free life on our backs provides the break for their non-stop "Breaking News Trump took a shit today" coverage.

Too bad the "smarter alternative to the two parties" commits the same Cardinal Sin of Politics Jeb Bewsh did, which dictates:

Never, ever, ever, ever . . . ever EVER ever tell seniors you're going to reduce or take away their benefits.

Someday, Millennial Republicans on Dope, you'll understand how this works . . .

Supremely Off-the-Charts Batshit Letters to the Plain Dealer Dept: History Will Be Revised!

Where in the hell are these people hatched from?

The usual wingnut batshit boogeymen and tropes: Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis is mentioned, "community organizer from Chicago", etc, etc. Apparently he should have been impeached because he should have been impeached or something . . . and the racism, yeah, that's his fault and not white people's, because reasons. And the word "progressive" is mentioned, as if Teaman (fitting name) knows what that means . . .

Barack Hussein Obama was our first black president, will he be our last? No! But we must elect a unifier, not a divider. A commander-in-chief to protect us, name our enemies and kill them. Obama, a former community organizer from Chicago, preached the philosophies of Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis, communist ideologue, to the folks in the neighborhood.

His legacy is in shambles. Honest analysis by historians will not be kind to this presidency. Barack has been a dramatic failure. His domestic and world leadership have been pathetic. Many of his progressive initiatives were rejected by the congressional Republicans. Result: a divided government.

Under his direction, our country has never been more divided. His domestic policies have driven racial hatred to new heights. He divided Americans on color, religion, immigration, healthcare, regulations, unemployment, business-economy, military, and Islamic terrorism.

Obama was elected twice. During his tenure, he should have been impeached for incompetence and lacking fitness for the responsibilities of president of the United States. The Obama administration is ending. But the disasters he created will plague us for years to come. Many have put America at risk today!

History will define President Barack Obama as the most ineffective president in our nation's history. Our allies no longer trust us, they laugh, taunt, and now they are beginning to kill us on American soil.

Ronald H. Teaman,

Broadview Heights

What really cocks my neck muscles is when white men and women (well, let's face it, mostly MEN) say "our country has never been more divided." When I see or hear that, all I'm hearing or reading there is "Wasn't it great when teh blaaaaaaaax and teh libs and teh mexicuns and teh feminazis and teh geighs and whoever the hell else all had to shut the goddamned hell up and let me say what I wanted and let me be just as big of an asshole as I CHOSE to be? 'Hey PUSSY!!' . . . you know, when did THAT become something to whine about??"
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