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Member since: Fri Aug 13, 2004, 03:12 PM
Number of posts: 23,778

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Dumb Letters to the PD Dept: Whole Heaping Helping of Hatred.

Jesus H. Christ on a Stick these people just fucking SUCK. A landmark legal precedent has been set and you and your book of half myths can just ABIDE.

Human rights are not a matter of "difference of opinion" and it's the ultimate in hubris to think you can tell someone who they're allowed to love. GROW UP and GET THE FUCK OVER IT, ASSHOLES.

Now that the gays have won in the Supreme Court, now that their "marriages" must be recognized by all the states, it is high time they stop bullying the bakers, the florists, the photographers, and all the other Conscientious Objectors whose deeply rooted religious beliefs preclude any participation in such ceremonies.

Neil Parks,


OH, WEATHER THE STORM, you delicate flower. Fuuuuuuuuuuu . . . .

The U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50states is a slap in the face to both Bible-believing Christians and all Americans who cherish voting rights and democracy.

Jesus confirmed in the Gospels marriage was to be modeled after Adam and Eve one man and one woman. This is the way God designed and intended it in the beginning. God created man and woman to be the perfect complement to each other, our sexuality given to us for the purpose of procreation. Additionally, marriage is meant to be a picture of the impending union of Jesus (the bridegroom) when he returns and is joined to his bride, the church (i.e. all who have believed on him as Lord and Savior).

By their decision, the Supreme Court negated millions of votes cast in Ohio and more than 30 other states where voters decided to retain traditional marriage by a wide margin. Ultimately, one unelected official wearing a black robe in Washington D.C. decided for us what he thinks is "best" for the residents of Ohio and the nation rather than allowing the democratic process to function. Not only did their actions negate millions of votes, but also the sovereignty of the states as well. Make no mistake: Rule by judges is the single biggest threat to freedom and democracy we face in this nation.

Dan Holland,


Yeah, that same guy who brought you W. and Citizens United. You know, those two things that you wholeheartedly support. But hey, YOU people are the cherry-picking experts.

It once was said that for evil to thrive, all it takes is for good people to do nothing.

Just because it is legal for same sex "marriage" and just because it is legal for abortion on demand, does not make either of these actions right or moral.

Our society has truly lost its moral compass. God is surely weeping over us, just as Satan is rejoicing. Who is your God?

Christine Rath,


Then there's this fucking guy . . . .

Justice Kennedy, there is no dignity in sodomy! Dignity cannot be bestowed by a court. No judge can make male-on-male sodomy "worthy of honor and respect." Honor and respect come from within. No man can ever feel dignified as another man violates his mouth or anus. It is the ultimate desecration of manhood.

You can call it "marriage" if it makes you feel better, but two men doing despicable things to each other's bodies can never be dignified. Calling it "gay" does not make it so. Sodomy is filthy; in fact, God calls it abominable.

Dale L. Kwarciany,

North Royalton

The Plain Dealer actually printed this. Funny thing is, the way they describe physical acts of sex (particularly when it relates to same-sex couples) . . . . would make Larry Flynt say "Geez, want a job?"

I see that Conservatives are getting tired of reliving the past.

That they want teh lib'ruls to talk about something other than a racist cloth of treason and sedition

. . . FINE.


1. Explain to me how job offshoring, job inshoring, union-busting, wage suppression, corporate tax breaks, the shareholder value myth and automation, all business practices America (particularly conservative America, regardless of political affiliation) wholeheartedly supports, are conducive to the long term health of a consumer-based economy.

2. Explain to me how keeping, lowering or even more hilariously, eliminating a wage that already represents a buying power LOSS over time is a smart and economically sound move.

3. How do thousands upon thousands of debt-strapped millennials purchase big-ticket necessities such as homes, cars, education, health care, day care and appliances?

4. Is governing by mythology a sound idea?

5. Why do we still feel the need to be the world's cop when our infrastructure is crumbling?

6. Say a political party puts forth a serious candidate for President. How does anything get accomplished with a gerrymandered Republican House that controls all of the purse strings?

7. Why do Conservatives feel that any action that could help America is a giant waste of money, but are perfectly OK with allocating tax dollars to help destroy things (like human rights, a foreign country, etc.)?

8. Do Conservatives still believe there's no such thing as racism, sexism, human rights suppression, privilege, patronage or luck in 2015?

Hey, NO one wants to talk about an ugly and stained past, amirite? What's important is that we make them examine themselves on America's counterproductive present and inevitably ugly future.

Peasants are funny.

The funniest peasants are the kind of peasants that refuse to accept that they're peasants.

These peasants are extra hilarious when they ridicule other peasants they deem lesser than them for not remaining in their station and raising awareness about a wage that's LOST real-dollar buying power since 1968.

Rather than have every peasant unite for better wages for everyone, these better-than-thou peasants instead absolutely cannot sleep at night without assurance that the lesser peasant's life MUST SUCK worse than theirs does.

"Because absolutely NO ONE ON EARTH works harder than ME, Goddamnit! THEY are the stupid and lazy ones!!!"

The owners wholeheartedly thank you for carrying their water and keeping the heat off of them. Peasants.

"YEW WANT BETTER THEN 8 BUCKS AN HOUR, STUPED? MEET YER REPLAECMNT!! HAW HAW HAW HAWWWW!" - someone who's super-assured THEIR job cannot be automated.
Posted by HughBeaumont | Wed Jun 3, 2015, 02:17 PM (2 replies)

Is trolling a board/page of a stance you hate generally a conservative phenomenon?

Say a page/board/ has a political, dietary, environmental, academic or cultural stance you are completely against.

Is it really a constructive use of one's time to troll that page? I don't get why someone would care SO MUCH; or worse yet, assume the board's regular participants who WANT to be there care so much.

For example, would any one of US be on sites like The Washington Free Beacon, The Moonie Times, Faux News or Conservative Tribune? Likely not . . . no minds would be changed (or, really, even penetrated), and you'd just get peppered with logical fallacy after ad hominem after stupidity.

I never understood the logic behind insulting people, yet it's the conservative that's on a board pertaining to something they don't like and assume people care about what they have to say. But . . . . we're somehow the assholes here.

Explain This To Me Like I'm A Complete Idiot, Part 15: No Millennial Left Behind?

The question everyone in business should be asking: How does a debt-strapped millennial buy big ticket items, like homes, cars, insurance, tools, furniture, appliances, etc.???

My generation (X) was only semi-able to afford those things and still managed to survive with a threadbare nest egg at best . . . . mostly because even though our jobs were lower-income during college, they were at least able to buy us an education for the most part. Those days are long gone.

I mean, did the Ownership class not THINK about this before raising and raising and raising prices, crashing the economy (twice), exporting all the blue and white collar jobs to lower paying shores and, most importantly, arbitrarily stagnating the middle/working/poor wages (according to . . . . are you ready . . . . TEH FREE MARKETZ) so that pretty soon, only the upper middle class and above won't be priced out of everything?

"I believe the children are our future". Explain this to me like I'm a complete idiot . . . . HOW does this get repaired? Yeah, someone better figure out goddamned quickly how you un-bollocks this looming issue.

Joseph Stiglitz on CNBC . . . man, this is TAXING to watch.

A reasoned professor of economics from Columbia University is really, REALLY trying to hold his own regarding income inequality against two reasoned hosts and one supreme wingnut joker in Joe Kernen.

My GOD, just put Joe on Faux already and get it over with.

Professor Stiglitz is offering reasonable and long-term solutions to a complex and long-standing problem - we're not taxing the wealthy enough, there needs to be reasonable regulations and tax regimens for small businesses vs coroporations, interest rates, Fed/Government involvement, etc etc etc

And what is Wingnut Joe doing?

* Joe trots out a long anti-Obama quote from Mr. Trickle Down UBS Bastard Phil Gramm of all people, cited in the Murdoch Street Journal, of course.
* Joe is still trotting out the same discredited right-wing canards of "entitlements", "Highest coroprate tax rate in the world", "stifling regulations", "The middle class of the 50s-70s was an anomaly because the rest of the world couldn't compete like they can now (which means a few of them volunteered to be corporate slavestates to the likes of Neutron Jack Welch)" . . . .
* Joe is still offering false dilemmas of "You want an entire country on the government dole??"
* Joe is STILL blaming Obama Obama Obama Obama even after, what, 60 consecutive months of positive private sector job growth. Fucking TIREsome.

It's amazing, truly, how large of a laughingstock our Fourth Estate is. We cannot even have a serious discussion with a Nobel Laureate regarding long-term concerns without turning it into a over-partisan comedy act.

Dumb Letters To the PD Dept: "Dem Gurl Scowts Supptor Bebeh Killurs!"

OMFG. Is this serious? I mean, this sounds made up even by wingnut reactionary standards.


It's that time again when young ladies and their mothers can be seen almost everywhere offering their cookies to raise funds to further the work of the Girl Scouts of America. In the past I was always willing and happy to do so and was even happier to get my greedy mitts on a box or so of Thin Mints.

Imagine my horror when I learned just recently the Girl Scouts actively support Planned Parenthood which, of course, promotes abortion on demand. Upon further investigation I found the Girl Scouts hold up women like Nancy Pelosi and Gloria Steinem as role models to be emulated!

It goes without saying I will be boycotting Girl Scout cookies, now and in the future, and doing all in my power to work for the demise of the Girl Scouts of America. I know they do much good in teaching young women skills for adulthood, but that does not justify supporting abortion and other immoral programs, especially when there are other more moral groups to choose from.

I call on all people who cherish life to support the boycott of their cookies and the demise of the Girl Scouts. The alternative is raising young women who think it's OK to murder their children.

James C. Morgan,


Wow. JFW. Pick your battles, dude.
Posted by HughBeaumont | Wed Apr 1, 2015, 08:52 AM (2 replies)

Insane whack-a-doo @ Santorum event: Obama tried to nuke Charleston


This is either great performance art or a case study of the effects of hate media.

Either way, you gotta see pretty much the only video proof of Rick Santorum being the sane one. Enjoy.

"Build an economy on crapshoots; a chute of crap, you'll receive."

Six Lowest Common Denominator Reasons People Vote Republican:

1. "My Sky Daddy Will Beat YOUR Sky Daddies Up."
2. "I'M Going to be RICH Someday, I Just KNOW it!"
3. "I'm Still Fighting The Cold War and Will Always Fight The Cold War."
4. "White Makes Right."
5. "It's ME Who's teh Oppressed, Not (insert actual oppressed ethnic group/gender/racial slur here)s!!!"
6. "Men Kissing EWWWWWWW!"

Is this a gross over-generalization? A broad brush? Divisive?

Look who their voters keep sending to the House and Senate. Look at their presidential candidates. These people, astoundingly, make The Failure Fuhrer and his puppetmaster Cheney look like benevolent PhDs.

When I encounter these people online, I'm looking at a bunch of scared, bitter, paranoid mice people who seem to have the deep understanding that, yes, it's really hard to defend their party's policies without some sense of shame or embarrassment. So their defense is to attack Democrats as being just as bad/worse or call them Communists. Yet that kind of skips the point, doesn't it?

Their economic policies rely on faith based/just-world hypothesis vaporware. Their foreign policy is "Turn The World into Glass Parking Lots pew pew pew 'murica!". Their domestic policy relies on bake sales to pay $200,000 cancer bills. They hate governmental shenanigans but have no problem whatsoever when a corporation does the same thing.

And yet, it all comes down to the Six Reasons. Maybe that's "What's Wrong with Kansas" . . . or Ohio or Michigan or New Hampshire or Iowa.

It's sad, really.
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