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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Carolina
Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2004, 06:57 PM
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Certainly not.

Nothing about Trump is clean, and financial matters appear to be among the dirtiest (second perhaps only to his approach to governance).

I just don't happen to think that the next breathless revelation regarding Trump crimes and outrageousness will have a particularly greater impact than all the previous breathless revelations regarding Trump crimes and outrageousness to which we've been an audience since 2015 or longer.

The question is, what are the Democrats in the House going to do about it? Your suggestion above of sitting on our hands until 2020 would just about guarantee that nothing would come of impeachment, while handing the corporate media a convenient narrative that all this is just a nakedly partisan campaign tactic.

We can and must do better, much sooner.


You can't "buy back" what wasn't yours to begin with.

To address violent crime, we need to tackle issues of equality, justice, opportunity, mental and physical health, and education. Will that solve the problem quickly? No, but we have sto start some time, and the work will be worthwhile every step of the way.

Proposals for gun bans, "buy backs" (no such actual thing), and confiscations would either go nowhere while stirring up anti-Dem votes, or worse, with the real possibility of much more violence from people opposing the bans and confiscations.

Too many DU'ers appear to have forgotten the history of Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing under the Clinton years, not to mention the various Bundy/fundy/send snacks militia actions of more recent Obama years. Plans to violate the Second Amendment via bans and confiscations would make those conflicts seem mild, and I want no part of either side of such.

Watching Democrats squander political capital on such a fruitless pursuit is one of the most depressing aspects of political engagement today.


It's because we keep failing to prosecute the "last ones."

GHW Bush should have been prosecuted for Iran Contra.

GW Bush & Cheney should have been prosecuted for lying us into the Iraq War.

We need to begin the prosecution of 45, Pence, Barr, and Mnuchin simultaneously in one big impeachment inquiry into emoluments, nepotism, conspiracy w/ foreign dictators, perjury, obstruction of justice, etc. right now, while Democrats hold the House. "Looking forward" to 2020 while failing to address this very real crisis of the present moment is a recipe for exactly the failure you outline, fescuerescue.

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