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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Carolina
Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2004, 06:57 PM
Number of posts: 3,813

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NOTHING TO SEE HERE: move along!

The fact that there are ten examples presented of people planning to knock buildings down and failing so spectacularly indicates ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the plausibility of two amateur-piloted jet planes taking-down some of the more advanced and secured skyscrapers in the United States. It only makes sense that these buildings struck by asymmetric impacts and unpredictable but relatively moderate heating should collapse EXACTLY into their own footprints.




Actually a member of the Clinton Global Initiative

This shitstain is on corporate Dems, much as I wish that only Repubs were this horrible:


Heather Bresch
Head of North American Operations
Mylan Laboratories Incorporate

Single-Payer, Public, Universal Healthcare Now!


Unconstitutional laws must go!

The only factor that the DEA needs to consider is that there is no provision in the US Constitution giving the Federal Government the power to ban the possession, cultivation, or use of plants. Anything else is obfuscation and injustice.

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