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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Carolina
Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2004, 06:57 PM
Number of posts: 3,813

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NC is a bellweather of the south.

Please, if you care about anywhere outside your own area, donate to a progressive cause in NC. The Republicans are in control here, and they are wielding their power with a vengeance. This state has many progressives. In fact, many more Democratic votes were cast than Republican in the last election. Yet, thanks to partisan redistricting, the power consolidates further. We want to fight back, but look at circumstances like the OP, and realize that we are fighting long odds.

Some of you reading this may know me as one of the 'gungeon dwelling apes' (to borrow a quote from, DU'er Triana ). And it's true, I ike firearms collecting, target shooting, and a libertarian (note small 'l') interpretation of the Second Amendment. But in addition to all that, I know that I have neighbors who believe that Democrats are gun-grabbing nanny staters. And here I am desperately trying to convince them that believing in a social safety net, women's control over their own bodies, and people's right to marry whom they please is anything but anti-American. Guns are an unnecessarily divisive issue. NC needs to fight poverty, support education, build its public infrastructure, protect its environment, and otherwise enact a progressive future. And it's my view that gun control issues will only alienate too much of the NC populace to make this progressive future ever come to fruition.

Anyway, whether you agree with me on the 2nd Amendment or not, please realize that there are many, many issues in NC, and we need all the help (and rational prioritization) we can get.

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