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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Carolina
Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2004, 06:57 PM
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Offen-sensitivity much?

What is your problem with a woman's breast being partially visible in a photo about breast feeding???

Breasts have two biological purposes. The first is of course to nourish the infants of our species. All female mammals use their breasts for this purpose: it is a fundamental aspect of mammalian phylogeny. The second evolutionarily-selected purpose of human female breasts is to attract the attention of men.

"Whatwhatwhat?!?" you say, as you hastily reach for the alert button. Just wait, and hear me out. Although all female mammals have breasts by which they suckle their young, most of these mammals' breasts swell only when the mothers are nursing. Before reproduction, and then also after the infant is weaned, most mammals' breasts shrink back to be similar to males' in size and shape. Humans are the only mammals I can name whose breasts stay swollen throughout adult life. Probably not coincidentally, we humans are also among the minority of mammals who can and do engage in sexual activity with such frequency.

Sexual selection is a fascinating aspect of evolutionary biology. It is reputed to have been the force that has kept horses getting faster and faster with each generation, long after they could outpace their predators. And, yes, it has worked on us humans as well.

So this photo draws upon the two purposes of human breasts. So what? There is nothing wrong with this photo, or with these women.


Free Speech is an extraordinary right.

Free Speech is an extraordinary right.

The 1st Amendment is an extraordinary restriction on the state's ability to suppress speech and demonstrations, and it was written to apply during extraordinary situations and events.

Too bad too many are extraordinarily ready & willing to ignore our Constitution.

K&R for Amy Goodman. She is a truly extraordinary champion for freedom and real justice.

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