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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Carolina
Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2004, 06:57 PM
Number of posts: 3,813

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Self-defense is a right

Self-defense is a right; hate crimes and/or attacking another person who poses no threat is not.

It's quite simple, really. Yet many DU'ers seem hell-bent on blaming a law protecting self-defense for the problem of an apparently racist attack. They are wrong. Many of these same DU'ers are equally intent for blaming some tools (guns) for the crimes committed with them: equally misguided. And worst of all, many of these same DU'ers attack a fundamental American freedom (the 2nd Amendment) when they should be attacking racism. The recent tragic hate crimes in France sadly demonstrate that racist attacks involving guns also occur too often in places where personal firearm ownership is banned, and no 'Stand Your Ground' laws exist.

Finally, lying about someone being a threat when they are not is not protected anywhere in the US, even if you are an (idiot) self-appointed 'neighborhood watch captain.'

Excellent post, TPaine7. K&R.


Let's ban crime instead!

Because, you see, if crime were illegal, criminals wouldn't dare commit it, right?

Let me be perfectly clear: everything I have read so far about the Trayvon Martin case thus far indicates that he was the victim of insensate racism, disproportionate violence, and very possibly also premeditated murder. Zimmerman should certainly have been arrested the day of the shooting, and a jury should be now examining the facts of this case.

But short of vaporizing every gun, nay every weapon including shoes, fists, bats, knives, etc.; the problems of power, privilege, and violent crime will persist. The roots of the problem here are racism, white privilege, class entitlement, an overly-entitled cop-wannabe (Zimmerman), and a Police Department that apparently tolerates the murder of a black man by a white perpetrator who was expressly disobeying the guidance of a 911-dispatcher.

Changes in gun laws are not even remotely solutions for the cases of Trayvon Martin, Gabby Giffords, or for that matter, MLK or JFK.

Anyone here who wishes to build alliances advocating for better mental health care, a PD more focused on stopping violence, a wider social safety net, etc.: I'm your enthusiastic ally. But start talking about further erasing civil liberties as a solution to this (or any) crisis, and you lose me and thousands (maybe millions) like me.


Ah, now I see

I used to foolishly think that this discussion about women's choice and reproductive freedom and being open about who we are as humans and sexual beings was about true liberation. But now that I have read your oh so enlightened words, I see the error in my ways.

Yea, verily, if Santorum or Limbaugh speak against contraception or women's freedom, we must oppose it, because they are BAD. But if Arab Muslims say the very same things, we must support them, because... why again???

Oh, and ANY criticism of anything done by Arab Muslims is racist cultural imperialist warmongering oppression. Got it.

Look, standing up for freedom requires SOME measure of consistency. I believe that it's great if and when women enjoy sex. I'm also fine with Bill Maher, and all other men, Enjoying sex.

I oppose politicians telling people what to wear, what contraceptives to use, whom to worship, etc. I don't care whether they are Muslim or Xtian, oppressors suck. Bill Maher is often an ally in this cause. I don't think of him as a leader, but I definitely embrace him as an incisive comedian.

Knee jerk reactions are not 'liberal.'

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