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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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WSJ doesn't know the difference between types of LEOs.

After many quotes about local police inaction, they write

Danny Ruiz, whose great-niece died in the attack, said he arrived at the school after hearing gunfire and felt grateful for the police response.
ďThe Border Patrol agent who took him out, to me, that guy is a hero,Ē said Mr. Ruiz, 51.

Border Patrol arrived an hour after the first 911 call and finished what the local cops didnít even start.

The Internet Archive is the older, well-known

web site to archive pages, via the Wayback Machine. Good to have both sources; if itís not at one, it might be at the other.


The final outcome will never be "abortion rights everywhere" if it goes back to the states.

Hell, we don't even have abortion rights everywhere under Roe, as many, many poor women haven't been able to access abortions in states that have bullied abortion providers to close up shop and leave. Agreed, though, that a sex strike wouldn't work - or would only work if we could get the Justices' spouses on board.
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