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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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NOT true that CRT only exists in law school!

Where'd this dude get that idea? I was first exposed to it in my undergraduate Peace Studies program in the late 1990s, then again in seminary in the early 2000s for my MDiv, and again in library school for my MLS five years ago. Yes!! I have never formally studied law and yet I've been taught CRT at universities and grad school across the country for longer than this yahoo has been alive. I mean, he's on the right track, no need to derail the argument with straight-up ignorance.

Personally, I'm of the mind that Anti-Racist Baby should be required curriculum in every state and federally funded preschool and kindergarten in the country, and CRT deeply entrenched in our elementary and primary schools along with the 1619 Project. The "but it only happens in law school" argument ultimately throws the good people teaching CRT outside of law classrooms under the bus. At best, the argument ignores and undermines their work. At worst, it sets them out to fend for themselves when the GQP's kids come home from college and report it's actually being taught as a cross-discipline concept.

There is nothing specific about filming prisoners

in the Geneva Convention. It says that prisoners of war cannot be humiliated by the organization imprisoning them. A couple points after that bullet about prisoner treatment requires them to be humanely treated. So this doesn't go against the GC because, as you noted, it's filming done by civilians, and it demonstrates both humane treatment and upholds the prisoner's dignity by allowing them food and contact with family.

Geneva Convention: http://hrlibrary.umn.edu/instree/y3gctpw.htm
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