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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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He'd lose so little support at this point.

Might even get bigger crowds again. I think he’ll have his rabid following beyond death at this point. They’ll feel emboldened by his. I’ve studied propaganda and have been watching the rise of American fascism for decades. The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing they are GREATLY outnumbered. The extreme right is consistently about 33% of the population. And he’s already lost much of the party, the Lincoln Project wing and such.

Fuck yeah, I'm with you, Sister!

MSM have nothing to do but manufacture drama for the ratings. 51% of the population has lost our right to bodily autonomy, and we know full-well where that leads, if for no other reason than the popularity of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale. We are NOT fucking going back!

Y'all know this is an antisemitic dog-whistle, right?

It's not QAnon, it's David Duke & the KKK. The so-called "master race" is lying about blood libel again. (Source: US Holocaust Memorial Museum)

No teacher should EVER remove a child's clothing unless

it's an absolute emergency, like it's on fire, or stuck on a door jam as the class tries to evacuate during an active shooter incident. That fact that it was a religious article of clothing makes it even more abusive. Yes, Herman is Jewish, but ffs, would she have done this with a yarmulka? SMDH is right.

Nice broad-brush Islam smear.

It is doubtful Aiesha was 6 when Muhammed married her, but do keep on with pedophile talking points. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/belief/2012/sep/17/muhammad-aisha-truth

Conservative Muslims are like conservative Christians and conservative Jews. It's not the religion but the qualifier before its title describing how the religion is practiced that matters.

That 45-64 age group seems really skewed.

Most other age groups have about a 10 pt spread or less favoring Democrats, and over 65 is a 50/50 split. Most recent elections have had been a near 50/50 split. Since the last election we've had an insurrection, Trump's attempted coup has been exposed, and Roe was overturned. But somehow we're supposed to believe 45-64 year olds want more Republicans by over 20 pts? That's outlier shit and should have raised flags for the pollsters.

This was a hate crime.

A drive-by shooting during homecoming at a HBCU in Georgia? It wasn’t random and I’m sure it wasn’t “Black on Black” crime. I’m guessing one of MTG’s fans. I hope they can find footage of the car with a clear shot of the license plate.

This isn't really different than asking applicants to write a statement of

teaching theory for their subject. Schools want to know if applicants will work toward the same goals, bringing in people who understand the need for diversity.* Many schools have started requiring DEIB to be incorporated into lesson plans across all subject areas, so having a firm understanding of the principles involved, and experience working with diverse populations is part of the job they’re applying for.

And of course there's nothing showing that these things work because overwhelmingly these types of requirements have only emerged in the last (I'll be generous) five years, 2.5 of which was during a pandemic. You can't draw judgements on equity attempts when they haven't had time to generate data as to whether or not they make a difference.

It's also NOT a mindless task. In my experience, as a cis white woman who's worked on antiracism for the last 25 years, 85% of the white population cannot write a diversity statement, have not had meaningful past experiences with diverse populations, and it also rules out the bigots who won't apply to work some place that demands they be respectful to students and faculty who are different from themselves.

* Incidentally, I hate the word diversity. Any time you get two humans together, it's diverse. Diversity is a weasel word and can be warped by anti-diversity people to mean "We support ALL people: whites, Irish, and Italian! Both Liberal and MAGA!"

This terrifies me, based on what I experienced after Katrina in Mississippi.

Migrants were packed into barracks without a/c or heat. The barracks were surrounded by 6ft high chain link fence, topped with barbed wire. Alligators were let loose to patrol the grounds at night. The organization housing them confiscated their IDs (visas, other papers) and would not allow the workers access. They sent the migrants into the most toxic and dangerous sites with little protection, and when their portion of the clean-up was done, they called ICE and had all the workers deported for being undocumented. (Remember, the org had their documents.)

Who is this company that won't answer their phone? How long have they been in business? And how did they recruit these workers? There's a Perla-esque feeling to this development that I find deeply disturbing.

I read somewhere that he'd been specifically on a Martha's Vineyard-bashing kick

during his speeches before that. I assume it's because Obama bought a house there. The kidnapping idea was probably piggybacking on Abbott's busses.

I was also struck by Perla's counterintelligence background. I'd figured her for some MTG-wannabe, but this is far more sinister. I'm thinking Constellis Holdings (formerly Blackwater) operations to destabilize our government for the Q Morons. I wonder if we'll learn if Perla got a job with them when she left the service.
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