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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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I'm confused.

Romeo and Juliet were rich kids from political families (i.e., "nobility" ). Neither family had social status over the other; to wit, from the prologue: "Two households, both alike in dignity." Romeo and Juliet is in no way a story of classism. Maybe like if Barron Trump and Sasha Obama inexplicably fell in love. (Not that the Trumps and the Obamas hold the same societal base, but it could be argued both families are theoretically wealthy, high social profile, and "warring." )

Lynching Black men for talking to white women is because of racism, not classism. When we hear the word "lynching," we don't think of Latino or Asian bodies, nor Native Americans. Lynching is so associated with Black Americans, there's even a famous song about strange fruit hanging from trees.

Yes, except for #2.

Assuming a start date of 1619 and an end date of 1865, Black Lives were enslaved for 246 years, not 400. Say Black Lives have been subjugated, say they've been subject to generational trauma and disruption. But that one point will nullify the whole thing for racists looking to argue with this. I love the idea of this all around, but enslavement is not the same as being disenfranchised, and I am pro-not giving racists any fodder to argue with. I mean, they'll argue with the truth, but their arguments can be disproved by the truth. And the history of Black lives in America is horrific enough without embellishment.

Wow. This manages to broadbrush smear the entire Kennedy family

while also being sexist.

"Marrying for looks" ≠ "dumb children." Because - and hear me out on this - women can be beautiful AND smart.

Also, Old Joe was a well-known anti-Semite who thought we should negotiate with Hitler. So hardly a "really smart" man.

Fair enough.

Thanks for the perspective. I can see how you might think that and maybe I might have been doing that subconsciously in my attempt to be diplomatic. I still think Nina Turner's anger is legit, and her passion and voice is needed to continue moving the Democratic party further left (after decades of moving center/right). I don't agree with her that there's no difference between Trump and Biden, and I can guarandamntee it that she didn't vote for Trump either time. She's a Black woman with opinions to the left of AOC, and so many Democrats are just dying to trash her. Trash Candice Owens' politics all you want, but when I see rabid threads about Turner, it feels like the Clinton/Sanders wars never ended, when to me, they were pointless to begin with since Clinton and Sanders voted the same way something like 98% of the time, and also kinda racist.

I did not hear her say she wanted Trump re-elected.

She said the voters were given two corporatist candidates by the party, which is true. Business IS happier with Biden rather than Sanders, as they were with Clinton in 2016. You may not like Turner, you may not like how she says things, but thatís no reason to willfully misrepresent what she actually said. Thatís what the right does.

Very cool! There's a picture book biography of her, too!

I'm a children's librarian and we have your aunt's biography. It's wonderful and I've read it to many children in storytimes over the years.

She loved baseball: the Effa Manley story
by Audrey Vernick


I recently read Stamped From the Beginning in an interfaith book club.

One of the rabbis was horrified to learn about "the curse of Ham." She's a woman in her 50s with multiple advanced degrees in religion and literature and was really upset to hear that Genesis is interpreted this way by some Christians, as the "Old Testament" is the Jewish Torah. This is what happens when freedom of religion is used to weaponize religion.

She probably figured no cop would shoot a white woman.

Or, she may have thought they'd only shoot to injure. I will never understand how breaking and entering, and destruction of property, was seen as okay by these "law and order" assholes because it's "our House." Oh really? You're cool with having hundreds of your friends come who destroy your actual home, take dumps and piss in corners, and stealing your computer? What the actual fuck is wrong with these people?
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