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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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And that's the problem with America in a nutshell.

Instead of confronting our unequal, anti-BIPOC past, we change up the narrative and make the discussion not about the problem, but the people who bring the problem to light. People who bring up a problem are not the problem.

You point is a kind of quid pro quo: Woke people agree to shut up and be gaslit so you can get a more liberal government. Seriously, what the fuck? How about more robust defense of Black people 100% legit grievances. Maybe if the chorus was shouting that, it would drown out the lies that would lead to your supposition of losing seats, AND empower more people of color to GOTV. That would be a quid pro quo I could get behind.

Agree, he was following his training AND

that training is problematic and needs to transform ASAP.

Realistically speaking, I'm sure they are probably taught both force and mediation, but the emphasis is on force and "quick-thinking," "split-instant" action. (Which is culturally reinforced via journalism, media, and politics.) Specifically, police culture condones "shoot first and ask questions later" via qualified immunity. Training and recruitment need to pole shift emphasis to nonviolent communication/deescalation techniques, statistically-based risk assessment, multicultural history of policing in the US, and body awareness and emotional maturity.

I say it needs to transform because I think it's beyond reform at this point.

Wow, what a snotty response.

When DU was young, we always asked for sources to back up claims. People that mock verifiable sources perpetuate the "fake news"/"alternate facts" universe. And you obviously don't know that Black people are getting killed at higher rates than whites or you wouldn't be spewing this bullshit talking point.

Meanwhile, I'm a librarian and am happy to give you many more sources so you can actually stick up for Black people being murdered by cops instead of rolling over for the racists who push this "but white people!" like, "Oh, well. That's just the way it is!"

Northeastern University:

Harvard School of Public Health:
Black people more than three times as likely as white people to be killed during a police encounter

Aren’t more white people than black people killed by police? Yes, but no.

And louder for you, because this talking point puts you in shitty company:
NY Times:
Asked About Black Americans Killed by Police, Trump Says, ‘So Are White People’

*Edited b/c typos.

White kids/people aren't specifically profiled for their skin color, and

white killings-by-cops happen at a much lower percentage rate than cops killing BIPOC. Knowing the facts debunks that racist talking point. Remember: white privilege doesn't mean your life has been easy, it means it hasn't been made harder by your skin color.

But maybe you'll understand it better coming from the National Academy of Sciences:

Risk of being killed by police use of force in the United States by age, race–ethnicity, and sex, 2019

We interrupt the coverage of...

This 'bout sums up the 2020s for me so far.



We interrupt the coverage of the shooting of a 13-yr-old boy that interrupted coverage of traffic stop shooting of a 20–yr-old man that interrupted coverage of Derek Chauvin trial for the killing of George Floyd for news of 8 ppl killed at Fedex facility in Indianapolis

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