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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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Reminds me of a juxtaposition I heard on NPR's Marketplace a few years ago.

They did an in-depth story about an impoverished neighborhood, complete with homeless and hungry children, and followed it up with a stock market report that started off with their cheery, upbeat rendition of "We're In The Money." I felt physically ill listening to that.

This is why I tell people that voting fraud doesn't have to come from the Clinton side.

There are plenty of people in the world who would love to disrupt a US presidential race. Terrorists, Trump, hell, even the GOP might think hacking the Democratic vote is the only way they'll win against either Democratic primary contender. Hacking is real, vote switching is real, and election integrity and voter confidence must be maintained for ALL citizens, not just the ones whose platforms we agree with.

K&R in spite of the snarky tone of the OP towards Sanders supporters. This Sanders supporter supports election integrity.

The kicker is, voter fraud doesn't have to have come from the Clinton campaign.

There are plenty of terrorists out there who might have their reasons for disrupting a US political campaign. The Trump people could be fiddling with the system, preferring a match-up with Clinton. Hacking is real, cyber-terrorism is real. Clinton should be just as vested in ensuring election integrity, but she and her supporters are more interested in winning that voter confidence in the electoral process. If she's on such solid ground, she should be championing investigations in why there are exit poll discrepancies that vastly favor her in all contested states.

But I'm delusional. Me and Bloomberg, we're all just left-wing paranoid nutjobs.

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