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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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Good news for libraries across the country tonight.

Seems a lot of places had ballot questions about funding and expanding library services. Despite the troll-fest Senate results, I hope these wins are a hopeful sign that the country is beginning to reinvest in civic responsibility and education.

Here are the few I know about. Please add your own town's library victory if I've missed it.

* Norfolk, NE got voter approval to expand.

* Lemont, IL got a bond issue passed.

* Cleveland Heights-University Heights PL (OH) passed with a 67% yes vote!

* The Park Ridge (IL) Public Library's referendum for tax levy increase passed.

* Lyons, Colorado, whose tiny little historic library building was damaged in last year's floods, got the go-ahead to not only repair but to expand the library into a modern library/community center.

* Poughkeepsie Public Library District (NY) wins budget expansion with 61% of the vote.

* Cape Elizabeth and Falmouth (ME) libraries win a vote for money to expand and upgrade their buildings.

* Northvale NJ is a win! New municipal funded library.

* All results are in for Loudoun County, VA- a win for a referendum to support Sterling Library!

* Looks like NM might have voted for a bond increase to support academic, public school, tribal and public library resource acquisitions.

ohheckyeah wants to play with one of my photos, and I invite you all to play, too!

ohheckyeah told me she wanted to try turning one of my color supermoon photos into a black and white image, a la Ansel Adams. I tried doing this myself and wasn't happy with the results - about as far from the sharp clarity of Adams' work as I could be, imo. Still, I'm entranced by the idea of someone interpreting my image in a different way. After all, all art is derivative, right?

So in the spirit of derivative art and using other images to inform our own styles, here's a little processing challenge: take any of my three images at the above link and manipulate them as you wish. If you want to try making them b&w, knock yourself out. If you think King Kong should be riding the moon, hey, that's your gig and you should try to make it happen. Whatever floats your boat, Kids (as long as you keep it safe for the kids).

For the record, here's my pitiful attempt at converting one of the moon shots to black and white. Looks mushy to me!

So I didn't know it was a supermoon until...

...I came in here to post my vacation "moonset at sunrise" shots!

My sweetie and I went to Crestone, CO, for our three-year anniversary. Took the dogs. They growled at something in the yard where we were staying (coyote or bear, most likely), and woke up my SO around sunrise. He looks out the window and wakes me to show me the big, fat moon. Naturally, I grabbed my camera and stood on the deck in my pjs, getting eaten alive by skeeters for 45 minutes to get the following shots - the best moon photos I've ever taken.

Looking for a different kind of beef stew recipe.

I have some stew meat but am kind of sick of the regular beef and potatoes stew, and my SO is sick of chili and spaghetti sauce. Anyone have any ideas on how to mix it up with stew beef? I'm thinking middle-eastern, Asian, maybe African. Why do you do when you want an off-beat beef stew?

I suppose the meal would have been fine IF

the school included a lesson on the history of soul food and racist black stereotypes as they were serving it. It's fine for us, as adults, to discuss regional and cultural food rationally after the fact. But the meal alone, presented to children as "black history," devoid of deeper social context, passes along racist imagery and stereotypes. That's the difference, Kitty.
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