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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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I agree the dispatcher should have been more precise in her wording.

However, having lived in the Deep South, I know that people habitually talk in a much more nuanced manner. "You don't need to do that" is a pleasant way of saying "Don't do that." I believe that was the dispatcher's meaning within the context of their conversation.

Still, I think this dispatcher needs some training in ethnocentric power structures and learn ways to overcome her linguistic culture in the course of her work.

Humanities are useless.

Art and philosophy are useless. Music is useless.

My god, what a dull, colorless one-dimensional world you must live in. The emphasis on science and math is exactly what conservatives drone and what has decimated our public education system. There aren't jobs in the humanities because there's been a concentrated effort by conservatives to erase such curriculum from our schools. There's a reason why intellectuals and artists are among the first people targeted for eradication by oppressive regimes. We are the first to question authority, and we encourage others to do so, too.
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