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Hometown: Springfield
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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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Saying "the church" is a broad-brush generalization, and disingenuous.

Not all churches are Christian, nor are all Christians homophobic (or all homophobes Christian). Some churches perform gay marriages in states where it's legal, and gay commitment ceremonies in states where it is not recognized. This kind of lumping together of all Christians into one intolerant lump is ignorant, as ignorant as lumping all of any kind of people (black, Muslim, Jew, Latino, Asian) together. Rigby could have said the same thing by saying "some Christians" instead of "the church." There is no one church.

This is very close to my home.

Longmont is the largest city by my house. Two of the towns mentioned in the article abut my town. Another town bordering mine was featured in the documentary Gasland because resident's tap water was able to be lit on fire. Here's the view from the bike path where I walk my dog, looking toward Longmont:

Kudos to Longmont, Colorado residents! May you continue to speak truth to power and may you succeed in your fight!

Why can't they just use regular Memorial Day to commemorate their lost brethren?

Northern states don't have Union Memorial Day.

Also, by bringing Jefferson into the fray you are confusing time periods, making a false equation between the two. Jefferson was a founder - flawed, yes, but someone who advocated for a strong union, living a hundred years earlier than the Civil War. Confederates were, by definition, not slaveholders but people who sought to secede from the Union. They were no more patriots than are the teabaggers calling for the same today. Why they are still "celebrating" their defeat is ridiculous no matter how you slice it.

Also, the 9th Ward was underwater for more than month,

residents were atop roofs for a week in searing temperatures without water or food, surrounded by toxic waters up to their rooflines, and parents and children were purposefully separated during helicopter evacuations. Bush didn't even declare the area an emergency until FOUR DAYS after the storm! The comparisons of Staten Island to the Ninth Ward is a complete bullshit rewrite of history.

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