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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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The Internet Archive is the older, well-known

web site to archive pages, via the Wayback Machine. Good to have both sources; if it’s not at one, it might be at the other.


The final outcome will never be "abortion rights everywhere" if it goes back to the states.

Hell, we don't even have abortion rights everywhere under Roe, as many, many poor women haven't been able to access abortions in states that have bullied abortion providers to close up shop and leave. Agreed, though, that a sex strike wouldn't work - or would only work if we could get the Justices' spouses on board.

NOT true that CRT only exists in law school!

Where'd this dude get that idea? I was first exposed to it in my undergraduate Peace Studies program in the late 1990s, then again in seminary in the early 2000s for my MDiv, and again in library school for my MLS five years ago. Yes!! I have never formally studied law and yet I've been taught CRT at universities and grad school across the country for longer than this yahoo has been alive. I mean, he's on the right track, no need to derail the argument with straight-up ignorance.

Personally, I'm of the mind that Anti-Racist Baby should be required curriculum in every state and federally funded preschool and kindergarten in the country, and CRT deeply entrenched in our elementary and primary schools along with the 1619 Project. The "but it only happens in law school" argument ultimately throws the good people teaching CRT outside of law classrooms under the bus. At best, the argument ignores and undermines their work. At worst, it sets them out to fend for themselves when the GQP's kids come home from college and report it's actually being taught as a cross-discipline concept.

There is nothing specific about filming prisoners

in the Geneva Convention. It says that prisoners of war cannot be humiliated by the organization imprisoning them. A couple points after that bullet about prisoner treatment requires them to be humanely treated. So this doesn't go against the GC because, as you noted, it's filming done by civilians, and it demonstrates both humane treatment and upholds the prisoner's dignity by allowing them food and contact with family.

Geneva Convention: http://hrlibrary.umn.edu/instree/y3gctpw.htm

I'm a librarian and would never cite such and old source.

Any poll results older than five years is grossly out of date. especially for a poll - which seeks to caption opinions of a moment, which is why polling in American politics is continuous. And given the complete clusterfuck of the last 5 years, I really wouldn't cite any source older than the last two years. This is that same kind of intellectual laziness that the MAGA crowd exhibits.

Consider this Pew poll from 2020 showing Ukrainian support for NATO rising almost 20 points from 2007 to 2019. The fact that the world has been disrupted by COVID in the years since 2019 means that they might have been moved to join NATO eventually, perhaps even by now, except they were dealing with the pandemic, accompanying economic and supply chain disruptions, and the Russian threat. It's entirely possible that they just didn't have the bandwidth as a nation to pursue NATO membership during COVID.

A majority can't be alienated.

That's not how it works.

And I'm not alone in this social critique that the political center has moved right. I've witnessed it first hand, and so has Robert Reich who served in Clinton's cabinet. He just released this video to illustrate the point.

h/t to Uncle Joe for posting the video on DU today.

I never cited Dr. Abdullah as an ultimate authority,

I found her description to be aligned with my understanding of what white saviorism is, based on many, many books and articles I've read over 25 years working for racial justice. She is not an "ultimate authority," she is one of an ocean of antiracist activists and scholars who have accepted this definition as a valid racial critique. I doubt you actually read my other posts because you would have seen my linked list of articles describing white saviorism, from those marginal, racist rags like The Atlantic, Sojourners, and Salon. Here are some more that you won't read so you can continue to spout uninformed opinions:

Why Hollywood’s White Savior Obsession Is an Extension of Colonialism (Teen Vogue)

How 'white savior' films like 'The Help' and 'Green Book' hurt Hollywood (Business Insider)

To Kill a Mockingbird, The Help, and the Regendering of the White Savior (James Madison University)

Working through the Smog: How White Individuals Develop Critical Consciousness of White Saviorism (Merrimack College)

HHRJ Online Symposium 2012: Avoiding the Trap: Aspirations, Anxieties, and the Appropriateness of Mass-Mobilization Awareness Campaigns (Harvard Human Rights Journal)

^^^ Definition from this article: "White Savior Complex – mindset for a white person to provide help to non-white people in a self-serving manner. The role is considered a modern-day version of what is expressed in 'The White Man’s Burden' by Rudyard Kipling."

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Well, I'd agree with you except

for the fact that our current environmental problems were greatly exacerbated by the invention of cars, invented in the West. And while the Japanese may have been industrialized 150 years ago, their industrialization was based on what they were witnessing in Western (aka, white, or Euro-descendant) nations. So, yeah, I called it white culture and that's exactly what I meant.

Here's the Britannica entry about the Meiji era in Japan. Note how it specifically says that Japan's industrialization was inspired by Western industrialization. https://www.britannica.com/event/Meiji-Restoration


On all points. There was a center once, before the two parties colluded in 1984 to control candidate debates exclusively themselves so that third party candidates are effectively blocked from national presidential debates and thus, denied them an affordable national platform to deliver their platform for the nation. Once they declared only two opinions were legit, the population followed choosing one side or the other.

http://|The League of Women Voters and Candidate Debates: A Changing Relationship
(Link source: League of Women Voters)

Thank you.

I replied the same upthread and the white fragility spat back at me was quick and hearty. Why do so many white liberals think they are exempt from racist culture because they voted for Obama? JFC, just try to see things through Black people's perspectives - especially when Black people tell us how they perceive the white narratives white people revere. TKAM was great for its time, but that was 60 years ago. Try to keep up with the times, white people! SO many great literary books that cover the issue of racism written by POC. Why must we cling to this Cold War book? (smh in white person)
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