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Hometown: Springfield
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Member since: Mon Aug 9, 2004, 12:39 PM
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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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You speak as though education is impossible to come by.

This could be a job-creation moment. Just because we don't have the workforce this second doesn't mean that workforce couldn't be created. I'm sure there are many people who would be interested in working a mental health job but since mental health care sucks in this country, job openings are few and far between - and often pay crap - so people don't chose that profession. Your argument is short-sighted. People didn't know how to work an assembly line when Ford started his company, no one knew how to teach driving when Ford started his factory, they learned quickly enough.

I think they share some basic ideology, but they differ in focus.

I think liberals focus on policy issues and progressives focus on social justice issues. These are not exclusive of each other, policy can be used to better society, and social justice can be brought about by policy. But liberal policy doesn't necessarily serve social justice - for instance, NAFTA and the repeal of Glass-Steagal both happened under liberal President Clinton's administration. True progressives could probably not make it in American politics - almost certainly not on the Democratic ticket. We are viewed as too extreme. I think some modern progressives might include Michael Moore and Amy Goodman. The closest we get in Congress are maybe Elizabeth Warren (we'll see how she does inside the beltway) and Alan Grayson.

Wouldn't be the first incident of internalizing oppression.

See: Stockholm Syndrome - http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1920301,00.html
See: Internalized Racism - http://www.freireproject.org/blogs/internalized-racism

I'll wait to donate until I hear about someone who's debt has been paid.

Not that I doubt their good intensions, but giving money to an anonymous internet site is sketchy. That's Internet Safety 101. There is no name as contact, there is one email address for press to use on the web site, and the "about us" links are circular between the Rolling Jubilee and Strike Debt web sites. I've worked at non-profits my whole working life (25 years) and know transparency is absolutely necessary to receive funding from any source. Rolling Jubilee's transparency page says they'll post result as soon as they have some, and also that they are a volunteer-run organization. Really? Volunteers are in charge of a $500K budget? I'm sorry, I've worked with a lot of volunteers and while many are very capable, some are just good-hearted simpletons and others are downright scoundrels volunteering for their own nefarious purposes. What happens if this $500K disappears? Who is responsible?

So again, I'll wait to donate until I see some actual debt dismissed and at least one real, live person's life changed. Then I swear I'll be first in line to donate.

Saying "the church" is a broad-brush generalization, and disingenuous.

Not all churches are Christian, nor are all Christians homophobic (or all homophobes Christian). Some churches perform gay marriages in states where it's legal, and gay commitment ceremonies in states where it is not recognized. This kind of lumping together of all Christians into one intolerant lump is ignorant, as ignorant as lumping all of any kind of people (black, Muslim, Jew, Latino, Asian) together. Rigby could have said the same thing by saying "some Christians" instead of "the church." There is no one church.

This is very close to my home.

Longmont is the largest city by my house. Two of the towns mentioned in the article abut my town. Another town bordering mine was featured in the documentary Gasland because resident's tap water was able to be lit on fire. Here's the view from the bike path where I walk my dog, looking toward Longmont:

Kudos to Longmont, Colorado residents! May you continue to speak truth to power and may you succeed in your fight!

Why can't they just use regular Memorial Day to commemorate their lost brethren?

Northern states don't have Union Memorial Day.

Also, by bringing Jefferson into the fray you are confusing time periods, making a false equation between the two. Jefferson was a founder - flawed, yes, but someone who advocated for a strong union, living a hundred years earlier than the Civil War. Confederates were, by definition, not slaveholders but people who sought to secede from the Union. They were no more patriots than are the teabaggers calling for the same today. Why they are still "celebrating" their defeat is ridiculous no matter how you slice it.

Also, the 9th Ward was underwater for more than month,

residents were atop roofs for a week in searing temperatures without water or food, surrounded by toxic waters up to their rooflines, and parents and children were purposefully separated during helicopter evacuations. Bush didn't even declare the area an emergency until FOUR DAYS after the storm! The comparisons of Staten Island to the Ninth Ward is a complete bullshit rewrite of history.

I saw that happen in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

Rich folk moved inland just far enough away from those white sand beaches after the storm surge devastated their mansions. They displaced a lot of poor blacks and Vietnamese renters who worked service jobs in the casinos and at those big mansions. Of course there was no other rental housing available and it became a real clusterf*ck.

But you bring up another issue I also saw in Mississippi. Part of the reason the destruction was so bad was because of overdevelopment of fields and wetlands. Marshes and cypress swamps that used to absorb storm surges had been cleared to make way for those sandy beaches and backfilled to build malls and wealthy housing. Thus Katrina's devastation was amplified 10-fold as inland tributaries (sometimes miles inland) flooded up to 10 feet under the surge.

May you stay safe, Friend.

Racism is a social construct devised by the wealthy

to keep the poor people divided - and not join together to overthrow their corporate overlords. Given the economic climate these past four years, this news doesn't surprise me in the least.
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