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liberal N proud

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Here is what those tax cuts for the 1% are buying...

Crazy home improvements of the ridiculously rich

More here:
Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Aug 31, 2012, 12:28 PM (8 replies)

When all they are talking about after your speech is how bad the guy before you was...

It's time for you to get out of the clown car Mr Magic Pants.

*** Nostalgic optimism vs. Forward: If you could sum up the majority of Romney's acceptance speech it would be with these two words: nostalgic optimism. Per NBC’s Sarah Blackwill, Romney used the word “restore” three times (" Now is a time to restore the promise of America". And he vowed to “return” to the foreign policy legacy of Truman and Reagan. And the message of nostalgic optimism -- to the time of his father and mother -- was typified by this line: "I was born in the middle of the century in the middle of the country, a classic baby boomer. It was a time when Americans were returning from war and eager to work. To be an American was to assume that all things were possible. When President Kennedy challenged Americans to go to the moon, the question wasn't whether we'd get there, it was only when we'd get there.” But looking backwards only gets you so far; after all, another story of America is moving forward. And that word “forward” happens to be the slogan of the man Romney is trying to unseat.

*** Shades of Dole in ’96? In fact, Romney’s message of a return to yesteryear made us think of Bob Dole’s message in his 1996 acceptance speech. “Let me be the bridge to an America that only the unknowing call myth. Let me be the bridge to a time of tranquillity, faith, and confidence in action,” Dole said. “And to those who say it was never so, that America has not been better, I say, you're wrong, and I know, because I was there. And I have seen it. And I remember… We have fought and prevailed on almost every continent and in almost every sea. We have even lost, but we have lasted, and we have always come through. Like Dole (Greatest Generation) vs. Clinton (Baby Boomer), Romney vs. Obama is a battle between generations, too.

Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Aug 31, 2012, 10:05 AM (1 replies)

Two people who performed last night that should have stayed home

Clint Eastwood and a this guy:

Kent State dominated Towson in the first half of their season-opening game on Thursday, but that doesn’t mean they displayed an overall mastery of the game of football. Take for instance what occurred in the play seen above. Kent State was punting to Towson, and the ball touched the returner, making it live. Kent State’s Andre Parker recovered the ball at the seven-yard line, and he inexplicably began running the WRONG WAY!

As dumb of a move as Parker’s was, a few Towson players weren’t much wiser. Two players combined to chase down Parker and tackle him inside the 30. They were immediately chewed out by their coaches for the stupid move.

Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Aug 31, 2012, 06:31 AM (3 replies)

Christie’s Fact-Free Keynote

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie largely avoided factual claims in a Republican convention keynote address that was heavy on generalities, opinion and platitudes. The pugnacious former prosecutor exaggerated a bit, though, when he bragged about his accomplishments as governor, and he repeated the common but false claim that the president’s health care law interferes with the doctor-patient relationship.

■Christie said he delivered “three balanced budgets with lower taxes.” Actually, he cut the state Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income residents and the popular property-tax rebate program for renters and homeowners. It’s a matter of interpretation whether those are tax hikes or spending reductions. A proposed 10 percent income tax cut hasn’t been enacted.
■He said he took on public-sector unions to reform a pension system “headed to bankruptcy” and “saved retirees their pension.” That’s accurate as far as it goes. But the state is not fully funding the revamped system, and the pension liabilities gap will begin to grow again.
■Regarding teachers, Christie said he ended “the guarantee of a job for life regardless of performance.” That’s correct. Christie worked with a Democratic Legislature to make significant changes to the tenure system — even providing a path to fire tenured teachers with negative evaluations.

And here is a laugh:
Christie: Romney will tell us the hard truths we need to hear to end the debacle of putting the world’s greatest health care system in the hands of federal bureaucrats and putting those bureaucrats between an American citizen and her doctor.


Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Aug 29, 2012, 11:30 AM (3 replies)

Senator Calls For Fed Probe Into Gas Price Spike

RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) — California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is calling for a federal investigation into gasoline price spikes that followed a fire at the Chevron Corp. oil refinery in Richmond.

In a letter sent Tuesday to the Federal Trade Commission, Feinstein said the Aug. 6 blaze that damaged the state's third largest refinery did not affect gasoline supplies as some analysts forecast, yet prices still rose dramatically.

Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Aug 29, 2012, 09:43 AM (5 replies)

Operation Bootstrap - For governor Bobby Jindal

Addrss for Govenors office:
State of Louisiana: Governor's Office
900 N 3rd St #4
Baton Rouge, LA

Edit to add: Just send your spare bootstraps, not the whole boot.

Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Aug 29, 2012, 07:19 AM (0 replies)

Limbaugh suggested that the government manipulated hurricane forecasts

Rush Limbaugh Says Obama Manipulated Isaac Storm Track To Delay GOP Convention: ‘The Hurricane Center Is … Obama’

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh suggested that the government manipulated hurricane forecasts in order to force Republicans to cancel a day of their national convention, saying the model “allows them to do it.”

“The hurricane center is the regime; the hurricane center is the Commerce Department. It’s the government. It’s Obama,” said Limbaugh.

In reality, the National Hurricane Center forecast is, roughly, what you get if “you average together the track forecasts from” several models, most of which are done by other organizations, in some cases other countries. Obama would have more luck using his apparently omniscient powers to alter the course of the hurricane itself than somehow trying to rejigger the storm tracks from all these different models, which are publicly available and updated continuously.

Limbaugh communicated his absurd theory on this imaginary scheme while simultaneously claiming “I’m not alleging conspiracy.”


I wonder if Obama can change the forcast for this weekend so it will not rain?

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Aug 28, 2012, 12:10 PM (9 replies)

Booking a hotel in the Tampa area

I am planning a trip to Clearwater in October. I go on several web sites for hotels that I have frequent travel rewards for, each of them has this on their site for Tampa:

Please Note: Stays during the "2012 Republican National Convention" from 08/25/2012 through 08/31/2012 require a non-refundable/non cancellable credit card deposit for entire length of stay.

Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Aug 27, 2012, 05:34 PM (1 replies)

What if images of the Republican celebration air alongside shots of a hurricane striking New Orleans

Katrina’s specter: While Tampa has avoided a direct hit, Isaac risks presenting an even bigger problem for the convention planners here -- becoming a hurricane and slamming into Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle on Tuesday. And politically, it has raised the specter of Hurricane Katrina. The New York Times: “Republicans were wary of the optics of television coverage split between the revelry and partisanship surrounding Mr. Romney’s nomination and the threat of the storm making landfall in Louisiana or Mississippi seven years to the week after Hurricane Katrina left an American city in ruins.” The paper adds, “It is the second consecutive time Republicans have had their conventions disrupted by the August storms.”


Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Aug 27, 2012, 01:23 PM (4 replies)

Moonshot on History channel, now

In honor of Neil Armstrong and the Space Program.

Posted by liberal N proud | Sun Aug 26, 2012, 04:02 PM (1 replies)
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