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liberal N proud

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Member since: Sun Aug 8, 2004, 01:54 PM
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I passed by 4 businesses today because they had trump signs out front.

I am sorry, if you are in business, you should not be displaying or discussing political views.

Posted by liberal N proud | Sat Dec 10, 2016, 09:01 PM (23 replies)

Garrison Keillor: Life after the election Garrison Keillor

He will never be my president because he doesn't read books, can't write more than a sentence or two at a time, has no strong loyalties beyond himself, is more insular than any New Yorker I ever knew, and because I don't see anything admirable or honorable about him. This sets him apart from other politicians. The disaffected white blue-collar workers elected a Fifth Avenue tycoon to rescue them from the elitists -- fine, I get that -- but they could've chosen a better tycoon. One who served in the military or attends church or reads history, loves opera, sails a boat -- something -- anything -- raises llamas, plays the oboe, runs a 5K race now and then, has close friends from childhood. I look at him and there's nothing there.

See much more of what Keillor wrote here
Posted by liberal N proud | Thu Dec 8, 2016, 10:59 PM (1 replies)

I just found out how trump is going to build his wall

Posted by liberal N proud | Thu Dec 8, 2016, 02:55 PM (1 replies)

Today Show interview with Trump proves we elected the single most fragile ego in American history

Today Show interview with Trump proves we elected the single most fragile ego in American history

Donald Trump phoned in for an interview on The Today Show to talk about being named as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” and Matt Lauer pivoted to Saturday Night Live, asking the notoriously thin-skinned president-elect (gag) why he keeps watching. Wouldn’t it be more presidential to simply not watch the show and get on with the business of the country? LOL. This is Trump we are talking about here. He can’t stop, won’t stop because he has the most fragile ego outside of North Korea’s Imperial Palace. The transcript and video are below, as well as the SNL skit that set off his tweet tantrum last weekend. Enjoy!

LAUER: On that subject of a lighter note but on a lighter note, can we agree, President-elect Trump, that at this stage it would be better for you to stop watching SNL as opposed to watching it and then complaining about it?

TRUMP: Well, I hosted SNL when it was a good show, but it’s not a good show anymore. First of all, nothing to do with me, there’s nothing funny about it, the skits are terrible.

LAUER: So why do you keep watching?

TRUMP: I like Alec, but his imitation of me is really mean-spirited and not very good. I don’t think it’s good. And I do like him and I like him as an actor, but I don’t think that his imitation of me gets me at all and it’s meant to be mean-spirited, which is very biased. And I don’t like it.

LAUER: But you can’t bring yourself to stop watching it?

TRUMP: Frankly, the way the show is going now, and you look at the kind of work they’re doing, who knows how long that show is going to be on? It’s a terrible show.

Click here
Posted by liberal N proud | Thu Dec 8, 2016, 02:44 PM (9 replies)

In light of trumps attacks on the first ammendment we need to do as the NRA with the 2nd

Start a campaign to save the First Amendment

Good slogan:

Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Dec 7, 2016, 10:42 AM (2 replies)

Ohio GOP bill would raise unemployment taxes, cut benefits

Republican legislative leaders proposed a new plan Tuesday to overhaul Ohio’s unemployment compensation system by raising taxes on employers and lowering benefits paid to jobless workers.

Identical bills introduced in the House and Senate which leaders intend to pass by the end of the year would:

■ Reduce unemployment benefits from a standard 26 weeks to to a sliding scale of 20 to 26 weeks, depending on the state unemployment rate. The full 26 weeks would apply whenever Ohio’s unemployment rate hits 8 percent or above. The 20 weeks would apply when the rate drops to 5.5 or lower, as it has for the past two years.

■ Raise the taxable wage base from $9,000 to $11,000 to increase employers’ contribution to the fund.

■ Freeze benefits for employees and increase employer payments until solvency is reached.

■ Lower additional benefits paid to jobless workers with dependents.

The measure does not include a new tax paid by employees, an option that had been discussed by lawmakers. The changes would take effect Jan. 1, 2018.

Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Nov 30, 2016, 09:01 PM (3 replies)

Re: Tennessee wildfires

Isn't this where some right wing televangelist issues a statement giving the reason for the fires being a result of the someone's lifestyle?

If it were in a liberal state, they would be all over it.

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Nov 29, 2016, 05:12 PM (3 replies)

Aftermath 2016: Tess Rafferty's hard-hitting statement on the election of Trump.

Posted by liberal N proud | Sat Nov 26, 2016, 07:34 AM (7 replies)

How To Deal With Trump Supporters On Thanksgiving

Blogger writes tips for coping with the Trump supporters on Thanksgiving.

If you’re a drinker, I strongly suggest you start drinking early.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Find an ally.
You really need at least one person in the room to be on Team Sanity with you.

Prepare for emergencies.
Before the day even starts find a safe space and give yourself a good pep-talk.

Don’t lose hope.
Here’s the thing. We will survive a Trump Presidency. We really will. Oh, it’s going to be four years of hell alright, but we WILL survive it. And if we can survive the Apocalypse called Trump, we can survive one day with our misguided relatives.

If all else fails, take a deep breath and start over at number one.

Happy Thanksgiving, Lefties!!

Mindy Fischer is a lefty-liberal, freelance political writer. Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.

Full descriptions at link http://mindy-fischer-writer.com/2016/11/deal-trump-supporters-thanksgiving/
Posted by liberal N proud | Sun Nov 20, 2016, 09:49 PM (62 replies)

Republicans on climate change Toon

Posted by liberal N proud | Sun Nov 20, 2016, 08:54 AM (6 replies)
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